Get Your BMW and Mercedes Benz Winter Ready

Winter is a tad early this year, the common sense dictates that to have your car meticulously prepared for the harsh climate.

Number one is check your battery state of charge and age, anything older than 5 years is on borrowed time for a standard lead acid battery. For the best results we prefer genuine quality batteries from BMW and Mercedes Benz. Nothing is more annoying when your car won’t start due to cheap lousy quality battery.  Agreed? If your car won’t start when needed no other preparation would mean anything.

To prevent breakdown and keep you on the road safely, we use Midtronincs GR8-1200 Electrical System Tester – Analyzer to check, test your battery and your automobile electrical system. Read more about battery testing…

Tires would be the next item on the check list, preferably winter tires for the season. Just like you use the appropriate foot wear, same goes for your car. I assume you don’t wear flip-flops in the winter. Correct? Worn tires regardless of season are useless when the going gets tough.

The next item should be wiper blades, light bulbs for safety’s sake. Remember, you get out of your ride, what you put into it, just make sense.

Naturally any cooling system issues will have negative consequences as the interior heat is heavily dependent on proper system operations, same goes for the blower motor. If your blower motor makes funny noises chirping and so forth, now is the time to replace it, not when it failed completely and you can’t see out on your iced and fogged up windshield.

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Mini Cooper pre winter check

Before you dive into winter driving, you should have your car checked by a professional so you don’t get stranded on the road.

One of the most common parts to deteriorate on the Mini Cooper are the engine mounts. The rubber that is contained within the mounts becomes brittle, and brakes.  A broken engine mount will  cause a lot of problems.

As the pictures can attest to it the top engine mount looks intact, the one below is broken in pieces; they are from a Mercedes-Benz.

Click on the  image to view in bigger.

Mini Cooper repair

The broken fallen apart pulley is from a Mini Cooper S JCW which caused multiple drive ability issues, owner thought the supercharger is seized, lucky it wasn’t.


Off the track, Cooper created the possibility of a vehicle meant for the road, but with the heart of a race car.  This came together in a Mini Cooper S Hatchback Continue Reading…

BMW N20 engine failure

Here is a perfect example of a BMW N20 engine failure because of the lack of maintenance.

You can see on the third image, a bunch of granulated pieces and metal shavings, which resulted in a broken timing chain guides and chain failure. If you want to prevent this from happening, change your oil at minimum once a year or ten thousand kilometers.

Also try to forget about the ECO mode put your gear selector into sport mode and leave it in there.

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BMW Timing Chain Replacement

BMW Timing Chain Replacement

Timing chain replacement for a 2013 BMW 550xi due to broken chain guides and jumped timing chain which resulted in an undriveable vehicle.

Engine work on 2013 BMW 550xi

We received this beauty from the local dealer where at the owner has been told, to properly diagnose the problem at hand, will cost him 3500.00 dollars. Which is somewhat understandable since to achieve anything on this N63 engine, it must be removed to gain access to the vital components. It’s worth to note, this vehicle had only 78 thousand kilometers in. The question is; Why this happened? The answer is actually two fold.  The number one issue is, it has been driven ultra short distances, from home to work and back, 8 km either way.

The second issue has been, this particular chain design is an early version of a toothed chain design, which was unproven at the time.

Ladies and gentlemen this engine was built for autobahn speed, where it gets a work out, this modern high tech engines designed and build for a certain purpose, that’s the way they should be driven.

Low tension, low friction piston rings will allow more blow by especially with a cold engine, condensed water will be collected in the motor oil and will have no chance to boil off. Consequently, will damage the internal components.

Naturally we have done a lot of additional repairs on this car, like cleaned the intake valves and replace all the components with new revised versions.

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BMW 550xi’s Timing Chain Replacement

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Porsche Repairs

Porsche repairs are on, which means the summer has arrived, finally.

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Work on Porsche

The  iconic Porsche 911 and derivatives are a sport car enthusiast dream car. Porsche is a masterpiece of engineering,  Porsche engineers  had the idea to have the engine at the rear of the car which as well-known it was derived from the beetle originally.

Porsche Repair At Techmax

Naturally it has been thru some major changes from air cooled 4 than 6 cylinders than later water cooled and 4 wheel drive iterations eventually evolved into a very focused race bread machine.

Thru to its original principles, the engine is still flat 6 and resides in the back of the car, under the belt line to keep the center of gravity low for the best possible handling.  The design principles have some negative effects in particular the access to many of the components are fairly restricted, naturally they thought about this so it’s build such as it is part of the design process for relatively easy removal if needed.

