Mercedes Benz S450 4matic Differential Repair

Well maintained Mercedes Benz S450 4matic destroyed it’s own differential. The silly lifetime fill of any gearbox, differential and transfer cases has its consequences.

Please let me explain. You can see in the photo down below, a completely destroyed front differential on a well maintained Mercedes Benz S450 4matic. The differential literally locked up and cracked the differential assembly in 3 places.

Mercedes Benz Differential Repair

Mercedes Benz S450 4matic Differential

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According to the client while driving the front wheels locked up momentarily. I assume that was the point when the case cracked from the gears locked up and the vehicle’s momentum made it get to that point.  This vehicle destroyed it’s own differential because of a minor axle seal leak,  which if caught in time could be resolved with some effort.

Please keep one thing in mind: The front differential is a sealed unit with a lifetime fill supposedly.  This would be just fine until all the gear oil leaked out and the gears ate themselves. Unfortunately this differential is so tucked away, the manufacturer deleted the fill and drain plug entirely. This could be still overcome by removing one axle shaft and sucking the oil out and refilling it from the same way, just saying.  We find a lot of similar issues with transfer cases as well.

Late model BMW

For instance, late model BMW has no drain hole for the transfer case assembly nor the differentials. Therefore it takes some extra effort to suck the old tired fluid out and refill them the same way, but there is a will there’s a way.

Let’s face it, there is no fluid and no lubricant meant to last forever. Do yourself a favor and get your vehicle serviced every one hundred thousand  kilometers at least, so it can last for decades without developing a lack of lubrication related problems.

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