Synthetic Motor Oil

Group-3, Group-4, Group-5!

What does it really means? Synthetic motor oil describes a process, not a material, let me explain. The general public thinks, all synthetic motor oils are the same.  That is incorrect. Synthetic motor oil have 3 stages of the actual grade or level which is important to know.

Group 3 Synthetic Motor Oil

Group 3 synthetic motor oil is a highly refined petroleum based motor oil, usually made from decent quality base petroleum oil. The group 3 motor oil used to be called a regular motor oil, until a court case challenge many years ago by an oil manufacturer.

The important facts to know it’s based on petroleum oil, and the molecules are not as consistent as group 4 especially group 5 synthetic motor oils. Theoretically better than group 1 or 2.  Group 3 is made from a higher grade base stock, has a higher viscosity index, and in overall better performance than group 1 or 2, which makes sense.

Group 4 Synthetic Motor Oil

Group 4 motor oil a PAO or Poly Alpha Olefine or in other word a highly processed synthesized petroleum based motor oil which can tolerate higher temperature extremes, has a higher oil film strength.

Stage 4 or group 4 synthetic oil will need to have oil pressure to be built up to create a viable oil film and it doesn’t cling to metal, but because it’s based on mineral or petroleum based oil stock it’s relatively inexpensive to make in large quantities.

Group 4 synthetic oils are not meant to cling to metal parts, they will sort of roll off when the engine is stopped, so there is no standby protection whatsoever thereafter.

Furthermore group 4 PAO based motor oils will turn into a hard carbon deposit if pushed into the extremes, kind of turning back to a crude oil look alike dark carbon deposit clogging vital engine components in the process and will leave deposits as they burn inside the engine under elevated temperatures.

Liqui Molly Sythetic Motor Oils
Liqui Molly Synthetic Motor Oils

Group 5 Synthetic Oil

Group 5 is the real deal, Ester based for maximum protection and ultimate performance over all of the others. These real synthetic motor oils are entirely man made and provide an outstanding reliable extreme protection to any internal engine components.

Ester based synthetic motor oil has a static cling to metal parts by an electro chemical bond which is essential for any metal to metal component to get the maximum protection. This means before you start your engine there is already a film of lubricant present, no need to wait for an oil pressure to be built to reduce friction.

Should I say this Ester based synthetic oil came from aviation where reliability is at utmost importance.

Ester based true synthetic oils are used and tested, refined in extreme motorsports like 24 hours of Le Mans and other high end endurance racing where temperature extremes are the highest. The lubrication and wear resistance is 5 times higher than any other lubricant used hence the popularity of the real synthetic group 5 motor oil in motorsport.

Ester based motor oil, the real synthetic motor oil , will leave next to zero deposit if burned as it is the most tolerant of extreme pressures and temperatures at both end of the scale.

Ester based synthetic motor oil is much more expensive as it is made from renewable resources in very small batches, a more delicate and more expensive process which is reflected in the actual cost of the final product.

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