Motor Work On BMW

The right tool for the right job. Correct? This sentence apply for motor work on BMW Merced, Porsche, and on MINI to.

Motor work on BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mini.

Having the right tool for the right job is essential in most cases. No shiny toolbox will ever fix any BMW if doesn’t have the right tools within.

The another day we had a persistent tank ventilation system leak on a newly acquired 2011 BMW 3 series. First we had the vent test pump failed and the fault kept returning.  After pumping a lot of smoke into the system we found someone hammered on the tightening ring onto the fuel pump assembly.

Unfortunately there was a chunk of the pump housing missing so we had to replace the pump assembly with a new ring and secured it with the proper tool.

Work on BMW 3 Series

Check out the next photos for details.
The first picture is a BMW 3 series fuel sending unit with a missing piece from the housing.

Second picture is the proper tool, that we used during the engine repair on this BMW. The new ring sitting on the tool.

The 3rd photos show the old rusty locking ring.

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BMW X5 N55 Engine Repair

Today, one of our clients BMW with an N55 engine required a special repair. We had to fabricate a special tool to extract the seized, severely corroded fuel injector from the cylinder head.

In this case, the factory injector puller is not adequate to make the injectors budge from their hole. This is a common issue on BMW X5 trucks with the N55 engine. In this case I had to solve the issue by fabricating a custom puller to extract the fused injectors from the cylinder head, without the removal of the cylinder head assembly.

Needless to say we were successful to resolve the issue at hand, and we saved a lot of time and $$$$ for our client.

Custom Made BMW Injector Puller

On the photo is our custom made BMW injector puller, attached to a injector, next to a already extracted BMW’s injector.

BMW Injector Puller

The above 2 examples are just a glance of the actual times we need to use our extensive list of specialty tools during motor work on BMW, MINI, Mercedes or Porsche. At times we need to fabricate one to come around complicated problems.

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BMW repair at home. Should you do it yourself?

The ultimate question is, should you attempt to repair your own BMW? BMW is particularly popular with the young owners modifying them actively.

With the help of YouTube, people think they can tackle literally anything on their beloved car. So why bother taking it to a professional mechanic, right?

Repair your BMW at home. Should you try?

We had recently two actually 3 BMW when their respective owners tried to repair, fix with terrible results.

Owner #1: Young gentleman replaced his BMW’s suspension with fashionable lowering kit. While doing so he decided to replace the corroded steel brake lines and the old flex-lines with braided “race” ready version.

The suspension replacement went relatively well, only the suspension angles and alignment was messed up.  But YouTube brake line replacement went absolutely terrible, in fact more like terrifying.

BMW Brake Calipers Mounted to the Wrong Side.

Routing it thru control arms and moving components deleting the flex lines permanently to top it off he managed to mount the rear calipers upside down so they will never bleed the air from the system.

BMW Brake calipers are mounted to the wrong side, upside down, so they will never allow to bleed off the air within the hydraulic system. Brake lines are criss crossing and dangling against the fuel filter on the same BMW.

The question is what will leak first fuel or brake fluid? Flexible brake hose cut off and remnants are left in the mounting secure bracket on the same BMW.

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I’m not here to judge anyone’s job or competence, except this car came in with non existent rear brakes, brake fluid was dripping constantly on the floor.  It begs the question:  Why would you endanger your life and the life of others getting into a repair which is way beyond your knowledge and or qualifications?!

Oil Change on a Late Model BMW at Home. Was it Worth it?

The second owner performed an oil change on his own late model BMW.  Doing the process he removed the top of the air box, while doing so he accidentally left the paper rag in the lower part of the air box.

After the restart the engine lost power.  He had it towed to us and we did all the regular system test and kept having low boost and no boost faults from the computer. Naturally we checked wastegate operation and every aspect of related components.  Finally we decided on to see the turbocharger impeller face, with our fiber optic camera system .

Long behold we found a paper rag being sucked in by the turbocharger blocking the impeller entirely. Than we had the job to trying to extract the wrapped up paper rag and try to not to damage the fragile turbocharger impeller in the process.

Suffice to say, we managed to do it, but while the rag has been extracted we still had some paper pieces stuck between the impeller and the casing of the same. Finally we managed to remove all the bits and pieces and all is well at the end.

Culprit found, our labor on oil change is $20.00*, to resolve this issue costed him $240.00. You do the math, was it worth?

BMW Turbocharger in Action

BMW Drive-train Malfunction Message on the Dashboard.

The 3rd owner had a drive-train malfunction message on his BMW dashboard when the vehicle was driven in a spirited manner.  Owner diagnosed it with his hand held OBD 2 scanner.  After the scanning, he decided to replace the low pressure pump, but the problem still reoccurred. Than he decided to replace the high pressure fuel pump as well.

Needless to say the problem still persisted and the amount of money he spent is ludicrous to say at least . All was really required is a proper factory level diagnostics to pin the problem down.  Which actually was only a faulty high pressure sensor, reporting wrong data to the engine computer.

