Porsche Repairs

Porsche repairs are on, which means the summer has arrived, finally.

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Work on Porsche

The  iconic Porsche 911 and derivatives are a sport car enthusiast dream car. Porsche is a masterpiece of engineering,  Porsche engineers  had the idea to have the engine at the rear of the car which as well-known it was derived from the beetle originally.

Porsche Repair At Techmax

Naturally it has been thru some major changes from air cooled 4 than 6 cylinders than later water cooled and 4 wheel drive iterations eventually evolved into a very focused race bread machine.

Thru to its original principles, the engine is still flat 6 and resides in the back of the car, under the belt line to keep the center of gravity low for the best possible handling.  The design principles have some negative effects in particular the access to many of the components are fairly restricted, naturally they thought about this so it’s build such as it is part of the design process for relatively easy removal if needed.

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Neglected Porsche Boxster

We often talk about poor quality maintenance where most emphasis put on either on price or lack of time, or both at the same time .

Porsche TireWorn Porsche  Tire. Click on the thumbnail for bigger photo.

You can judge it by yourself, this poor Porsche  has been badly neglected has been driven in with bold tires and a completely sucked in distorted poor quality oil filter. Probably the oil was also inferior quality as well.

Note! Brand name tires, include factory installed tire on brand new  Porsche have built in tire wear indicators. They are molded into the bottom of the tread grooves and will appear as approximately 1/2 in. (12 mm) bands when the tire tread depth is down to 1/16 of an in (1.6 mm).

When the indicators appear in two or more adjacent grooves, it is time to replace the tires. We recommend, however, that you do not let the tires wear down to the extent that you can see on the above photo at top left.

Driving a high performance sport car, like a Porsche with worn tires, can result in loss of control of the vehicle and could cause serious personal injuries or death.

colapsed-porsche-oilfilterCollapsed Porsche Oil filter. Click on the thumbnail for bigger photo.

Porsche engineers a magnificent car, engineering excellence is built into every Porsche model, with thousands of finely tuned and intricate parts working in harmony, but they need regular maintenance like most other cars. When you invest in a fine tuned high tech sports car wouldn’t make sense to give it the best care possible, ensuring your initial investment will last years to come reliably?

The answer is clear, give it proper care by providing the best fuel, the best lubricant and German filters. Perform essential services on proven time and distance based by established specialist with the proper know how, as they were designed and intended by the respective manufacturers and engineers.

Cutting corners will result in costly repairs and random brake downs inadvertently at will.

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Classic Porsche Repair

Located in Stuttgart Germany, Porsche Classic is a workshop dedicated to keeping rare and exotic Porsches working and on the road in their original form. They have original Porsche parts and their costumers are from all over the world.

Watch the video for more.

Porsche Boxter Catalyst Replacement for Both Banks

Porsche Boxter on the hoist…

Porsche Boxter Catalyst Replacment

This is what it takes to replace the meltdown catalyst converter for Porsche Boxter.

It can happen if your Boxter had a steady misfire or you never replaced the oxygen censor in time.

We can make them in-house (you need two), this way considerably less expensive, alternative to the original Porsche component, and they do what they supposed to do.

You can see on the next photo how the catalyst converter looked like, when we checked it.

Porsche BoxterThe above Porsche failed the emission test. I suspected a damaged catalyst. My guess was right on. This converter was in a really bad shape. Good thing the car was still in running condition.

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