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The BMW X5 seamlessly combined exceptional BMW versatility and luxury with legendary BMW handling and BMW performance. The new BMW X5 has been re-engineered and enhanced in every aspect. For example, accommodate up to seven, with available 3 row seats.

Head up display projects driving vitals, so you don’t need to take your eyes of the road. Also rear camera vies assist to see the rear end while reversing. automatic, 4 zone climate control, panoramic sunroof and heated – cooled front seats. New, more powerful Valvetronic engines.

xDrive all wheel drive with Dynamic Stability control. Shift by wire 6 speed automatic transmission, with Steptronic instantly puts manual shifting if you want to use as manual.

A standard 12 speaker audio system with rear DVD entertainment system. Stolen vehicle recovery and Bluetooth wireless technology is standard.

Dynamic handling package with active steering. Around curves adaptive drive counters body roll for more composed cornering.

The BMW X5 is the world’s first SAV to be offered with Head-up Display and an active suspension system – BMW’s Adaptive Drive package. It is the first SAV that can be specified with Active Steering for unsurpassed maneuverability and the first to be shod with Run-flat tires for added safety. It is also the first BMW to offer a third row of seats for added practicality.


Wiesmann GTWiesmann GT, hand built BMW powered sport car


Crankshaft bearing issues with the BMW M3 – S65 engines

The dreaded crankshaft bearing issues with the BMW M3 – S65 engines. Let’s get the facts straight, the actual failure rate is extremely low considering the volume of cars built over the five years, approximately twenty six thousand  (2008 to 2013 ) for the general public.

This particular engine has been built as a high revving normally aspirated high output performance engine pre-dominantly designed to compete with Porsche in the various road races over the years.

The first examples were squeezed into the E46 chassis. E46 chassis where they became legendary in Europe and North America. Worth to note, the same engine has been the sole M BMW Motorsport of choice in all the factory supported M race cars the M3 and the MZ 4 from 2005 until  2015 which speaks volumes about this particular engines durably. Its safe to say the engine is well built to perform. It preforms very well under racing conditions, and performs just as well under daily driving over the life of the engine perhaps.

However, there are a few things to remember, if you own one of this cars for instance the bearing load on the connecting rod will increase 25 fold from six thousand rpm to eight thousand five hundred rpm.

Liqui MolyLiqui Moly Lubricants

Because of the high revving nature of the engine we recommend to switch from the factory recommend TSW Castrol motor oil to the more robust build Liqui Moly 10-60 motor oil. Furthermore we also recommend to shortening  the oil change intervals to maximum ten thousand kilometres at most.

Also we ad (despite that BMW not endorsing any additives at least not on paper) a Liqui Moly MOS/2 (molybdenum disulfide, graphite) additive which gets embedded in the bearings at each or at least every second oil change.

If you have oversized calipers and use your S65 equipped M3 for competition purposes you should convert your lubrication to a dry sump system, regardless of cost. The factory set up not designed with extreme G forces in mind period.

We have serviced many of this cars with this maintenance method, and never had a bearing failure even at spiritedly driven M3 cars at near two hundred thousand kilometres. Draw your own conclusions.

liqui moly adictive We wish you all the best and happy motoring from Techmax.



Liqui Moly Synthetic Motor Oils, Lubricants & Additives

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BMW Performance Aerodynamic Kits

Good design is all about absolute clarity and precision. That is exactly what can you get from all the aerodynamic components in the BMW performance range.

From the overall design, down to the smallest detail, the aim is nothing less then perfection.

BMW Perfromace SeatBMW Performance Seats

BMW Performance Aerodynamic Kits

The uncompromising unique lines of the BMW performance aerodynamic kits  for the BMW 1 Series and BMW 3 Series are sure to catch the onlooker’s eye, yet they still integrate seamlessly with the design of BMW.

The front and rear aprons are characterized by their dynamic horizontal lines and sharp edged curves. Similar visual language is also used in the side skirts.

In addition there are also optional front splitters in carbon. These too integrate perfectly with the overall look of your car.

