Winter tire time is coming soon

Welcome to fall again.

As always and somewhat predictably, as this year again we have the fall in full swing, meaning the temperatures drop. With it naturally road temperatures and tire  temperatures drop, together reducing the  traction available for braking or turning.

When is the time right to install winter tires?

Yokohama winter tire

The magic number is 7 degrees of Celsius. The so called “all season” and all performance tires will become brittle as their compound will partially become nearly hard as solid plastic.

Tire friction requires warm road surface or pliable tire surface to generate any meaningful friction to slow down a moving vehicle at all times.  Since the road temperature is given and cannot be influenced by the driver than we got no choice but choose the softest tire for the job, which are the winter tires.

Winter tires  formulated to stay soft and pliable in extreme cold temperatures.

What we have learned is, winter tires are not only meant for snow or ice but for cold weather driving,  which what they are really engineered for ultimately.

Maximum traction requires the best weather specific rubber to be put to the road for ultimate safety and optimal vehicle performance .

BMW M3 winter tire rim package

Winter Tire and Alloy Wheel Package on  BMW M3

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BMW M3 winter tire rim package

BMW N20 timing chain and oil pump chain issues

Why does early timing  chain stretching happen?

There are multiple factors contributing to this problem, not withstanding the 8 speed automatic transmission is one of the factors in my opinion. North American drivers prefer their cars to be automatic, in this case, the automatic is more economical, than the standard version which is preferred by the Europeans.

You may ask; Why is there a problem with the 8 speed automatic? The problem occurs with our driving habits and the programming of the automatic transmission. In normal ECO mode (the default mode) it will shift up quickly and efficiently to the highest possible gear to keep the fuel consumption at minimum, hence called the ECO mode.

N20 4 cylinder BMW engine 4 Cylinder BMW  N20 Engine

The quick up-shifting in daily driving will keep the engine’s rpm very low, which will cause the 4 cylinder engine to oscillate a lot more than would have been, if it driven on the autobahn at high rpm, where there are no oscillations are really present.

Naturally the chains, the guides are fairly weak design to make them light as possible. Our stop and go driving at low engine loads paired with an efficient automatic exacerbates the problem. Furthermore the extended oil changes also does not help to keep the whole thing properly lubricated for long life.

Needless to say the newer engines and their timing chains has been extensively redesigned to counter this common and often fatal problem.

In any case, if the chain makes noise it must be addressed immediately. All the components has to be replaced. For replacement, only an improved version available from the manufacturer. The replacement components must include the oil pump drive assembly as well, according to BMW repair instructions, also a revised, improved component.

There are multiple special tools required and attention to detail is essential to complete this rather delicate repair procedure properly and permanently.

 BMW timing chain guard
You can see on the above photo a broken timing chain guard and a clogged oil pump pick up, which could be fatal to the engine.

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BMW N63 coolant leak

Most BMW 550, 650, 750 i engines did or will develop a common coolant leak which perhaps resembles a funny slightly stinky smell in the cabin, in turn could escalate to an electrical burning smell over time.

The burning electrical smell could be your alternator being damaged by coolant leaking into it.

Always check inspect the turbocharger cooling lines passing right above the alternator or you will be replacing the lines – hoses and plus the alternator as well, at the same time.

This is not an easy job, due to the dual turbo arrangement in the middle of the engine block V configuration.

Performing a pressure test after repairs is essential due to system complexity.  Both after run electrical pumps should be also tested to prevent turbo charger premature early failure.

There are additional lines under the alternator which should be also inspected with a fiber optic camera to ensure system reliability and performance in the long term.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, judge it by yourself.

Click on the image to  view  bigger.


European import cars’ cooling system service.

My car’s engine burns a lot of oil. Why?

A car engine that burns oil not only wastes oil, but can damage spark plugs, which will end up in ignition system problem (engine misfire). Sooner or later it  will affect the catalytic converter.  Oil burning can and will also cause higher emissions, resulting in failed emissions tests due to excess hydrocarbon production.

All cars consume oil, at different rates depending on the engine model, driving patterns, engine load, maintenance history, age of the engine, driven km, motor oil quality, etc.

But excessive engine oil consumption should be taken seriously. If you know your car engine burns too much oil,  get the problem diagnosed, before it cause some serious and costly damage.

On occasion could be a simple fix to the problem perhaps a damaged, aged gasket. However there are a few things you should know as follows.

