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BMW repair many occasions requires an inside knowledge and decades of experience. Knowing what are the weak spots  of the BMW, comes whit knowledge and experience, hence we can prevent an expensive breakdown in the near future.

BMW 535-GT Front Propeller Shaft Failure

Here is a perfect example of a 535-GT front propeller shaft failure which is a typical issue on most BMW with accumulated kilometers on it.

This particular vehicle is maintained by its owner, we only see this vehicle when it’s broken. In this case not performing a preventative maintenance, cost almost an engine replacement, as the seized propeller shaft finally let go and punched a gigantic hole into the oil pan.

When We Service BMW 535 We Remove This Shafts

When we service BMW 535s we remove this shafts on the regular basis to check the U joint condition. In fact we even have replacement universal joint in house to repair this shafts as some of them cost some silly money from the manufacturer.

On this BMW we had a hard time to source a proper exact replacement oil pan and ditto for the front propeller shaft.

The owner got lucky, he managed to shut the engine down in a hurry, which saved his N55 engine. He said when the shaft broke he killed the engine instantly.

Either way we would not know if there is or has been any internal engine damage to the crankshaft or the bottom end bearings.

We had to come up with some clever solutions to test the engine, to be able to confirm the engine did survive the ordeal. Therefore we cleaned the broken oil pan with a de-greaser.  Let it dry and remove any oily residue, applied windshield glue to the open area around the hole and glued a heavy plastic sheet over on it, and let it cure overnight .

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BMW N55  Engine Repair

Next day we removed the oil filter and filled up the channel with fresh motor oil quickly. When the engine had proper amount of oil in, we started her up instantly.

The engine run properly without any noise or sign of excessive wear. At this point we knew we can proceed with the proper repair and resurrect this vehicle to it’s former glory.

BMW N55 Engine Connecting Rod Bearings Replacement

Needless to say we will remove and replace the bottom end connecting rod bearings with new performance bearings,  just in case. Additionally the new performance bearings are superior design made with improved materials compared to the genuine bearings design.

It just makes perfect sense to replace them while we have the bottom end open. It’s a simple procedure at this occasion.

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Why does my engine burn oil?

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One Cracked AMG Rim. Unsafe to Drive.

The winter is almost over, but you should not change your winter tires yet.  There is a down side to driving on all season tires  on snowy, icy road. Some of our clients find this out on the hard way.  A small mistake might be very costly.

Every driver should know: Smaller the tire’s tread, smaller its biting edges and your tires will have less traction. For reliable braking and cornering performance at winter driving condition, on wet, snowy and or even icy road, you need good quality winter tire, not worn down all season tires.

The weekend weather took it’s toll, one cracked AMG rim. The replacement rim cost $1570.00 from MB, one bent alloy for late model 530 BMW cost of replacement $1230.00 + alignment.

How do you check a rim for any possible damage?

New wheel has arrived nice and shiny. Now the question remains: How do you check the other rims for any possible damage? In our high tech world, we have solution for almost everything. Meet our laser guided 3D tire balancer, check the next video out.

Yes, there was one more rim which is wobbly for now we made the best out of it. We do this all the time. To be able to make a smooth ride you need a precision machine which can pinpoint rim or tire defects and recommend match-mounting by dismounting the tire and remounting it to a specific spot on the rim to bring the highest point of the tire to the lowest point of the rim to get it close as possibly can to perfect.

Laser Guided Made in Germany Alignment Machine

Let me note it: This is our second machine of the same made. We use the first one about 20 years. Yes this balancer is 23 thousand dollars but precision and technical innovation has its price. We actually take it one step further by marking each wheel with their precise run out. It goes like this, the best wheel to the left front, 2nd best to right front, 3rd to the left rear and worst is the farthest away from you the driver.

Naturally when your wheel looks like the one on the video, with the multiple bubbles are toast, unsafe unfit for any use.

One of our other clients, bent his AMG suspension driving on summer performance tires. Even though his car is a 4 wheel drive, it was no match for the weather.

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BMW  four wheels alignment

Our Hoffmann  laser Guided (German) Computerized 3D Alignment Machine

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