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March 5. 2024

Service & Repair – GLK 250

My Mercedes Benz GLK 250 (2014) is not a new car and runs into emission issues periodically. I visited Attila office for the first time in Feb 2024, got treated fairly and pleasantly. Major work was involved for which Attila made some calls and asked me to book an appointment with Mercedes Benz Oakville, as he could see the problem would have gotten covered by Mercedes Benz warranty, for which I had no clue.

Thank you Attila for doing a solid diagnoses, and guide me to the next steps.

Atilla saved me my money and restore faith in the people who service older Mercedes Benz, unlike the others who would have easily charged me $1000/- min.

Shiv Ganguly



January 23. 2014

Hi Attila,

I am writing you this email to express my appreciation for your professionalism and knowledge regarding the repair and maintenance of German luxury cars. My wife and I are really happy that there are mechanics and businesses such as TechMax that provide honest assessments and reasonable repair costs versus dealerships and other alternatives.

I know you are well known in the many automotive social circles and certainly your reputation speaks for itself in the many satisfied customers you have helped over the years. We will be seeing you for the next service interval of our Mercedes and we wish you the very best and even greater success for 2014!!


Name withheld for privacy

Enterprise Architect, ISTS
Region of Peel

Our Latest Alloy Wheels For Mercedes Benz, BMW & Porsche

June 21, 2013

From: Name withheld for privacy
Enterprise Sales Director-Canada at Nuance Communications

Attila, you and Tony and your team are outstanding.

I can’t thank you enough for the continued great customer service that you and the team extend…always! I appreciate it very, very much Attila!!!

You are successful because you take the time to understand your customers and their issues…

Thank you again!!!


June 14, 2012.

A simple thank you to Attila and Tony:

My first experience with Techmax service dates back about 12 years when I was having problems with BMW 735 stalling on me at high speeds putting me and other drivers in dangerous situations on our hwy’s.

I brought my vehicle to several BMW dealers and specialty shops where modules, injectors were replace, wiring work was done and the next thing I was looking at was fuel pump replacement.

While speaking with a friend at a Tim Horton about my problems with BMW another person hearing my complaints suggested that I take my car to Techmax.  After talking to Attila about the problem and by now being scared of what would happen next, he checked some of the work that other shops performed, and in a matter of minutes, while I was watching he said he found the solution. I could not believe it, the wiring connector to the main fuse box was loose.

The proof of consistency for Techmax and I came a few years later when in 2006 the company that I was working for informed the sales force that shortly all company car policies were being terminated, asked us to get our own vehicles and they would provide us with a per kilometer car allowance. I was upset and looking for a reliable car to assist me travel across Ontario performing my duties.

I spoke to Attila and mentioned the mileage that I would put on an yearly basis and he suggested a VW TDI. Well, a few weeks before the car program was coming to an end I found a six year old VW TDI Model 2000 with 157,000 kms and bough it. I’m sad and happy to say thank you to Attila and Tony, sad because after nearly 500,000 kms showing on the odometer, and the car still performing well, it was passed on to my daughter and son in-law on June 10th 2012.

Happy because I’ve never had a minute of downtime due mechanical failure, serviced every 10,000 kms, and all preventive maintenance done by Techmax and their crew. Three timing chains and three water pumps later I’m so happy with their performance that I’ve purchased another VW TDI model 2004 this time with 166,000 kms and expecting the same or better results then my old unit.

Why would you want to expend your monies in a new vehicle when you have a mechanical facility like Techmax around.

Regards Carlos

BMW Repair in Mississauga

February 16. 2012

I have been a customer of Techmax since the year 2003 and I have to say, I am so happy with the quality of the service over so many years that I could not trust (and have not trusted) my cars to another mechanic, even to the dealerships (with the exception of warranty issues).

Speaking of my cars, they have always been BMW’s (mostly used), ranging from more reliable 3 series to not so reliable 7 series models.

I have proudly referred many friends and family members, most of whom drive BMW’s or other German cars, to Techmax and they have all been very satisfied.

