What type of car should I buy?

My clients often ask me the question; What type of car should I buy? Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, maybe Mini Cooper? They say, since you (me) repair them you should know it best.

This is rather interesting question and there is not one fits all the answer. To make the right decision many different factors should be considered for instance the drivers age and financial situation at hand will make a big difference. The purpose or main use of the vehicle will also determine the type and model of the most suitable car for the drivers need.

To choose the right car there are many more additional considerations, like the main use will be commuting or local driving. Furthermore maintenance, repair costs and gas mileage should be also considered as well. So as you see, it is not an easy choice to pick the right car for most people.

There are so many different criteria, they are different for many drivers as is their needs. Suffice to say we have a little slogan we use;  “The bigger the wheels the bigger the bills”. It may sound funny but in short term it does apply in most cases.

According to my experience, a large SUV will be twice as costly as a sedan with a small engine. The least expensive a model is, the least it will cost in fuel in repairs and maintenance.

We try our best to advise and help to choose the right automobile so you and your family will be happy many years to come with their choice.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our phone number is: 905.795.0419.

Thank you for choosing us and all the best from all of us at Techmax.

The right brake components for your BMW, Mercedes Benz or Porsche

The importance of choosing the right brake pads and rotors for your BMW, Mercedes Benz or Porsche. This is one of the most important purchase other than tires you will ever make on your fine car.

The average consumer knows little about brake pad materials or friction coefficient of the brake pads and perhaps even less about the brake rotors, brake discs. The safest bet is original brake components, but are there better choices?

Yes there are in most cases, made by very respected brake component manufacturers whom has decades of know how and engineering expertise in this field.

For instance Brembo is one of them when the big well known luxury or performance car manufacturers need a high end braking system they approach Brembo.

Brembo brake for MiniBrembo is number one they also equip over 90 percent of the F1 cars and cars involved in most Motorsports.

The only other competitor to Brembo is Akebono, whom is the sole braking system supplier to McLaren F1 and McLaren road cars. Naturally we use both respective manufacturers on our clients cars, if they are looking to improve their cars braking performance.

Both braking system manufacturer has a vehicle specific friction coefficient application which has a more ceramic composition and produce 80 percent less brake dust, so you don’t have to clean your pretty alloy wheels so often.

Please be advised! There some inferior braking products sold  over the Internet which has been imported from dubious sources and may cause permanent damage to your and others health by having asbestos in them, which is a well known fact it is a carcinogen.

Asbestos poisoning is a serious issue, which could effect your or your loved ones health, since when you apply the brakes, the brake pad material will wear off the brake pad and will float in the air which could cause lung cancer. Asbestos is a carcinogen and has been banned in the west except in third world countries.

This is a serious matter, please protect your and others health by using reputable friction materials from known accredited manufacturers.

We highly encourage everyone to choose the best available components for their fine automobile, your and others life depends on it.

We wish you all the best and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you and have a safe trip.

Brembo Brake SystemIf you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our phone number is: 905.795.0419.

High end performance brake sets for import cars.

Brembo Brake System for Mini Cooper

The Google Reviews

There is a lot to be said about unbiased Google reviews. Let start with the last Pras N says we are a bunch of sorry rip off people. Let’s see what we have done to upset this “gentleman”?

He called me multiple times about his 13 year old silver 3 series with 240000 kilometers in the odometer. The car would not start, he thought it’s electrical, he said it’s the battery. He  scoured all the online forums for help.

I said, I can’t say anything before I see your car. Few days later he got his car towed in to the shop and we diagnosed. It needed a starter motor, considering the mileage in the car it’s completely normal.

I have quoted him $680.00 (parts and labor) + tax. Please note the book calls for 3.5 hours  labor + diagnostic + parts. The starter motor we offered is Bosch original which is $430.00 at BMW. We offered it for $230.00 + tax for him. To change the starter on his car we need to drop the exhaust, therefore we need to have the exhaust gaskets and hardware to be replaced to complete the job properly, which is an additional $60.00.  For all of this we  provide a 2 year parts and labor Warranty for no additional cost.

He wanted to pay only $480.00 which is not profitable at any level.

This individual does this at every visit and he wants more as he does not want to pay the taxes either,  so that would be 13 percent less. At the end if he doesn’t pay the  tax on the parts I have to pay it, so I declined he’s offer.

It took him a week to come up with he’s response, I assume he he’d plenty of time to call others to get his magic number together.

Please keep in mind we already diagnosed he’s car for free of charge so we have vent out our way to help him, but he wanted a lot more.

I’m sorry but if a job is not profitable and a client is unappreciative of the level of service offered, I’m as the principal of this operation will refuse the offer. It is essential for any business to make a profit otherwise it will fail in short order.

This particular individual makes a sport of out of trying to beat down the prices at every single visit, therefore I politely declined.

