BMW Rear Differential Noise

The differential noise on your BMW is a typical whining noise, from the back of the car which is rather annoying on longer trips.

BMW E90 and BMW E83‘s Differentials

This is a relatively common occurrence on the BMW E90 and BMW E83 platforms. The issue at hand is the rear differentials are kind of a new design by deleting the tapered roller bearings to a multi row ball bearings to reduce frictional losses within the differential assembly.

This is a another angle to try to maximize the efficiency of the entire vehicle. Unfortunately the bearings randomly fail, due to metallic particles build up over time within the oil and having a “lifetime” oil doesn’t help.

There are no parts available to repair this noisy differentials in North America. Fortunately this is not the case in Europe, therefore we started refurbishing this noisy rear differentials by ordering the replacement parts, bearings from Europe.

Original Made in Germany Bearings for your BMW

Somehow the original bearings are not allowed to be sold in North America, BMW makes more money to sell a complete rear differential assembly, which is prohibitively expensive. We naturally do some modifications to ensure the replacement bearings will last much longer than the originals installed by the factory.

BMW differential
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What will happen if you ignore your BMW’s differential noise?

The differential noise is the result of damaged bearings, it’s imperative to replace the damaged final drive bearings or they could cause permanent damage to the internal components.

Please note, a damaged differential may lock up inadvertently causing loss of control essentially. A locked up differential potentially a scary thing, which may cause additional damage to other components, possibly rendering the vehicle stationary unable to move anywhere.

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