I would like to mention a few recent examples. Techmax recently saved a close friend of mine from a scam a body shop was trying to pull on him. Instead of an alleged SMG transmission failure, it turned out to be a simple battery issue after Techmax diagnosed the issue.

In another example involving my current BMW 335i Coupe, which is still under warranty, Techmax was able to positively influence one of the BMW dealerships and help me get an ongoing, intermittent exhaust rattle issue resolved – a warranty repair that BMW was very reluctant to undertake due to the intermittent nature of the issue, before Techmax got involved.

I was extremely pleased with Techmax’s assistance with getting this very annoying issue resolved, even though it was not them who performed the repair; it was fixed/covered by BMW warranty.

I can provide many examples of quality repair service Techmax has performed on my cars over so many years, but I do not think that is necessary.

I am a proud customer of Techmax and my cars all have the Techmax license plate covers, which were installed a long time ago with my consent.

In fact, I recently got into a small accident and broke the front license cover. Before visiting a body shop to repair the damage, I visited Techmax to obtain a new license plate cover, which was subsequently installed by the body shop after repairing the damage on the front bumper of my car.

It is the high quality of the service as well as the professionalism and the honesty of the owner and the staff at Techmax that makes me a loyal customer. I would very much recommend Techmax to anyone seeking quality service, repair of their car!!!

David Z


February 14. 2012

To Attila and Techmax Team,

I own a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T and was having several of problems such as: horrible fuel efficiency, cylinder misfires, engine running lean and a noticeable hissing sound on acceleration. I took my car to the VW dealership and two other garages and none of them could figure out what the problem was. Instead they did trial and error and replaced parts that did not need replacing. My friend recommended Techmax to me and said they are the BEST.

I was not let down! Not only did they fix the problems, they also found other problems and fix those too. Techmax saved me a lot of money and time. A week after the repair they followed up to see how the car was running.

They offer an excellent service far superior to any dealership or garage I know of. They are very experienced and knowledgeable with European cars and I would recommend them to anyone who has a European car and wants to save time and money.

I realized after speaking with Attila for 45 minutes about proper maintenance and providing our cars with quality products (tires and parts) and fluids (engine oil and gasoline) that this is not just a job for them but a passion.

Attila and Techmax Team Thank You Very Much,

Billy L.

Yokohama Tires

February 08. 2012

Hi Attila,

Just a little late note of appreciation to you and Tony for the exhaustive work on finding a solution to the turbo issue. I know it was very frustrating for you as well as me. Especially, being a sales rep without a car. It’s like you trying to be a mechanic without tools. Well, the Jetta runs wickedly now!! And it is great to have my power doors working again – thanks Tony.

My air bag light is on now, but I will wait until I come in for the oil change for you to reset it.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Jeff Zell.

Trends Electronics International
Regional Manager Mobile/Retail
Ontario and Maritimes

BMW i3 Electric Car

Augustus 24. 2011

Hello Attila

I brought over my Z4 on Saturday because of a ting ting ting noise and you hammered the brake pad. I left you’re shop Saturday and the noise was gone. I’ve waited and waited and the noise is still gone, you’re the best!! I won’t need my appointment of Friday to change the brakes. In fact I think you made the brake pad sit better as there is less play when I hit the pedal, more responsive. For some reason the other brake pad that should make noise, does not. I’m just happy that there is no more ting ting ting every time I drive.

Thank-you again for both your time and expert knowledge.

By the way, I work for a metal fab company, if you ever need anything made maybe I can return some of the help you have given me.


Tobin Cheung

BMW Computerized  Engine Analysis

 April 14. 2011

Hi Attila,

Thank you for such excellent service  I received today!I dropped in with no appointment and was treated extremely well by Tony and you.  I really appreciate the service you extended to me.  It made my day easier even though my car had to be fixed.

Thank you again.Loretta Aucoin

Hybrid BMW

March 31. 2011

Hi Attila and Crew

Recommending everyone I know to your shop. If you own a BMW and need help, take it to Techmax.