I never criticize anyone, it is just not my style and we can’t make happy everyone, does not matter how hard we try. Not much else needs to be said about people’s whom has no respect for our services offered at reasonable prices.

I go out of my way for my loyal clients, if you have a financial problem please let me know I will help much as I can. I done it many times over but if someone tries to take advantage of us at every visit that is unacceptable.

Anyone whom has a complaint in any way with our workmanship or any issue with the work performed by us I have my door open for them, and I will do everything possibly can to rectify the issue at hand.

Mr Pras N, You said the dealer is better and cheaper as per your quote. I’m sure they also provide free Diagnostic as we did it for you free. The whole thing begs the question; WHY did you tow your car to us? In the first place in the real question?

I would like to take the opportunity to thank our loyal clientele, whom appreciates the services we provide at reasonable prices. Some of you are with us for decades, many of you are like family. We thank you for your support over the years, it means a lot to us. Thank you again and all the best.

Attila Jasszai
President of Techmax Auto Repair Inc.

Oil change on today’s high tech ultra efficient cars

The relatively simple oil change on today’s high tech ultra efficient cars are anything but simple. For instance BMW has a bunch of numbers on their oil requirements on vastly  different engines. The oldest one is LL98 then, the next is LL01 there after came LL04 and the next would be LL14.

German long life synthetic mootor oilFuchs Motor Oils

There is an even newer one which, is only for the very latest engines, from 2017 and up.

Furthermore older M engines require a specific grade like 10/60.

Mercedes is quiet the same MB 229, 31-229, 51-229.5 is the three most common designation for late model engines.

In most cases the diesel oriented BMW LL04 can be used in the gas engines for limited distance (no longer than 15 thousand kilometers between oil changes). The LL01 or the LL98 oil is prohibited in the diesel engines due to zinc in those  motor oils. Ditto for Mercedes Benz the 229.5 oil is strictly gas engines only.

The 229.31-229.51 oils are diesel oriented but can be used in most gas engine Mercedes Benz vehicles, except AMG which must have the 229.5 oil specifically.

There is one more additional spec for MB but that only applies to a single engine which is a rarity so we leave that one out for now. The implications are huge for using the wrong oil in the wrong application which at least will damage the diesel particulate filter (in short form DPF) or in the case of a gas engine possible engine damage may occur, especially if the extended service intervals are used.

Liqui Moly Synthetic motor oilsLiqui Moly Lubricants

To make it more confusing Mercedes specifies a felt oil filter for extended oil changes. The original manufacturer is in most cases Mann & Hummel of Germany.

There are two more original filter manufacturer Hengst of Germany and Knecht Mahle of Austria. There is currently a new French manufacturer which is also original equipment manufacturer called Pureflux. Read more about oil filters.

The question we often get;  Can I get my oil changes done elsewhere other than the dealer? The answer is yes, definitely, however you need to pay special attention to detail and must document the type and make of the oil and the filter on the invoice, so there are no issues if the question asked in the future while your car is under warranty.

The next question is; Are there better oils available than what has been sold by the dealer organization?  The answer is yes definitely there are better oils available. In most cases they are mainly imported from Germany.  Canadian dealers are providing North American sourced motor oils. Currently BMW uses Shell – Pennzoil.  Mercedes prefers Mobil1 from Exxon Mobil or sometime Shell – Pennzoil.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our phone number is: 905.795.0419.


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Diesel Green Force from Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly’s Green Diesel Additive

Green Diesel Additive is an active substance with cleaning, dispersing and material-protective properties, matched to both proven and modern engines and operating supply requirements. The contained Lubricity Improver improves the lubricity of the fuel. The additive increases the cetane number and thereby improves the cold-start behaviour of any diesel engine. It reduces the typical diesel knocking and ensures a better power output. Colour indicators help detect the additive fuel safely.

A European Gas Station Chain developed a premium diesel fluid with this  LIQUI MOLY additive. The gas station fill this additive in their diesel fluid in order to sell this as premium fuel.

The addictive name is Diesel Green Force.  LIQUI MOLY’s logo is shown at every gas station and at every fuel pump from this chain.

This is a pioneer project, never before LIQUI MOLY  supplied a major gas station chain with additives for their fuel tanks. Many European Gas Station chains are owned by their competitors (Shell, BP) or have long-term obligations with them.

You can read more about LIQUI MOLY’s products at our  LIQUI MOLY’s lubrication page.

Liqui Moly logo on BMWLiqui Moly’s products used by many BMW  racing teams.

Turbocharged Engines

The new turbocharged engines are the mainstays of all late model automobiles as you may noticed lately, everywhere you look literally every manufacturer only produces turbo engines.

We used to associate turbo engines with performance cars or high performance machines. That is no longer the case, today every manufacturer switched to turbo chargers to literally downsize their engines and to boost their efficiency by reducing the pumping losses.

turbocharged BMW engine

6 Cylinder Turbocharged BMW Engine

Thanks to ever tightening emission and reduced fuel consumption regulations we live in a new turbo era.

