Pagani Huayra Super car

The Pagani Huayra is a hand made Italian, super car. It cost a little more than 1 million Euro dollar, however I believe this car is more than a car, it is a piece of art…

If you would like to know what kind of car you can buy for 1 million Euro dollar, please watch the next video.

The video is a 45 minutes long HD video. If you would like to watch a shorter Pagani Huayra video, please visit our Pagani Huayra web page.

The Huayra’s Chassis

The Huayra uses a carbotanium monocoque (carbon fiber) construction.  The advanced composite materials used in the Huayra were first employed in the Zonda R.

The car features gull wing doors. The fuel tank, made of ballistic components, is positioned behind the driver. All parts of all Pagani cars are made by hand, and the cars assembled  by hand.

Pagani Huayra


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