Noelle Performance partnered with Liqui Moly

We at Techmax Auto Repair Inc., as the first and presently the only Noelle Performance Software dealer for BMWs,  in the Mississauga and GTA area, please to announce a technical partnership between LIQUI MOLY Canada and Noelle Performance.

Noelle Performance offers high performance software for BMWs, creating increased performance and demands on the engine that require the best oil, therefore Noelle Performance recommends to use LIQUI MOLY full synthetic motor oil.

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More information on Noelle Performance & LIQUI MOLY’s technical partnership.

BMW & Mercedes Benz Preventative Maintenance

Timely maintenance is ever more important today than ever before, due to highly complex vehicle architecture in today’s high tech automobiles.

There is a lot of frustration and money can be saved by performing timely proper maintenance being many occasion model, or engine specific before bigger issues develop as the result of disservice or neglect.

Most late model modern diesels should have a regular carbon cleaning and at later stage, a extensive scrub and clean procedure performed to keep everything working in optimal performance. We have over two decades of proven record of keeping this cars work for long periods after purchase.

Remember it’s your investment, if you shrug it off it will cost more to correct later.

Here are some photos to the point ML350 CDI with massive injector leaks and the BMW 335D diesel badly clogged up due to lack of maintenance. Also carboned up BMW N54 engine due to lack of cleaning of the intake tracts which is a known issue with them now the turbochargers taken a beating as they tried to push a lot harder for a very long time.

Lack of maintenance on ML350 CDI & BMW 335D

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Last but not least even exotic cars are not exempt. The McLaren 720S down bellow almost blew its rear tire at 22 thousand kilometers. It needed a new set of tires, alignment, brake maintenance and service.

I have to note it, all of the above problems would not happen if we checked those cars (preventative maintenance). If you do not maintain your automobile, the problems will add up eventually and the cost of repairs will increase substantially, after all it’s your car.

Remember your life is at stake, not just your money.

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European Import Car Diagnostics

We often get the question, do we charge for diagnostics?

In short yes we do, but let me explain, at next is 3 perfect examples of modern European car issues which no scanner would ever find out, no matter where it was made or designed .

Case number one is a well maintained BMW X3 with  random misfire, at idle only and only intermittently. We have double checked all the usual culprits like fuel and spark management the only thing left out is air management.

The air gets in when the valve opens. There has been no misfire at cold start only, as the engine started to slow down after cold start, the misfire would return. This N52 BMW engine is operated by valvetronic system which starts with a maximum lift of 8.5 mm of all the valves to aid in starting and then will reduce the valve lift to a single valve only to 0.3 mm .

Knowing how the system works is job#1 , after shutting down the engine it goes into maximum lift so when we disconnected the hall sensor for the valvetronic she reverts back to regular engine operation by using the throttle body.

Doing that we found, there was a smooth idle in that case which confirmed there is an air management issue at hand. Before going to check the eccentric shaft or rocker we removed the intake manifold to inspect the inlet port and we found a broken flap embedded in the intake port, blocking the air path into #6 cylinder hence the misfire issue at idle only.

The second case was a seized turbo charger pin to the wastegate where the owner got quoted 3 thousand to replace.  It took a little effort and some time to unseize the pin.  We lubed it, tested it, passed the test and 3 thousand dollars is saved by checking the wastegate operation.

Case #3; The Lamborghini  Aventador at above, wouldn’t start.  Started with a low voltage issue which prompted a battery replacement.  After all it was caused by the hydraulic pump which issue is promptly fixed and car is back on the road. Check our Facebook out for more Lamborghini’s photos.

This 3 examples I brought up, just to show you;  We don’t charge for diagnostics, we charge for knowledge.

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BMW diagnostics

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How can I keep my BMW running well for a long time?

The secret of keeping your car longer than average is in your hands. We often get the question how can I keep my car running well for a long time? Well it’s all about the maintenance and proper care of your vehicle. This apply for  any cars,  not just only for BMW.

We currently own a 2006 325-i with 406876 kms and running just fine. How’s that possible? The secret is regular maintenance and addressing issues before they escalate into an expensive repair.

This particular vehicle belonged to one of our loyal client, he drove it to 330 thousand kilometers without any major repairs, except we have done oil change at every ten thousand kilometers since 60 thousand kilometers onward.  Also serviced the automatic transmission regularly at every hundred thousand kilometer.  She still has it’s original automatic transmission, and its still works well. Naturally we use exclusively German made oils and fluids to keep components well lubricated for decades to come.

