BMW Performance Aerodynamic Kits

Good design is all about absolute clarity and precision. That is exactly what can you get from all the aerodynamic components in the BMW performance range.

From the overall design, down to the smallest detail, the aim is nothing less then perfection.

BMW Perfromace SeatBMW Performance Seats

BMW Performance Aerodynamic Kits

The uncompromising unique lines of the BMW performance aerodynamic kits  for the BMW 1 Series and BMW 3 Series are sure to catch the onlooker’s eye, yet they still integrate seamlessly with the design of BMW.

The front and rear aprons are characterized by their dynamic horizontal lines and sharp edged curves. Similar visual language is also used in the side skirts.

In addition there are also optional front splitters in carbon. These too integrate perfectly with the overall look of your car.

Further design highlights include the carbon spoilers on the roof or boot, with their minimalist style, they make a string statement, while also significantly increasing down force.

The distinctive BMW Performance accent strips likewise  emphasize the dynamic design of your BMW, while the exterior mirror caps, again in carbon, are also sure to make the discerning heart beat faster.

To add the perfect finishing touch to your BMW Performance aerodynamic kit, add a real diffuser. The origianil BMW produced made entirely out of carbon.


We proudly announce, we are a Canadian Noelle Performance Authorized Dealer, in fact currently the only Canadian facility north of the border. Please allow me to introduce a brief history of Noelle Performance and why you should choose their software, versus the competitions.

Noelle develops the  BMW Engine performance programming in Germany on an Engine Dynamometer for precise software calibration, just like the manufacturer of your vehicle. Once Engine programming is completed, all of the Driveline Systems are synchronized to accommodate the increased power.

Few words about Noelle.

Karl Otto Noelle was an Alpina engine builder over thirty years ago, and he recognized the potential of turbo charging in the past, when mainly normally aspirated combustion engines ruled. Back in 1989 Noelle employed twin turbo charging to extract 360 horsepower from a 3 liter BMW engine from a Alpina B10 E34.  Read more…


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BMW 3 Series. It was a very close call.

It was a very close call. Luckily the man was driving a new model BMW 3 Serious car. As well know this car is the ultimate driving machine.

The next video from BMW USA proves the above statements. Because the BMW 3 Serious car, the man was lucky enough to escape the disaster….

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BMW M3 Coupe

BMW M3 CoupeAdditional schooling is not enough to know cars to perfection.

When we encounter a brand new BMW or any other high end German import car, we pay special attention to the changes.

For example we take photos of interesting developments in the late model cars, so will be ready for our customers when they need our services.

No misunderstanding please, we do not disassemble anything, but visually we get accustomed to important changes, plus the additional, targeted  schooling, we will be at our costumer service when they need us.

Carbon Fiber Insert on BMW M 3 Speedometer

Carbon fibre inserts on BMW M 3

Nice Touch…

Be careful, some retailers claims, you can just remove the front glass on the speedometer.

This is absolutely incorrect… so as the owner of this fine BMW M-3 found out after braking his own instrument cluster.

Needless to say he wasn’t amused when he found out the cost ($ 900.00+) for a replacement instrument cluster. Naturally we got around it and fixed his car up with his new carbon fiber insert at the same time.

BMW Shark Fin

BMW Shark Fin

Shark  fins on late model BMW’s

Do you ever wondered what’s up with the BMW shark fin?

Shark fins on BMW actually contains no less than 3 antennas.  For, radio, for GPS and of course for the telephone.

Brake Job on a BMW 3 series

Actually to late for a brake job on this BMW. It needed complete brake replacement.

brake repair on BMW 3 seriesTo late for a brake repair on this BMW 3 series car. Please note, the pads wore out, the steel backing wore out, and even the caliper wore out. Lucky he did not cause a crash.

Proper service and or maintenance would prevent this easier. It would cost less money, for the owner because would not need to replace all brake parts.

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