Service, Repair Hybrid Vehicles

Service, repair hybrid vehicles requires a certain specific knowledge and many precautions due to high voltage in this case 380v electrical system.

The bright orange colored wires represent the “high voltage” circuit. Which upon repair must be treated with extreme caution, to prevent electrocution of the technician.

Hybrid’s High Voltage Electrical System

The factory repair procedure must be followed. The on board battery pack must be disconnected, to disable the high voltage electrical system while there is work performed on the vehicle within.

Orange Colored High Voltage Hybrid’s Cable

hybrid high voltage cable

There are many additional precautions must be followed. For instance in case of an oil change the engine can start suddenly while the vehicle is being serviced if the gas pedal is touched or the 12v system charge level is too low. Therefore the vehicles key must be removed and stored at a considerable distance away to prevent an engine start while the vehicle is being serviced.

Hybrid Vehicles’ Electronic Engine Management System

We have heard horror stories, where unqualified service personnel drained the oil from the engine. While they were doing so, they realized they didn’t have the appropriate filter. They were also blasting away the music at high volume enjoying the high quality stereo system. Until to the point where the 12v system dropped to a low level and the electronic engine management system fired up started the engine to have the 12v battery replenished.

Needless to say their oversight cost a complete internal combustion engine failure.

Technicians Must Be Properly Trained To Service & Repair Hybrids

Hybrid vehicles are special.  The hybrid technician must be trained and educated with specialized training from qualified sources. Having the right tools and safety equipment  is essential to service and repair hybrid vehicles specifically. It is a must, not an option.

BMW 330 E Machine Repair

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