While the owner was busy replacing the high pressure fuel pump, he managed to crack the fuel line to the pump,  therefore it had to be replaced to.  The repair took additional hours, and considerable effort, as it was the low pressure line feeding the high pressure pump, and pretty much wrapped around the engine.

Please note, on BMW, the high pressure pump’s fuel lines must be torqued to the manufacturers specifications or may cause a split flare or a fuel leak onto the hot exhaust system.

Clients try to repair their own BMW.

This is ultimately world wide problem, created by YouTube. Clients try to repair their own BMW without the necessary knowledge base. Doing so at the end they  risk their own life and the life of others, which is wrong in so many ways, is a understatement.

Would you allow someone to perform “brain surgery” without any qualifications, on yourself or your loved ones? You wouldn’t.  Right?

So why is that people think they can just go in tackle anything on their own without any training or knowledge and see how it will turn out to be only by watching YouTube? This is just wrong so many ways .

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Oil change on BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and MiniOil, Lube & Filter Service

Proper Maintenance of European Cars

Ester Core full synthetic motor oils from Motul.

* Our labor on a simple oil change presently on a BMW is $20.00, plus materials (oil, oil filter,  air filter cabin filter and what ever else needed to be replaced). This price is a subject to change at anytime with out any given notice!


BMW & Mercedes Benz Preventative Maintenance

Timely maintenance is ever more important today than ever before, due to highly complex vehicle architecture in today’s high tech automobiles.

There is a lot of frustration and money can be saved by performing timely proper maintenance. Being many occasion model, or engine specific before bigger issues develop as the result of disservice or neglect.

Late Model Diesel Mercedes

Most late model modern diesels should have a regular carbon cleaning. Therefore at later stage, extensive scrub and clean procedure performed to keep everything working in optimal performance. However have over two decades of proven record of keeping this cars work for long periods after purchase.

Remember it’s your investment, if you shrug it off it will cost more to correct later.

BMW 335D Diesel

Here are some photos to the point ML350 CDI with massive injector leaks and the BMW 335D diesel badly clogged up due to lack of maintenance.

Also carboned up BMW N54 engine due to lack of cleaning of the intake tracts. It is a known issue with them, now the turbochargers taken a beating as they tried to push a lot harder for a very long time.

Lack of maintenance on ML350 CDI & BMW 335D

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The McLaren 720S

Last but not least even exotic cars are not exempt. The McLaren 720S down bellow almost blew its rear tire at 22 thousand kilometers. It needed a new set of tires, alignment, brake maintenance and service.

BMW & Mercedes Preventative Maintenance

I have to note it, all of the above problems would not happen if we checked those cars (preventative maintenance).

If you do not maintain your automobile, the problems will add up eventually and the cost of repairs will increase substantially, after all it’s your car.

Remember your life is at stake, not just your money.

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BMW – Mercedes-Benz & Porsche Specialist

The real BMW -Mercedes-Benz and Porsche specialist. How can you tell, really? The number one thing is a real specialist will have only their specialty cars on their lot and in the shop (not a mix and match of vans and trucks and or domestic makes and models) are waiting to be looked after or repaired.

Furthermore any specialist will have relevant vehicle specific software, preferably from the manufacturer of the vehicle to be able to code program the myriad of on board computers and control modules on a modern late model German high tech automobile.

BMW the Ultimate Driving MachineWe are BMW, Mercedes-Benz & Porsche Specialist – Located in Mississauga

The specialist also should have most of their employees training clearly visible to the clients as part of their credentials to prove their qualifications to work on those particular automobiles. Any specialty shop should have their senior techs with decades of experience on the field which is invaluable as to know the common issues of the many different models on the specific makes of their cars.

Last but not least any real specialist shop will have no more than 3 makes as their specialty, as the demand on software and specialty tools increased in the last decade or so, so did the amount of money invested in the relevant tools and training to keep up wit the ever increasing technological advances in today’s modern but rather complex sophisticated automobiles.

As most specialty shops will tell you to  have access to factory and or manufacturer endorsed training and access to the manufacturers own websites is an out most importance second to only to a real seasoned specialty shop technician which  should be familiar to use the manufacturers own model designations and short forms as they should have the model and make specific subscription available at all times to their advantage for a proper diagnosis on today’s highly automated computerized automobiles.

We hope this helps you to choose the right shop for your fine German automobile. We at Techmax wish you safe driving and trouble free motoring at all times. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for reading.

Bosch ServiceBosch Service in Mississauga

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Our preventative service program for BMW, Mercedes-Benz & Porsche

German import car’s alignment diagnostic

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2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe Full Test Video

2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe Full Test Video. I can add only one more thing to the above video review.

The BMW M’s are build for performance… If I you want a comfortable every day driver you should buy a regular 3 series.

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