Further design highlights include the carbon spoilers on the roof or boot, with their minimalist style, they make a string statement, while also significantly increasing down force.

The distinctive BMW Performance accent strips likewise  emphasize the dynamic design of your BMW, while the exterior mirror caps, again in carbon, are also sure to make the discerning heart beat faster.

To add the perfect finishing touch to your BMW Performance aerodynamic kit, add a real diffuser. The origianil BMW produced made entirely out of carbon.


We proudly announce, we are a Canadian Noelle Performance Authorized Dealer, in fact currently the only Canadian facility north of the border. Please allow me to introduce a brief history of Noelle Performance and why you should choose their software, versus the competitions.

Noelle develops the  BMW Engine performance programming in Germany on an Engine Dynamometer for precise software calibration, just like the manufacturer of your vehicle. Once Engine programming is completed, all of the Driveline Systems are synchronized to accommodate the increased power.

Few words about Noelle.

Karl Otto Noelle was an Alpina engine builder over thirty years ago, and he recognized the potential of turbo charging in the past, when mainly normally aspirated combustion engines ruled. Back in 1989 Noelle employed twin turbo charging to extract 360 horsepower from a 3 liter BMW engine from a Alpina B10 E34.  Read more…


Performance Wheels For BMW 5 Series

Performance Wheels For Porsche

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BMW Performance That You Can Hear

The original factory made BMW performance silencer system does not just give your car a distinctive powerful sound, it also measurably improves throttle response.

High throughput reduces back pressure, so that exhaust gases are channeled away from the engine faster, enabling it to function more  efficiently.

BMW PerformanceTe results are clear to see and above all,clearer to hear. Even at low revs, the rich, deep engine note clearly hints at the reserves of power available. As hard you put your right food down, as hard will your pulse rate leap upwards.

The outer sign if this inner qualities can be found at the rear of the car, in shape of the tween tailpipes in chrome plated stainless steel.

The tween stainless steel tailpipes stripped down look gives the vehicle even more high tech appeal, and the powerful engine sound confirms the available power.

And as with all original factory made BMW performance products, the use of the latest CAD and FEA technology combined with strict internal quality assurance processes, ensures long component life.

The original factory made BMW Performance silencer system is available in two versions.

One for four cylinder gas engines and one for four cylinder gas  and diesel engines.

Both versions were designed to optimize the performance characteristics of the engine layout in question.

MagnaFlow Performance exhaust system  or MagnaFlow Racing exhaust system for your BMW

Magnaflow performance exhaust system

New Magnaflow exhaust system on BMW M3 Coupe

On the above photo you can see a BMW M3 with improved breathing true Magnaflow performance exhaust system.  The sound alone is worth the price, not to say the improved performance and lighter weight. Click on the next link to listen the sound of the Magnaflow performance exhaust. Play the file in your standard application

Visit our on-line photo album to see Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System on BMW, BMW M3 and on Mini Cooper. Also you can listen the sound and view the video from the photo album.

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BMW Performance Accessories

The best technology offers not only excellent performance, but also outstanding easy of use. And that is  exactly what the interior components in the BMW Performance rage do. They are functional and ergonomic. They make operating even the most sophisticated solutions simply itself.

BMW Perfromace SeatBMW Performance Accessories  turn the interior of your BMW into a command post, that is tailored to your personal requirements.  Climb in and take control.

Climb in, and you’ll find that the BMW Performance sport seat fits you like a second skin. Its highly distinctive shape was inspired by the monocoque construction technique used in racing cars, and it combines outstanding lateral support when cornering at speed with a high level of comfort on long journeys. Upholstered in black Alcantara, and featuring a built-in side airbag, it is also adjustable between two height settings. On the head part, the BMW Performance lettering is a proud statement of its racing origins.

The BMW Performance sport steering wheel I likewise breaks new ground. Completely upholstered in Alcantara with white cross-stitching, the curvature is flattened at the lower edge. However, its most eye-catching feature is the display built into the top of the rim. Incorporating one organic and two conventional LEDs, it gives drivers access to a variety of efficiency and motor-sport related functions. These are operated via buttons conveniently located in the thumb-rest areas. A choice of three modes is available – ECO, Sport and Race.

