Audi R8 Spyder O ring leak

Today’s project is a late model Audi R8 Spyder.

Audi R8 Spyder2011 Audi R8 Spyder

Powerful? Yes. Exquisite? Yes. Expensive? You bet!

This beauty has an o ring leak by the oil pump drive.

This is what you need to do to solve a silly o ring leak. Keep in mind this is a dry sump lubrication system, very  complex naturally.

Audi R8 Spider O ring

To top it off both intake manifold actuators are broken as well, which is unrelated at this point, albeit it gets fixed at the same time.

When an exotic car cost over a quarter million Canadian dollar to buy, what do you think it’s going to cost to keep it running and purring along?

Common sense says she will be expensive to upkeep, you bet!

 R8 Spyder Oring leak

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2015 Porsche Macan S

2015 Porsche Macan S

Motor oil filter failure destroyed one of our customer’s  2015 Porsche Macan  S engine. When people going to learn, they get what they pay for? In this case, high end car and a  budget oil filter did not match.

This Porsche Macan  came in with some knocking sound in the engine. The owner had an oil change done  some time ago, at  a well know, big Canadian chain’s car service. I wit-hold the chain name for legal reason.

They installed a Korean made oil filter, it get clogged. You can see the filter on the photos down below.

The clogged oil  filter contributed to restricting the oil flow, in turn destroying the connecting rod bearings. Modern high performance Porsche  engines must have the proper filters, seals gaskets installed or they will self destruct.

Click on the thumbnail to see bigger photos. Use your browser’s back button or the link bellow the bigger picture to return to this page.

Very busy, got no time in the hurry? Daily car rental is 40 bucks or so, Porsche engine replacement is at least 15 to 20 grand, used engine installed.

Do the math and you decide.

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Oil  filtration – oil filters.

How to extract a severely corroded injector on a 2012 X5 E70 with the N55 engine?

Today’s project has been how do extract a severely corroded injector, buried deep in the cylinder head, without damaging the cylinder head and the surrounding areas on a 2012, BMW X5 E70 with the BMW X5 E70?

We pay attention, as it is part of our service package to report, as we did in this case, the importance of the firewall partitions can’t be ignored.

The plastic partitions will break over time from heat degradation and will allow washer fluid, snow,  and rain to flood the top of the engine.  You can clearly see the pink washer fluid residue on the casting cavity around the injector .

A simple injector replacement became a major undertaking as the washer fluid, which is corrosive fused the injector into the cylinder head.

You can compare the broken partitions at front to the new ones in the box, it’s actually made out of 3 pieces.

Click on the thumbnail to see bigger photos. Use your browser’s back button or the link under the picture to return to this page.

This silly looking but rather important components can cost plenty by damaging vital engine components inadvertently. Took me 4 hours to weld and extract the damaged injector tip.

You can compare them on the picture, the way it should look and the welded corroded tip after hours of struggle.

Proper timely maintenance cost less on the long term. Lucky owner the cylinder head didn’t need to be removed and replaced.

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E90 M3 S65 engine connecting rod bearing replacement

We get randomly the inquiries to update or replace the E90 M3 S65 engine connecting rod bearings. What is the issue at hand, clients ask?

Please keep in mind this is one of the best high reving normally aspirated V8 engines ever built, one of my personal all time favorite. We recommend to disect the oil filter after every oil change just like every experienced Porsche technician used to or still does on the early flat six water cooled Porsche engines, looking for small metallic pieces is the key in here.

The S65 engine is a purpose built race prepped engine with a rather high rpm which will take its toll on the top half of the relatively skinny connecting rod bearings over time. This engine in various iterations were used by BMW for 12 years as their motor sport engine of choice for all of their race cars on their factory teams.

We recommend to use only the best 10/60 fully synthetic motor oils like Liqui Moly and supplement it it with the Lm2009 Mos2 additive which is a super fine almost molecular fine graphite substance potentially can help the bottom end bearings to be more resilient over long term.

Here are some pictures to see how the removed bearings look alike if removed, replaced in time.

This particular S65 had a hundred fifty thousand kilometers of spirited driving until this point. Naturally timely oil changes will also help in the long run, it’s rather simply just standard common sense.

I also included a disected oil filter from the same engine. Naturally a pair of sharp eyes are an absolute must to catch this issue at hand and address it in a timely manner.

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Liqui Moly Line Of Lubricants & Additives

BMW N20 4 Cylinder Modern Engine

All light weight, high output four cylinder engines  has some weaknesses which is inevitably showing a learning curve from their respective manufacturers.

The issue at hand is multiple fold, in one hand high output is a trend and a side effect of removing friction and removing mass from inside an internal combustion engine. Even tough many of the most well known manufacturers are building engines over a hundred years plus, worth to say no one is exempt from the occasional flop while they are working hard to try to squeeze the most out of this ever shrinking engines.

