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The lost art of repair versus replacing worn components.

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The complaint is on this fine 2008 X3 BMW the excessive differential noise. This is a relatively common occurrence unfortunately because the ball bearings develop a wear pattern from lack of maintenance (BMW lifetime fill). The fine metallic particles will get caught in the ball bearings and will make the bearings noisy.

Replacement Differential  for BMW Cost  Over $3,000

Please keep in mind, this proprietary bearings are not sold separately in North America but they’re available in Europe.  A BMW replacement differential is cost over $3,000, therefore it’s more economical to repair the existing one if only requires new bearings and seals.

Used BMW Differentials

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Used BMW differentials with low mileage are getting rare and a used differential could get noisy exhibiting the same symptom as the existing one.

BMW Differentials Repair

We fortunately found a supplier for BMW differentials replacement repair kit from the original manufacturer from Germany. This way we can reliably repair your existing rear differential assembly.

BMW Differential Assemblies

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We recommend a standard service interval at 50,000 kilometers, actually it’s the same as for the BMW M model’s differentials which makes perfect sense for reliable lifelong service.

I like to point it out most of the BMW differential assemblies has no actual drain plug, ditto for the transfer case, therefore we have to use a suction machine to remove the tired old fluid.

BMW Automatic Transmission Service

We also recommend to service BMW’s transfer case and the automatic transmission at regular one hundred thousand kilometers to ensure component longevity.

The same applies to the front differential assembly, as well in the case of a four wheel drive vehicle.

Proper timely maintenance does pay back, for instance our 2006 BMW 325i has 467,000 kilometers in, under our care since 2009, it speaks volumes about proper timely maintenance.

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