In all three modes, the LEDs can be used to inform drivers of the optimum shift point. In ECO mode, they can also help facilitate a more economical driving style. Sport mode includes a stopwatch, a current fuel consumption display, and a g-meter showing and recording momentary acceleration.

BMW sport steering wheel

Race mode incorporates a lap timer with various split-time and memory functions. An optional lap trigger is available separately, which uses an infrared transmitter and receiver to measure lap times automatically and extremely accurately.

Race mode also allows a variety of acceleration times to be measured, such as the time taken to reach 100 km/h from a standing start or for the American quarter-mile sprint. Radiator temperature is shown in all three modes, as is the oil temperature in the case of petrol engines.

Alternatively, there is also the BMW Performance sport steering wheel II. This too is completely covered in Alcantara, ensuring optimum grip in any situation, and features a flattened lower section of the rim and white cross-stitched seams. It also has a leather Motor sport marking in the 12 o’clock position, in the signature BMW Performance Yellow color.

Ultimate performance is a question of getting even the smallest details absolutely right, and this philosophy is exemplified in the decorative components of the BMW Performance range. For example, the meticulously crafted interior trim strips in carbon combine a high-tech motor sport feel with an effortless sense of style.


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Brembo Brake System

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We can give your BMW engine more power with BMW performance air intake

You can give your BMW engine more power if you give it more what it needs.

The engine of your BMW is eager to unleash its full power, but it can only do so if you give it enough room to breath.

In other simple English words, your BMW engine needs air, as highly compressed, as steady rate as possible. That way all the cylinders will be evenly  filled, and so your BMW engine will be able to produce more power and more torque.

BMW race carBMW Race Car – Based on a 2009 BMW M3

The BMW performance air intake system ensures that every engine is always provided with the optimum of air. Special air pipes, performance air filters make possible high throughput and minimize pressure lass. This creates a throaty intake note, which can be enjoyed inside the cockpit,  enriching the sports car experience of driving your BMW.

The sound of the engine will be magnificent and the power will be unresistant.  Your BMW can take off at any moment. Which moment? You can control it with your right leg…

The section of the air intake cover is made of high tech carbon, and carries the BMW Performance lettering.

It hides under the hood, but the message it sends out could not be cleaner.

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Brembo Brake System

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BMW Performace Brake System

Nothing is more challenging than delivering breathtaking performance. It required strength, innovative thinking and the  courage to rewrite rules.

Something that is only possible when driven by true dedication. Dedication that never cases more forward, direct,  focused uncompromising.

If you are looking for all the above in cars, there are the BMW M Series models for you.

BMW M3 competition model BMW M3 GTS Competition Model from BMW Welt Munich Germany.

Just tap the accelerator in any BMW M Series car and you will flying on the road or on the racetrack, it depends on, where at you drive… However with thrilling acceleration, you need to have amazing braking power too.

The greater the the power under your right leg, the greater the importance of control. It is not just how fast your BMW can go from 0 to 100 km/hour  that matters, but also how fast it can go from 100 km or from higher to  speed to 0.



Akebono Brake Dust Free Brake Pads
TRW – Lucas European Automobiles Parts
Brembo Brake System


The BMW performance breaking system is designed to handle the rigorous demands imposed upon by it sports style driving.

At the heart is the system are the aluminum six piston fixed calipers and ventilated, cross drilled brake discs at the front axle. The designs of these brake parts, brake components reflects their sporting origin. The light weight of these brake system reduces the unsprung mass of the car,  this improves the driving dynamics.

The BMW Performance Brake System performs very well in wet driving condition too. The grooves and the well placed holes on the brake discs prevent a film of water from forming between brake disc and brake pads.

The system makes an equally dramatic visual impact too. The front brake calipers future BMW Performance lettering painted in BMW Performance Yellow.


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