The modern engines of late went thru some serious diet to increase horsepower and to reduce fuel consumption.

The law of physics has not changed, skinny piston rings and valve stems has one thing in common they reduce friction and fail to seal properly in the internal combustion engines of late.

Take a look at to the next photos, to see the differences. Click on the thumbnail to view bigger images.

Today most of the engines are turbo charged for efficiency reasons, in particular to reduce pumping losses. Turbo charging will increase the thermal heat load on the internal components. Once you got thin parts with double the heat exerted on them, equates to baked valve seals, clogged oil scraping rings with clogged piston oil drain holes.

The efficiency war on the internal combustion engines has produced some remarkable output at the expense of engine life and longevity.

For comparison see when I started working as a mechanic a 1.5 liter engine produced 74 horsepower on average. Today they can make as much as 230 horsepower in a moderate automobile.

As I said earlier the law of physics has not changed, the internal parts has been reduced to the bare minimum, so efficiency is the new magic word, unfortunately comes at the expense of reliability.

Take a look at to the photos at next and you will see the differences. Click on the thumbnail to view bigger images.

Internal combustion engine valves:

– 15 years ago

– 10 years ago

– and today


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Proper maintenance,  oil change in timely manner, with good quality approved by the manufacturer motor oil  will extend engine life.

Oil changes with FUCHS German Synthetic Motor Oil

German Oil Filters. Superior Oil Filtration For Increased Engine Protection

Neglected Porsche Boxster

We often talk about poor quality maintenance where most emphasis put on either on price or lack of time, or both at the same time .

Porsche TireWorn Porsche  Tire. Click on the thumbnail for bigger photo.

You can judge it by yourself, this poor Porsche  has been badly neglected has been driven in with bold tires and a completely sucked in distorted poor quality oil filter. Probably the oil was also inferior quality as well.

Note! Brand name tires, include factory installed tire on brand new  Porsche have built in tire wear indicators. They are molded into the bottom of the tread grooves and will appear as approximately 1/2 in. (12 mm) bands when the tire tread depth is down to 1/16 of an in (1.6 mm).

When the indicators appear in two or more adjacent grooves, it is time to replace the tires. We recommend, however, that you do not let the tires wear down to the extent that you can see on the above photo at top left.

Driving a high performance sport car, like a Porsche with worn tires, can result in loss of control of the vehicle and could cause serious personal injuries or death.

colapsed-porsche-oilfilterCollapsed Porsche Oil filter. Click on the thumbnail for bigger photo.

Porsche engineers a magnificent car, engineering excellence is built into every Porsche model, with thousands of finely tuned and intricate parts working in harmony, but they need regular maintenance like most other cars. When you invest in a fine tuned high tech sports car wouldn’t make sense to give it the best care possible, ensuring your initial investment will last years to come reliably?

The answer is clear, give it proper care by providing the best fuel, the best lubricant and German filters. Perform essential services on proven time and distance based by established specialist with the proper know how, as they were designed and intended by the respective manufacturers and engineers.

Cutting corners will result in costly repairs and random brake downs inadvertently at will.

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Tires Care

Every tire tells a story, well this one needs no comment I think. This one has been driven all the way until complete delamination.

destroyed tireDelaminated Tire

Never mind it has been deflated severely, and  it has been completely ignored as the picture shows. Complete carcass failure is the result of zero care of this tire.

overused tiresOverused Tires

Tires are one of the most essential purchases you ever going to make for your car. Choose carefully, price and brand name usually provides an expected quality in most cases, in some instances this theory may not hold that well.

Tire care is essential if you don’t want to get stranded or towed.

Conventional radial tires are resilient to a point, except if they are under inflated. That will destroy the flexible frame of the tire, which depending on the material, perhaps made from nylon or steel or high performance applications Kevlar or any combination of the above.

Run flat tires are less prone to sudden tire failure due to stiffer sidewall construction, this is why more and more manufacturers choosing them on modern late model high end automobiles.

Never rely on visual inflation check on run flat tires, since they will not reveal if they are under inflated as usually clearly visible on conventional radial tires.

Tires should be regularly inspected and inflated cared for especially before and during the summer as heat generated by the tires friction with the hot road surface will highlight any flaws in the short term.

We recommend the best product in our experience for your fine automobile based on decades of experience and know how.

yokohama parada

The above Yokohama Parada tire next to an entry level “budget”  tire are the same in size, same width by the numbers, but as you can see they are not the same. Which tire give you more rubber for your money? Take a look at to the above photo and you decide.