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Professional Air Condition System Cleaning

Import car’s a/c system cleaning and treatment with Liqui Moly‘s  re-conditioner and deodorizer.

We also recommend the replacement cabin filter to be done at the same time with the most effective cabin filter available on the market today, direct from Germany, it’s called the ferrocious + charcoal laced most potent cabin filtration on the world, designed and developed by Mann and Hummel the inventor of the original filtration system specialist.

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It’s an innovative 3 layers design for 100 percent filtration. Peoples with asthma, pollen,  and or mold allergies will appreciate the best most effective cleanest filtration available today.

Mann Filter designed a bio functional cabin air filtration system which is a world first. First layer is a particle trap, next layer is a premium activated carbon filter which removes unpleasant odors, exhaust fumes like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The final layer is a biofunctional layer which contains polyphenol and an anti microbial coating which kills bacteria and mold.

Professional Air Condition System Cleaning

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Brand Name Tires Size

I need to vent on this one, yesterday while we were doing an alignment I have noticed the rear tires on a M3, down below looks super skinny.

What gives?

I decided to take a measuring tape to the face of a bunch of tires surfaces area.  I have taken measurements on the 5 brands pictured in here, Michelin, Pirelli,  Bridgestone, Continental and Yokohama. You be the judge to see how much you, the client getting cheated by the big fancy (profitable?) tire companies.

The Michelin on the M3 barely passed the 210 millimeters, should be 265 mm. We were doing a very late X5 with the usual staggered fitment rear ones should be on that Pirelli  315 mm. Look at the tape measure barely shows 255 mm. I get upset at this, someone is cheating in here big rubber is doing some funny business.

This is like you order a pound of cold cuts at your grocery store, and they give you 300 grams, what a heck? How many of your tire people will know which tire will give you the widest patch, especially at the chain retail.

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We have compared several brand name tires, by size, with photos next to each other. Tire sizes diameters and widths are different, you need to be careful with your selection as you can see it above.

Visit our brand name tire comparison web page and make your informed decision. We already made ours.

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High performance cars – high performance brakes

When, you have a performance car you must have performance brake. Like the first photo from down below. Bentley Continental GT, the front rotors and pads slightly over 3400.00 +installation +tax.

W12 twin turbo 6.2 liter with over 2.5 tonnes at speed needs some serious braking performance to bring to a stop. When you tell us to give you a break, we will literally. Ditto for the second picture, its 2016 BMW M///-X5 monster sized brakes.

We also had a classic Porsche 993 calipers re-manufactured and the entire system replaced with new rotors and pads to make it last for decades to come. We have waited 3 months to have this Porsche’s calipers professionally re-manufactured. I have to note it:  We have been looking after this Porsche a decade and a half, thru  2 owners.

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Mercedes-Benz on worn tires

Tires, as I always said, are one of the most important purchases a car owner can make.

Regular professional service is imperative, so we can keep an eye on your vehicles condition. We provide this at no additional charge to our customers as an appreciation for the business on all the cars we maintain and service.

For instance in this case, we have not seen this Mercedes-Benz for forty thousand kilometers.  We performed a regular maintenance on the vehicle, and during the  complementary check up found both front tires are completely broken, sort of falling apart.  Virtually we just saved her life in this particular case.

Take a look at the next photo, I am sure you will agree with me.

worn tire on Benz

Your vehicle is a very complex machine shrugging off regular check ups is dangerous and negligent at best. Regular timely maintenance is vital to your cars life and proper performance after it’s your investment in both ways.

BMW alloy wheel
New alloy wheel, performance tire package installed on this BMW.

We offer wide selection off brand name, original and or replica Alloy Wheels for your European import car.

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Replica Wheels and Tires for BMW & Mercedes

Ultra Luxury Import Car Repairs

Ultra luxury cars are expensive and tedious to upkeep, new shoes (brakes) will cost $3480.00 just in parts + installation for this Bentley.

Bentley Repair

We had an S63 AMG which required new brakes all around each rotor was $1850.00 × 4 + brake pads + installation.

I’m sure you can do the math.

brake repair on Bentley

Ditto for some mechanical repairs. They can cost considerable money like this R8 – V8 with severe smoking,  where we could not see behind the vehicle.

The repair required the removal of many parts, just to gain access to the faulty components. These cars are a marvel of engineering, except they come at a cost, which should be considered at the time or before the purchase.

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