The funny part is, the manufacturer BMW never thought she will last this long as the service reminder refused to reset after 350 thousand kilometers.

This 325-i is in our fleet as a daily driver to randomly pick up small parts or supplies from our vendors.

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Oil, lube and filter’s service.

More Noelle Performance Related Information

BMW tuning with Noelle Software

Today’s modern BMWs are anything but simple machines, and part of what makes them such amazing performing vehicles is that complexity. Noelle extracts all of the remaining power safely without the need for additional performance products, which is why upgrading your vehicle with Noelle Performance couldn’t be easier.

Noelle Performance provides programming for the majority of current BMW models with the exception of i3, i8, and Hybrids. Power is maximized while drivability is enhanced without jeopardizing the durability of your vehicle.

We at Techmax Auto Repair Incorporated are your resource for discovering the true potential of your BMW.

Noelle programs the engine and power matches the transmission, electronic
differential, DSC, ABS, and the sport display, however all factory safety parameters stay in place.

Let me explain what we’ll do, if you want this complete performance programming, to unlock your BMW performance.

On the day of your programming, be prepared not to wait as this process is complex and can take several hours.
• The first step is to test drive your vehicle stock and eliminate any preexisting issues.
• Next comes the oil service, programming, and resetting vehicle adaptations.
• The last step is a complete test drive to confirm all systems are working together seamlessly.

Liqui Moly Line of Lubricants

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We are a Canadian Noelle Performance Authorized Dealer.

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The CV2 Citroën engine next to a BMW

The CV2 Citroën engine

The CV2 Citroën engine

There is  Citroën engine bay’s photo at above with an engine in.  There is late model BMW engine’s photo bellow, one and the two are a world apart.

The Citroën and the  BMW could not be further apart from each other. The most basic transportation in the CV2 Citroën (nick named as Duck) to a highly sophisticated computerized rocket ship from BMW.

In 1976 I started with the CV2, a little air cooled most basic car which you could fix with some farm tools.

Late model turbo N63 BMW engine

Today my world is the BMW with dual engine computers and about 60 other computers for myriad functions, sophistication and high level of automation with multiple networks.

Welcome to my world….

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Our Services. Types of services we are offering.

Exotic Sport Cars in Our Shop

Lamborghini being repaired at TechmaxLamborghinis At Techmax Auto Repair Inc .

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Finally spring is here, and exotic sport cars coming out of hibernation, if you ever wondered, yes we do service some of this automotive jewels.

We just recently had an Aventador which had an oil change prior at a quiet substantial price.  According to the client cost him $1300.00 after all said and done unfortunately almost lost his engine as the oil filter has been left loose.

Owner noticed some drips under the car, lucky him being so attentive coming in early, just saved he’s V12 engine. The URUS had it’s first maintenance she is 2019 and sounds just as looks, fantastic.

The Urus is naturally related to Porsche and Audi with an Italian twist and the engine is the new hot V design with reversed cylinder heads and massive turbos in the middle.

The handling and the performance of the Urus is at elevated levels so is the sound true to it’s heritage as every Lamborghini is.

When the “bull ” is on the run you will need serious and special skills to tame it. It’s worth to note on this ultra high performance cars you must increase their maintenance for instance brake fluid flush should be performed every year due to elevated brake temperature if the vehicle is driven as intended.

The same applies for the yearly oil changes and for instance with the Urus one must use 508.00 specific synthetic motor oil as specified by the manufacturer as there is a serious reason for it.

Modern motor oils are engineered specifically to their manufacturers engine. All the special European oil approvals (ACEA ) and the manufacturers approval should be followed closely.  This is no longer is just a simple oil change as it used to be.

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Information and the key features of our services and programs. Type of service that we offer to maintain, repair your European import car. Check it out.

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Exotic Sport Car

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BMW performance upgrade with Noelle Software

As a BMW specialist and enthusiast (my first BMW was an E30 – 325, then a E36 M3 and an E90 M3 for 7 years each), we know BMW cars very well and have advanced knowledge of BMW’s in general.

Naturally we can help you to enhance, optimize your BMW performance in particular M vehicles, as there is a lot of room for improvement. For that reason, we recommend Noelle Performance Software .

We teamed up with a well known German tuner Noelle (Karl Otto Noelle whom used to be an Alpina engine builder). Currently we are the only Canadian Noelle authorized dealer north of the border.

Why did we choose Noelle? The experience and know how is the main reason, furthermore there are no data has been falsified, no add on or dubious parts added, no cutting, splicing, no messing with the factory installation required. It’s only meant to enhance and work together with all the other components, like transmission and active differential and stability control system unlike  most other piggy back add on systems.

