BMW Alignment

Hoffmann (German) Computerized 3D Alignment Machine

You can’t do a proper alignment on a state of the art automobile without a state of the art alignment machine. Our choice in equipment is the Hoffman 3D imaging alignment machine.

Hoffman alignment machineHoffman 3D Alignment Machine

We have just invested in a new German ( Hoffmann) top of the line scissor lift and the best alignment machine with the dual auto tracking camera system equipped wheel aligner.

Worth to note: As you can see on the photos the Hoffman 3D imaging alignment machine clamps on the tire not on the rim, preventing any rim or paint damage on the rim.

Also we balance our customer’s wheels on a Hoffman laser wheel balancer. This German made wheel balancer measures the wheel and tire with a laser beam, and calculates the weights needed for a smooth ride.

Our Hoffman laser wheel  balancer also detects any rim and tire damage, if there is any.

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