I took my car to BMW dealership for an ABS, traction control error. They charged me 160.00 to diagnose and another 800.00 to fix. It took them two weeks to get the part and the end result was that they did NOTHING. Same error, no change and most importantly, they don’t care.

I took my car to Techmax, within one hour I received a call saying my car was fixed, a broken wire that needed to be soldered back together. Techmax also took the time to do a full diagnosis of my car and informed me of worn parts and of a broken spring that BMW dealership somehow did not notice.

When you take your car to BMW dealership for diagnoses, their knowledge only extends to scanning your vehicle. If it does not show up on the scan, then nothing must be wrong, whatever shows up on the scan then that must be the item that is wrong. There is no intuitive thinking or problem solving skills.

When you take your car to Techmax, you will get problem solving technicians that will physically check the car over and let you know of any issues.

Thank-you very much

Tobin Cheung

European Import Car Repairs & Service Center

November 18, 2010

Hi Attila, Tony and the crew at Techmax,

In a WORD: PHENOMENAL! The beauty of going to Techmax for your high-performance automotive needs is that no matter what your challenge or difficulty – they know how to FIX the root cause of your car’s problem!

It’s not just for the car enthusiast, but for everyone, up to and including your dealer. Yes… when they don’t know what’s wrong – who do they call? “TECHMAX!”

Trust, teamwork, accountability is the motto of this fine establishment. They ensure customer service and deliver value every step of the way. Think of it as picking a doctor for your car, wouldn’t you want only the best?

I take my BMW X3 M ONLY to Techmax and my other vehicles too.

Thank you Attila, Tony and the gang for doing such a wonderful job… Keep up the great work!


Nim. Nadarajah, PMP, MBA

Diesel Service

August 21, 2010

Attila and staff,

I am one of those many people who can drive a car, but repairs are very intimidating. I have only been coming to you for five years, and every time I leave my car with great confidence. When I pick up my vehicle I always feel that I have gotten more than my money’s worth.

While you were on holidays I was having problems with my car and had gone to the dealer in Mississauga as well as another place near my business in Burlington. I was quoted from $1700.00 to $2200.00 and very conflicting explanations on the problem. Thankfully I was able to wait until you returned, my cost was $400.00 and none of the reasons I was quoted. I will always remember how upset you were about the cover the dealer ship broke for the air cleaner during the time they checked my car, not only did you repair it, I left realizing what a perfectionist you are.

Just recently I was back to have the scheduled timing belt done on my VW Jetta, and again I thank all of you for your excellent service.

Regards Erlene Patterson

AdBlue Emission Reduction System

June 05, 2010

Car: 2007 Mini Cooper S

Service: Installation of catback exhaust system.

Dear Attila, Jacob, and the rest of the team at Techmax.

I just wanted to say thanks for installing my catback system! I was incredibly happy with the service and friendliness of your whole team. Everyone was knowledgeable, and answered every question I had without hesitation. It was impressive, and better then the, “let me find out” answer I have received from many other shops.

Not only did you give me answers, I was very thankful for your team pointing out some warranty fixes that I will be able to get done. Doesn’t get more honest then that, and it’s hard to find when it comes to cars, and me being a young guy.

What I also really liked about your shop is that you guys know exactly what you are doing. You’re not at a computer reading diagrams on what to do, you assess the problem, and do it, without mistake, and hesitation.

Your team is great, I will be looking forward to having more modifying to my car done by you guys!

Neil Wong – 2007 Mini Cooper S (Turbocharged)

Mini Cooper Repair

Some new toys I installed this weekend!

I went to Techmax auto in Mississauga. They do BMWs, Minis, Mercedes, and Porsche. Some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met and I was glad to do business with them. They let me in the bay and watch the whole thing, very clean shop as well.

I went there because a lot of my BMW friends go there, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

mini-performance-exhaustMini Air FilterRead more on Southern Ontario MINI Club‘s website.

Mini Cooper Repair

March 24, 2010

Attila Jaszai

Techmax Auto Repair Inc.
1011 Meyerside Dr.#9

Subject: Your Fantastic Service!!!

