The CV2 Citroën engine next to a BMW

The CV2 Citroën engine

The CV2 Citroën engine

There is  Citroën engine bay’s photo at above with an engine in.  There is late model BMW engine’s photo bellow, one and the two are a world apart.

The Citroën and the  BMW could not be further apart from each other. The most basic transportation in the CV2 Citroën (nick named as Duck) to a highly sophisticated computerized rocket ship from BMW.

In 1976 I started with the CV2, a little air cooled most basic car which you could fix with some farm tools.

Late model turbo N63 BMW engine

Today my world is the BMW with dual engine computers and about 60 other computers for myriad functions, sophistication and high level of automation with multiple networks.

Welcome to my world….

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We can give your BMW engine more power with BMW performance air intake

You can give your BMW engine more power if you give it more what it needs.

The engine of your BMW is eager to unleash its full power, but it can only do so if you give it enough room to breath.

In other simple English words, your BMW engine needs air, as highly compressed, as steady rate as possible. That way all the cylinders will be evenly  filled, and so your BMW engine will be able to produce more power and more torque.

BMW race carBMW Race Car – Based on a 2009 BMW M3

The BMW performance air intake system ensures that every engine is always provided with the optimum of air. Special air pipes, performance air filters make possible high throughput and minimize pressure lass. This creates a throaty intake note, which can be enjoyed inside the cockpit,  enriching the sports car experience of driving your BMW.

The sound of the engine will be magnificent and the power will be unresistant.  Your BMW can take off at any moment. Which moment? You can control it with your right leg…

The section of the air intake cover is made of high tech carbon, and carries the BMW Performance lettering.

It hides under the hood, but the message it sends out could not be cleaner.

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Overheated BMW Engine

BMW heating system

BMW owners, please note your car modern Alloy engines will not tolerate severe overheat.  Due to the strength of Alloy, it will get tempered (destroyed) by overheating.

Aluminum is a light metal, with low melting point. Aluminum’s melting point  is half of the  cast Cast Iron’s meting point, which is beyond 1200 Celsius.

Older cast iron engines did tolerate overheating better.

In the event of overheating do yourself a favor and don’t try to drive your car home or to your favorite mechanic shop or you might need a new engine on arrival.

Our advice is, turn engine  off  and get a tow truck. As much as it is inconvenient, towing   is still  your best and less expensive alternative.