N20 4 cylinder BMW engineN20 4 cylinder BMW engine

Here is one example, the BMW N20 4 cylinder engine which has a timing chain issue at hand. Naturally the engine is in typical BMW fashion very innovative except it  is prone to timing chain issues which is related to variable oil pressure.

The problem cause by  the ECO mode on the automatic transmission, which consequently lowers the engine rpm allowing higher crankshaft oscillations at low engine rpm.

We have performed myriad of chain replacements, naturally with the newer genuine revised components. Timing chain replacement on a  BMW N20 4 cylinder engine is a major repair due to the complexity of the proper procedure which must be followed.

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Read more about BMW N20 engine’s timing chain and oil pump chain issues.

Why my brakes sequel on my late model car?

Brake squeal is common issue, can be caused by several condition. For example worn pads, pads and rotors get glazed because of heat, incorrect installation and lately brake pads’ materials.

The most common type of brake pads the composite brake pads, it contains steel wool or fibers, copper fibers, that provide strength and carry heat away from the brake rotors. The downside to composites is they tend to be noisy and abrasive, causing greater wear to the rotors. As composites wear, they produce visible brake dust that sticks to the alloy wheels which then need cleaning more often as the dust accumulates.

Then comes the  ceramic brake pads. Copper fibers replaced steel in ceramic composites, producing a brake pad that reduced friction on the pads and rotors, eliminating the squeal of steel based composites. As ceramic pads wear, they produce a lighter, less visible dust that does not stick to alloy wheels. As a result, drivers find ceramics to be much cleaner. Ceramic pads are longer lasting than steel based composites as the ceramic material wears more evenly. However ceramic brake pads cost more.

Brembo Ceramic Brake System

Brembo brake systemCopper Free Ceramic  Brake Pads

And than comes the environment.

In 2010, the states of California and Washington both enacted legislation that requires brake pads, sold or installed in both states, to have reduced levels of copper and other heavy metals.

The legislation was ratified based on claims from environmental groups and regulators that as brake pads wear down, deposits of copper and other metals are left on roadways and are eventually washed into streams and rivers, thus impacting the environment.

Manufacturers of brake pads are now required to test and register friction materials in their products. They are also required to display compliance information on friction material edge codes and friction material packaging.

As a producer of brake discs, Brembo was called to contribute significantly to the creation of the new regulation, and actively participated in the working group of the Economic Committee for Europe and the United Nations. ECE-R90 Certification for the entire range of Brembo discs and brake drums. Read more about Brembo Brakes

TRW Brake Pads

TRW brake pads TRW brake pads our main replacement brake pads. They needs no break in period, owned by ZF of Germany.

To help consumers understand which of the three levels of compliance a brake pad has reached, compliance level information will be marked on the brake pads. A new set of trademarks ‘the LeafMarks’, (created by the Brake Manufacturers Council) will appear on brake packaging.

There are three different LeafMarks:

A: All formulations met all requirements. Adopted in California January 1, 2014 and Washington in January 1, 2015, friction materials must be below 0.01% Cadmium, 0.1% Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Mercury & Asbestos fibers.

B: All metallics do not contain Copper, ceramic is less than 5% Copper. California and Washington must both be compliant by Jan 1, 2021. Friction materials containing more than 5% by weight Copper are prohibited.

N: All metallics and Copper free ceramics meet this requirement . California to comply by Jan 1, 2025, Washington by Jan 1, 2023. Friction materials containing more than 0.5% by weight Copper is prohibited.

I have to note it: We do not have this kind of legislation in Canada.

However, why would manufacturers produce one kind of brake system for US and different for Canada? It does not make sense, therefore  I believe like many other things in automotive we will silently join in.

Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads

Acebono Brake Pads

 Akebono  Ultra-Premium and Performance brake products are environmentally friendly. Their ultra low dust ceramic brake pads  produce 80 percent less brake dust than composite brake pads.

We provide you with a choice of genuine or alternative brake components which are Made in Germany by TRW /ZF , in Made in Italy by Brembo , or Acebono, originated from Japan. They are certified ECE-R90 quality components for the best possible performance and ultimate in safety, adhere to the low copper requirements under California and Washington restrictions.

Please note, brakes are one serious business! We take pride in providing our customers with the best components in world in everything we do. My philosophy goes like this: If I would not bolt it on my car, I will not bolt it on your car!

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More info on performance brake sets for import cars.


Which part is the most important component of your car?

Tires and brakes are the most important and literally the most neglected component of any automobile.

Why this two most vital components are the most neglected on the majority of the cars around us?

Tires and brakes get the least amount of respect despite they are the most important, the most used and abused components on any car. Tires are all black and round and they all look the same. Sorry nothing could be further from the truth.

Tire carcass the structure the material consisting the way it is woven and the belt and materials chosen with the secret recipe of the compound makes it some really complicated piece of engineering.

BMW i8BMW i8 with Winter Tire on

Look no further than F1 or Le Mans or pretty much any high end motorsport where tire choice will determine of the outcome of any race.  Furthermore without perfectly performing brakes the whole effort is wasted by the entire team.