Dear Attila,

I am writing to thank you and offer my recommendation of your shop to anyone that may be in question.

Unbeknownst to me My Mercedes Benz E class was serving as a home to a family of mice. One of the little critters had eaten their way through a wire and had eaten the shielding off another.

I took my vehicle to the Mercedes dealer first, as the car is still under warranty. I had no idea what was wrong that day I only knew that my car was not running properly. Mercedes diagnosed the problem as “mice that had eaten through the wiring” and charged me $150 for the diagnosis. Their repair estimate was $1,800 dollars. Parts, a new wiring harness, and labor of 6 hours to install. It was described as a “major repair”. I was told that this would not be considered a warranty repair (understandable) and that the cost would be solely born by me.

I called Techmax for a second opinion. I brought my car out to you that evening and left the keys. You can imagine my astonishment when I received your telephone call a half hour later telling me the vehicle was ready to go! How was I to know that the split and damaged wires could be repaired. The dealer never offered this as an option!! I was on my way home thinking that this “major repair” would keep my vehicle un operational for a number of days.

I have dealt with you on 3 separate occasions and greatly appreciate your honesty, integrity and professionalism. Your knowledge and passion for your profession need no acknowledgement!

I am happy to offer my name as a reference for any that may need reassuring.

Roger D. Bickers FCIP, CRM
Vice President

PBL Insurance Limited
1500 Don Mills Road

Toronto, Ontario
T: 416.447.4499

Daytime Running Light Reprogramming

Hi Attila, Tony and the gang at Techmax,

I have been coming to Techmax for a number of years and wanted to share with you my comments.

You guys are awesome. Keep up the outstanding service. It’s a rare commodity to have people as friendly as you and always willing to help. Aside from the friendly and warm atmosphere, you guys are extremely knowledgeable and in my opinion, the best in the business. I have been to a number of shops in the past and none came close to you.

All of you guys are very methodical and thorough. At the end of the day, I have an incredible peace of mind knowing that my car is in your hands. There is non better. Another amazing quality of yours is that you extend that excellent quality of service to everyone who walks through your door.

Keep up the great work. You care not only about the cars but also about the people who drive them. In me, you have a customer for life. I have the highest level of regard and respect for all you do and the way in which you do it. Thank you Attila, Tony and the rest of the gang.

See you next time.

Sheldon Martin

Dual Clutch Transmission

Even though I’m very knowledgeable about automotive problems, I’m always leery of bringing my car to a shop, even a BMW dealer.  After an issue driving my car to work, I found your shop through the internet and decided to bring my X5 in to have you look at it.

My initial worries:
Quality of work
Time (yours and mine)

I was extremely relieved to have you show me the parts needing to be replaced, watch my car being fixed, and have personalized service like I’ve never had before.  It would now be a big step down to go anywhere else (and why would I?).  You started work on my car very quickly, I had a nice place to sit down and relax and afterwards I didn’t suffer from sticker shock when the bill was tallied up.  I have to mention that you also keep your shop impeccably clean.

When you combine extremely fast, friendly, and quality service, why anyone would go to a dealer is beyond me!


Wayne J.

BMW repair

looking for info/ experiences

from anyone that has used Techmax for TDI work.

Specifically timing belt jobs.

BMW repair


Can’t comment specifically about their timing belt job. I went to Techmax for EGR and Intake cleaning. Good experience and friendly staff.

Tony let me come into the bay and watch what they are doing the whole 2 hours or so.


Tire service – laser guided wheel balancer

I’ve been going to Techmax for close to 5 years now, extremely satisfied by their work… Mind you I’m not as mechanically inclined as most of you and neither do I have the right tools/space… So for someone like me Techmax has been very beneficial… Best value for my money… my 2 cents.


TRW – Lucas European Automobile Parts 

Well, it was my water pump. Tony performed my Tb swap. This shop does know its way around a TDI and have the proper tooling from what I was able to see.

Friendly staff, I was lurking in the shop the whole time. Clean & organized shop, gives you a good impression.

Vik F.