BMW Hybrid Repair – Hybrid Maintenance

In case you are wondering, do we repair and maintain BMW hybrids? The simple answer is absolutely yes.

BMW i3s with REX and a BMW i8

Personally I’m a big fan of hybrids as they provide a quick and very efficient transportation, in most cases without the inconvenience of range anxiety. Actually I’m driving (when I’m not riding my bicycle) a hybrid BMW for 7 years plus. Therefore I have first hand experience about BMW hybrids.

I own and drive a BMW i3s with REX and a BMW i8. I love both cars, but they’re built for 2 different purpose.

The BMW i3 is a city car, quick agile and traditionally rear wheel drive, hence you still have the BMW driving dynamics with the weight all at the bottom of the car. It’s like a little go kart if you will.

The BMW i8 is a purpose built performance hybrid to give you an astonishing light agile performance hybrid with the gas mileage of a Prius.

BMW Hybrid Repair | Software Update

We repaired few BMW i8 early 2014’s versions recently. As they accumulate the kilometers over the years, they require some maintenance and repairs. There can be some pattern problems, like the thin aluminum water pipe cracked beside the battery pack, where the owner was quoted some astronomical repair cost elsewhere.

BMW i8 Hybrid Repair

BMW i8 hybrid repair

BMW Hybrid Replacement Parts

The replacement parts were back ordered for months, therefore we decided to repair the defective component, instead of replacing it with a new one. We got the pipe repaired, weld and reinforced at a very reasonable cost. More like into the hundreds versus the thousands as it was quoted prior to us.

We also had an A/C compressor replaced on a BMW i8 recently due to noisy compressor. That particular i8 had the entire system flushed out and cleaned and new A/C condenser with dryer installed to ensure reliability for many years to come.

BMW Hybrid Air Conditioning Service

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The pictures are from the i8 ac compressor and condenser replacement. The dark stuff that leaking out is the metal soup from the worn/ broken compressor assembly.

Did you know the BMW i3 and the BMW i8 both use the electronically operated and controlled air conditioning system to aid in the temperature management of the lithium ion battery pack? For that reason the the air conditioning system should be serviced every 3 to 4 years to ensure there is plenty of refrigerant within the system as it carries the lubricant within the refrigerant. It’s absolutely detrimental to have it serviced or it will cause a premature compressor failure due to lack of lubrication within the closed circuit.

BMW Hybrid Software Update

We look after other BMW hybrids as well like a recent E machine replacement on a 2018 530E which was unfortunately out of warranty due to driven distance. In this case we used the factory BMW ISTA diagnostic equipment and software for proper diagnostics with timely software update, re-flash if required, as per the manufacturers recommendations for the best possible results.

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