There are a few things you need to remember, if you want to have your turbo charger to last.

You need to use the best possible motor oil and some additional precautions like after long drives or spirited driving, you should open your hood for a few minutes to allow the turbo charger to went all that heat out .

Yes, all of them has a additional small dedicated water  pump to help shed all the heat from the turbos, except it takes much longer with all that heat trapped under the hood, so wenting it out reduces the heat stress on many components other than just the turbo charger.

The egine’s coolant also should be refreshed in every five years in most cases as a preventative maintenance, as there are no fluids exist which last forever.  Please make sure the type and composition of the coolant is proprietary for most manufacturers so it’s absolutely essential to use the proper type of coolant to prevent cooling system degradation and corrosion.

Please inquire within if you are unsure which fluid belongs to which make and model. Sometimes there are clearly visible differentiation like BMW uses a blue color so does Mercedes Benz.  Porsche uses a pink coolant older Mercedes uses a yellow coolant, each has their unique chemical composition and should not be mixed in any event.

We recommend professional assistance if unsure about the proper fluid for the make and model of your vehicle.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our phone number is: 905.795.0419 We wish you all the best.


Cooling System Service

BMW i8 ready for the winter

BMW i8 with winter tires / rims package. Gray Alloy wheels for winter on a BMW i8 plug in hybrid sport car.

Click the thumbnails to view bigger photo.

We have on stock many different style of rims, alloy wheels and  winter tires. Give us a call to 905.795.0419 for more info.



First plug in hybrid sports car the BMW i8

BMW i8

Preventative Maintenance and Your Car

We often get the question how can I make my car last longer?

Does not matter what type of car you drive, it can be a domestic or an import, either way the answer is maintenance above all. Proper timely maintenance, tune up and engine service, is absolutely essential for any car, regardless of make or model. It’s in the name of the procedure called preventative maintenance as simple is that.

A little common sense goes a long way,  we have some really long distance driven cars  to prove it.

We recommend oil changes at ten thousand kilometres, use high quality long-life synthetic motor oil.  Than  coolant flush and fill at least every five years, brake fluid service at every second year, transmission and differential, transfer case fluids at every hundred thousand kilometres, the rest should be a breeze.

Most manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche has their own spark plug and filter replacement schedule. They are the minimum standards to follow at least.


Superior Oil Filtration For Increased Engine Protection

Oil Filters for European Import Cars

Computer Aided Engine Analysis

If you have any questions please call as at your convenience.

Artificial intelligence built into cars

The new technologies are just cropping up suddenly almost every day. Where are we heading to with all this new technology and advanced cars? Appears to be the autonomous driving is just around the corner and we will be able to just play on our cell phones and or watch entertainment on the go.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is so cool and we will be taken over by machines so the media want you to believe, I say not so fast just yet . There seams to be a misunderstanding between reality and facts.  Yes we have some intelligence built into modern cars like lane detection and active cruise control, side detection as well.

Yes, there are some cars capable to take some control from human drivers, but make no mistake the object of proper recognition of dangerous situations and correct prevention in timely action is not here yet.

Driving is a very complicated task, the human brain is not just capable to assess or recognize dangerous driving related changes or obstacles, but it can reason or avoid dangerous situations in milliseconds. As of today no any current automobile’s artificial intelligence able to this, regardless of the multiple radars and lasers mounted on it.

We will have human drivers for decades to come. There has to be much more research and development to be done before this technologies can be handed full control of your vehicle with their occupants safely.

Please call us for more details. Our phone number is:  905.795.0419

Winter Driving

We are going to deal with a seasonal weather change soon, which will require some serious adjustment in driving dynamics and economics.

Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about winter driving and cold frozen roads occasionally snow or ice covered by sudden weather conditions. We highly recommend to properly prepare your BMW, Mercedes and Porsche for this season, which should include of checking the tires and replacing them with appropriate winter tires.

Furthermore you should get your import automobile’s cooling system check out for any leaks or defective worn hoses. It’s extremely inconvenient to break down in the middle of a snow storm or in any winter conditions. It is always inconvenient to break down needless to say in winter, perhaps it is possibly the worst for obvious reasons.

We also recommend to check your car’s service records for the age of your vehicles coolant, suffice to say it should be replaced in or after five years. Chemical degradation is inevitable in a closed high temperature mobile system with multiple dissimilar metals and components.

We recommend a cooling system service which is rather inexpensive in every five years to keep your heating and cooling system in top shape.

The vehicles braking system should be also inspected closely (it’s a perfect time when you switch to winter tires) most folks don’t realize your traction or stability control works by applying your brakes at an accelerated rate to help you keep your vehicle under control. We naturally recommend a complete per-seasonal inspection and last but not least checking and – or replacing your car’s wiper blades, if needed for a clean clear view.

We wish you safe and comfortable motoring in the coming winter season.

All the best from Techmax Auto.


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