BMW N20 Engine Repair

2013 BMW X3 with the popular, but troublesome BMW N20 engine.

Well maintained BMW X3 with BMW N20 Engine

Received this well maintained BMW X3 with a no start condition.  We were told, it was diagnosed at a Toronto dealership as “may” need a timing chain, and they opted to replace the timing chain tensioner assembly.

We tried to start it after being towed in, we did not succeed, the  car did not start. Got the owner permission to remove the valve cover, and oh boy the poor thing lost 80% of it’s timing chain guide. Therefore the timing chain jumped timing naturally, the computer was seeing the timing way out of specified position, and did not allow the engine to fire up. It cranked but did not start.

BMW N20 Engine Timing Chain Failure

Unfortunately we had to confirm a total timing chain failure. Honestly I’m not surprised for one moment as the car odometer had 229860 kms  in it, it’s lasted much longer than average.

Timing Chain Replacement on BMW’s N20 Engine 

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BMW’s N20 Engine Common Problem

When all said and done, she run like a charm albeit had a low boost fault. Its BMW’s N20 engine common problem. After some further testing we found a turbocharger error.  The turbocharger wastegate was severely worn out.

The vehicle owner wanted this car to drive for a few more years, so we got a good quality used turbocharger to keep the costs down.

BMW N20 Engine’s Turbo Charger Replacement

We replaced the turbocharger at the same time updated the pressure feed line with the newer revised version, to ensure proper operation and turbo longevity.

We reset the adaptations and than road tested it multiple times. She is back in business and runs really well, “purring like a kitten”.

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The Famous N20 Engine Timing Chain Issue

BMW N20 engine failure

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