No charge spring inspection with oil change

Long and hard Canadian winter takes toll on our vehicles. Spring is one of the best times for car maintenance, spring maintenance is crucial to vehicle safety and longevity. At first we change your tires  over to summer, or all season tires, but there are many more things that should be done on your car, before you start putting your spring road trip plans into action.

BMW Maintenance& Oil Change

Perhaps an oil change? Which takes us to some parts of the car should be closely inspected for possible degradation or component failure.

Look at the photos down below, worn joints, broken springs,  which could have catastrophic consequences. We often see coil springs break suddenly, without warning puncturing or damaging tires at best, causing a collision at worst.

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Damaged Suspension Parts

We also seen driveshaft joint failures which could cause all sorts of problems, notwithstanding damaging engines or transmissions when they detach themselves and hitting components around them.

Coil springs always should be replaced in a matching pairs to keep the vehicle in level.

We provide a complimentary inspection at no charge with any oil change for your convenience.

Tire Service

What we check?  Suspension system, break system – rotors, cylinders,  brake lines. Tire’s pressure and condition. Your car fluids level, the wiper blades, electrical system (lighting, and charging system) and we lubricate your car’s chassis parts.

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Brake fluid Flash. When is brake fluid flush recommended?

Tire Service

Seasonal Car Maintenance – Spring Service

Spring service is the time to get ready, gear up for more travel and longer drives to your favorite destination wherever that may take you on your journey.

Most spring service consists of changing of your tires from winter to summer and while we are at it inspect your brakes and the suspension as well. Suffice to say we do the general check up at every oil change or required service intervals to keep your car and your family safe on the road. Frequently Asked Questions About Motor Oils

Hoffmann Alignment MachineHoffmann Alignment Machine

This in fact one of the most important benefit of having your car cared for by someone whom has a relationship build with over time which in turn beneficial to both parties, as it should be in any business.

We will do inspect common trouble areas as every make and model has their own pattern issues which could be only achieved by a specialist whom concentrates on a few manufacturer solely.


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Information and the key features of our services and programs. Type of service that we offer, specializing on fine European cars.

Air condition service for European import  cars.

Spring Maintenance on Your European Import Car

Spring has arrived, and the hot weather is finally here. But because the winter is over, you should not lose you your cool…

The warm weather can place extra burden on your BMW‘s or Mercedes Benz coolant system. In fact hot weather can effect any car’s coolant system…

Rather than get overheated and stranded on the side of the road this summer, you’re best to perform a coolant system flush.

We can perform this preventative maintenance on your European Import Car to ensure piece of mind all summer long. We can check your car’s air condition system too, at the same time, to make sure the cockpit will be cool when our hot Canadian summer day arrives.



Cooling System Service

Presumer Car Check Up

Air Conditioning Service

To prevent breakdown and keep you on the road safely, we use Midtronincs GR8-1200 Electrical System Tester – Analyzer to check, test your automobile electrical system, include your car batteries too.

Original or High Performance BOSCH Batteries for Your Fine BMW – Mercedes – Porsche!


After this long winter, a through inspection of your high end European vehicle is the samart thing to do.

For example:

  •  Under bodyinspection
  • Visual brake inspection
  • Tires rotacion
  • Inspection of tires for tread, depth, inflation, and ear patterns
  • Battery load test
  • Inspect cabin’s air filter
  • Lubricate door’s hinges

And of course there are few more things…

We look forward to seeing you and to servicing all you European Import Automotive needs.

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