The Google Reviews

There is a lot to be said about unbiased Google reviews. Let start with the last Pras N says we are a bunch of sorry rip off people. Let’s see what we have done to upset this “gentleman”?

He called me multiple times about his 13 year old silver 3 series with 240000 kilometers in the odometer. The car would not start, he thought it’s electrical, he said it’s the battery. He  scoured all the online forums for help.

I said, I can’t say anything before I see your car. Few days later he got his car towed in to the shop and we diagnosed. It needed a starter motor, considering the mileage in the car it’s completely normal.

I have quoted him $680.00 (parts and labor) + tax. Please note the book calls for 3.5 hours  labor + diagnostic + parts. The starter motor we offered is Bosch original which is $430.00 at BMW. We offered it for $230.00 + tax for him. To change the starter on his car we need to drop the exhaust, therefore we need to have the exhaust gaskets and hardware to be replaced to complete the job properly, which is an additional $60.00.  For all of this we  provide a 2 year parts and labor Warranty for no additional cost.

He wanted to pay only $480.00 which is not profitable at any level.

This individual does this at every visit and he wants more as he does not want to pay the taxes either,  so that would be 13 percent less. At the end if he doesn’t pay the  tax on the parts I have to pay it, so I declined he’s offer.

It took him a week to come up with he’s response, I assume he he’d plenty of time to call others to get his magic number together.

Please keep in mind we already diagnosed he’s car for free of charge so we have vent out our way to help him, but he wanted a lot more.

I’m sorry but if a job is not profitable and a client is unappreciative of the level of service offered, I’m as the principal of this operation will refuse the offer. It is essential for any business to make a profit otherwise it will fail in short order.

This particular individual makes a sport of out of trying to beat down the prices at every single visit, therefore I politely declined.

I never criticize anyone, it is just not my style and we can’t make happy everyone, does not matter how hard we try. Not much else needs to be said about people’s whom has no respect for our services offered at reasonable prices.

I go out of my way for my loyal clients, if you have a financial problem please let me know I will help much as I can. I done it many times over but if someone tries to take advantage of us at every visit that is unacceptable.

Anyone whom has a complaint in any way with our workmanship or any issue with the work performed by us I have my door open for them, and I will do everything possibly can to rectify the issue at hand.

Mr Pras N, You said the dealer is better and cheaper as per your quote. I’m sure they also provide free Diagnostic as we did it for you free. The whole thing begs the question; WHY did you tow your car to us? In the first place in the real question?

I would like to take the opportunity to thank our loyal clientele, whom appreciates the services we provide at reasonable prices. Some of you are with us for decades, many of you are like family. We thank you for your support over the years, it means a lot to us. Thank you again and all the best.

Attila Jasszai
President of Techmax Auto Repair Inc.

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