Braking control and vehicle performance relies on proper traction. Your tires are your only contact between your car and the road so tire choice is the out most importance.

Tire choice should be not decided by on price only it should be guided by a knowledgeable technician an expert in the field wit decades of experience to guide you thru a very important decision with choices based on know how rather than price and or appearance or perhaps by brand recognition only.

Yokohama winter tireProbably you realized too, winter is just around the corner.  The temperature drops and we might get some snow at anytime. This time of the year driving on bald tires has it’s consequences, in most cases sudden, expensive or tragic at worst.

Bald or slick tires belong on a race track only,  please keep in mind race tires are compound specific to maximize traction at all times, which brings us to the point as the current weather in November quite unpredictable we need to optimize traction by installing winter tires.

Winter tires as said above are specific compound to stay soft and pliable in cold temperatures.  The benchmark is 7 Celsius,  at 7 Celsius summer or three season tires will turn into hard rubber like a hockey puck.

Literally any modern winter tire is superior to any 3 season tire commonly called “all season” tires in the late fall and in the winter season. To optimize tire wear and traction, tire pressures should be checked at least once a month and alignment should be checked at least once a year.

Winter tires for European Import Cars

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When do you need summer tires, winter tires or all season tires? Continue reading…

Hydroplaning decrease. Winter tires’ tread pattern has a high drainage level in order to prevent hydroplaning.  Continue reading….

Winter tires are designed to perform better in a wide range of wintry conditions such as wet roads, snow and ice. They also improve your vehicle’s grip and performance in these conditions and they shorten your braking distances for better safety.  Continue reading…

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BMW Classic Cars in the BMW Zentrum Museum, US

The classic BMW Bubble

One of the car is in the museum, the BMW bubble car from 1950’s. It was called the Isetta and that picture is at above in the front of the Isetta coffee in Spartanburg SC. According to the New York Times, that BMW Isetta looks like a refrigerator on wheels, and someone put on a BMW badge. Its a not an average car, that is for sure!

However after World War II, this car was one of Germany’s premiere luxury brands. It may not seem like much today, but it is the car that the saved BMW, and made them possible to produce some of the most engaging motor vehicles of the last 60 years.

In 1955, the BMW bubble car became the world’s first mass production automobile to achieve a fuel consumption of 3 L/100 km. It was the top selling single cylinder car in the world, with 161,728 units sold.

Classic BMW 319 sedan

The other popular and classic BMW was the BMW 319, see at above. It built from 1935 to 1937 in Eisenach, and had a 1.9L, six cylinder in line engine. The 1911 cc produced 45 HP (33kw) at 3750 rpm and had a top speed of 115 km/h.

Body types were available either in Convertible or Touring Limousine style the Convertible has been a modified version of the Limousine automobile.

Classic Cars At Techmax

classic cars at techmax

We are Mississauga’s German import car specialist.  We repair, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and Mini.

As you can see at the above photo, wide selection of BMW owners visit us with their car regularly.

Your BMW is  an older or a newer model, we are able to maintain and repair with our well trained stuff and state of the art equipment.  For example take look at the selection of classic BMW cars at above, while inside is a BMW i8  day.

2018 BMW i8

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BMW Delivery Package in South Carolina, US

I was lucky enough to visit the BMW Performance Center, the BMW Manufacturing Plant, and the BMW museum, during my last  BIMRS BMW group meeting in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. The BMW Performance Center is located  close by in Greer, South Carolina, US.

BIMRS meeting 2018BIMRS annual meeting’s logo, South Carolina, US. 2018 with the participating persons, signatures.

One of the option from the BMW Performance Center is, the BMW Delivery Package. As in Germany, Munich, in Greer, South Carolina too, US, BMW customer and one of their guest can fully experience the BMW culture. Included in the package is a complimentary one night hotel stay (including meals), professional driving instruction in a BMW similar to the one ordered, a tour of both the BMW Zentrum museum and Manufacturing Plant (when available for public tours), and of course a personalized vehicle delivery presentation by a BMW Product Specialist.

Customers can expect nothing but VIP treatment when they opt to take this complimentary trip to the BMW Performance Center.

As you read above, this complimentary free package for new BMW customers includes professional driving instruction in a BMW, similar to the ordered BMW.

This mean in details: Start with a brief classroom session with a professional BMW Driving Instructor, customers will gain access behind the wheel of one of the BMW Performance Center Fleet vehicles that most closely matches the model ordered.

Customers will experience exercises in handling, braking and traction control.

Also if customers taking delivery of an X3 or X5 will have the opportunity to explore the vehicle’s capabilities on the BMW Performance Center’s “Other Roads” course.

The BMW Performance Center is operated by BMW of North America, LLC (BMWNA).

To view bigger photos,  please click on the thumbnails.

For more info contact us or visit the BMW Performance Center‘s  website.


My visit to BMW Welt, BMW World to Munich, Germany