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How often should you replace your car’s tire?

Brand name tires comparison

SL65 AMG Mercedes Engine Mount

There are many things could go wrong on a high performance automobile.

SL65 AMG MercedesClick on the image to view bigger photo.

Here is a perfect example of a Mercedes SL65 AMG broken engine mount, which is quiet common on this vehicle due to the powerful engine and the compact size of the engine mounts.

The driver side mount has been broken into two pieces, became two halves as the twin turbo V12 engine tore it into two under load .

These mounts are hydraulic fluid filled when new and will fail predictably after 5 years of driving.

Worth to note! They also collapse as they are being compressed by the large engine sitting on them for 24/7.

Driving or owning a high performance Mercedes and or any other high performance  car, has its cost associated with it.  This is one of them and needles to say it’s very important to have this fine pieces of engineering being inspected and maintained by qualified senior technicians regularly.

Knowing what to look for on this special build cars is half of the battle as decades of experience working on this cars reveals the known issues with them.

This is ever more important to find a real specialist where the decades of expertise will pay off instantly.

SL65-AMG Mercedes engine mountAnother view of broken SL65 AMG Mercedes engine mount  at left .Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo.

This is a perfect example of issues caught in time before the monster engine would tore into pricey components and in turn perhaps destroy the hood and everything in it’s way in the engine bay if driven spiritedly.

We also replaced the active body control hydraulic lines as well at the same time and naturally performed a 4 wheel alignment when all has been put back together.

Let’s not forget, the 2 front ABC struts has been renewed, the ABC filter and fluid has been refreshed, so it will be ready for the oncoming driving season.

SL65 AMG Mercedes Broken and Not Yet Broken Engine MountsSL65AMGMercedes broken engine mount

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Engine Work on Porsche Carrera

The Achilles heel of the 911-996 engine in this case a Carrera work in progress.

How do you know if your Porsche needs an IMS bearing replacement?

When you hear weird noises on a 996 engine it may be the dreaded IMS bearing, which supports the intermediate shaft on the flywheel end of the motor, (IMS stands for intermediate shaft ). The noise is perhaps letting you know, the bearing should be replaced.

This is the right way to do it, placed on the engine table, all easily accessible kept tidy and clean to achieve the best results.

Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo.

Naturally  installed bearing is the new LN engineering, improved dual row ceramic bearing, which should be a lot more reliable than the original bearing from the manufacturer.

This could be a life saving procedure for this engine as the bearing is in a difficult place and hard to get access to. Following the proper procedure is essential to have the bearing last for years to come.

Porsche 911Carrera
911 Porsche Carrera


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Mercedes ML-GL-R Corroded Sensor

If you own a late model Mercedes ML-GL-R class, side detection warning malfunction might happen as a result of prematurely corroded sensors.

Random warnings going off and having a “ghost”in your Mercedes. You may have this sensors severely corroded, and the corroded sensor can cause all sorts of electrical issues.

For example random no start issue, this could be your car actual problem. The corroded sensors clearly visible on the photos at next.  The sensors are literally rotten away. Hard to believe these sensors are only 2 years old.

Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photos.

I don’t think we need to say more, salt and salt brine will cause havoc with this radar sensors.  It’s clearly a design flaw.

Perhaps plenty of car washes will help in the winter to reduce the radar sensors to be corroded prematurely.

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Pine Cone BMW 3 Series

pine cone BMW

A BMW 3 series became the home of the squirrels’ food stash, for one it is a fire hazard 2 it may destroy the belt and perhaps could cause permanent engine damage if not caught early enough .

Sometime it is worth to not to take our cars for granted and open the hood and take a quick peak under just to see if all is well.

The owner of this vehicle had no idea that he’s beloved BMW became a food stash for the local squirrels. We had to lower the lower engine cover to remove about half a bucket of pine cones. Lucky the little guy wasn’t there anymore.

more pine cones

As you can see, there was more pine cones also under the intake manifold. After there were no more room at the front of the engine, this little squirrel kept on going and stored more pine cones under the manifold.  Piling them away wherever there was any void, in this case under the intake manifold.

Once again, its worth to open the hood every now and then and take a look at under it, just to see if all is well.

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Attila Jasszai
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How can you prevent  squirrels not to move into your car’s engine bay?  Tips and tricks from Toronto Wildlife Center.