When all said and done a late model F90 – M5 will make 850 horsepower and 740 pound feet of torque, literally a 151 horsepower shy of the Bugatti Veyron at a fraction of the cost of the Bugatti. Also you can sit five people in the M5 comfortably, which can’t be said by most other cars in the same league.

The best part, it’s a clean effortless upgrade, and it’s emission legal as well. Noelle is so confident in their software enhancement, they will overwrite the remaining warranty on your BMW as long as you have it maintained on a revised more rigorous maintenance schedule at Techmax Auto Repair Inc. with specific oils and fluids to ensure drive train performance and longevity, even at the revised elevated performance.

How does it work? The software updates the entire vehicle, in a intelligent way by allowing all the components working together to enhance your BMW performance to nearly hyper car level at a reasonable cost.

Let me explain what we’ll do, if you want this complete performance programming, to unlock your BMW performance. Read it at next…

Any questions, how may we help? Give us a call. Telephone: 905.795.0419.

Best regards,

Attila Jaszai
Techmax Auto Repair Inc.
1011 Meyerside Dr. #9
Mississauga, ON, L5T-1K8

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No charge spring inspection with oil change

Long and hard Canadian winter takes toll on our vehicles. Spring is one of the best times for car maintenance, spring maintenance is crucial to vehicle safety and longevity. At first we change your tires  over to summer, or all season tires, but there are many more things that should be done on your car, before you start putting your spring road trip plans into action.

Perhaps an oil change? Which takes us to some parts of the car should be closely inspected for possible degradation or component failure.

Look at the photos down below, worn joints, broken springs,  which could have catastrophic consequences. We often see coil springs break suddenly, without warning puncturing or damaging tires at best, causing a collision at worst.

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Damaged Suspension Parts

We also seen driveshaft joint failures which could cause all sorts of problems, notwithstanding damaging engines or transmissions when they detach themselves and hitting components around them.

Coil springs always should be replaced in a matching pairs to keep the vehicle in level.

We provide a complimentary inspection at no charge with any oil change for your convenience.

What we check?  Suspension system, break system – rotors, cylinders,  brake lines. Your car fluids level, the wiper blades, electrical system (lighting, and charging system) and we lubricate your car’s chassis parts.

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Brake fluid Flash. When is brake fluid flush recommended?

COVID-19 & Your Car Climate Control System

We would like to announce a special climate control service, which may help remove most pathogens, including viruses to prevent an infection.

To do our part we will sanitize, clean your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning (climate control) system by applying a special cleaning agent and installing an extremely efficient cabin air filter, which contains a special anti viral poly-phenol and activated charcoal layers to trap any possible infections from air borne bacteria and volatile organic compounds as well.

High Performance Cabin Air Filter

Please note this particular high performance, specialty cabin filter, at left, is not available from their respective vehicle manufacturers as it is an improved version of the regular cabin filter assemblies.

The two application together will kill all the present contamination and meant to remove all the incoming pollutants bacteria, volatile organic compounds and the exhaust fumes by neutralizing most pathogens to help you breath cleaner air while travelling within your vehicle.

Please inquire within-only by appointment and subject to availability.

climet control service Special climate control service for Benz & BMW to remove most pathogens from the cabin and from the air conditioning system.


Air Conditioning Service for European Import Cars

Our mission is to provide you and your family( our clients ) with a unique health conscience service as your health is our main business and #1 priority, therefore we are still offering:

    • No contact vehicle drop off and pick up if you feel more comfortable to conduct your vehicle service that way.
    • We have a drop box by our front door to the left of the building where you can place your vehicle’s key into an envelope and describe the work you would like us to perform. You will need to put a dollar amount you authorize (with your signature please) to perform, which we can quote you over the phone.
    • We are offering you a convenient, over the phone payment, by credit card.
    • We also can lock your key in the vehicle for no contact pick up, if you have a spare key, if not we can coordinate it with you to make it convenient and touch or contact less if you are concerned.
    • We are disinfecting sanitizing the keys upon pick up and return and all our employees will be wearing disposable protective gloves to keep you and your family safe.
    • Naturally we do sanitize the doors the handles and the waiting area multiple times daily if you decide to come in in person.

Please read our full article about what we do as a car repair shop to flatten COVID – 19’s curve.

Thank you for your business and support. Appreciate your understanding, all the best and stay safe.

Attila Jaszai
President of Techmax Auto Repair Inc.

Telephone: 905.795.0419