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We proudly announce, we are a Canadian Noelle Performance Authorized Dealer, in fact currently the only Canadian facility north of the border. Please allow me to introduce a brief history of Noelle Performance and why you should choose their software, versus the competitions.

Noelle develops the  BMW Engine performance programming in Germany on an Engine Dynamometer for precise software calibration, just like the manufacturer of your vehicle. Once Engine programming is completed, all of the Driveline Systems are synchronized to accommodate the increased power.

Few words about Noelle.

Karl Otto Noelle was an Alpina engine builder over thirty years ago, and he recognized the potential of turbo charging in the past, when mainly normally aspirated combustion engines ruled. Back in 1989 Noelle employed twin turbo charging to extract 360 horsepower from a 3 liter BMW engine from a Alpina B10 E34.

As I said at above, Noelle's High Performance Software has been developed in Germany, and today it is the best in the industry as it integrates all systems together as intended by the manufacturer to work like a fine tuned orchestra. Clearly Mr. Noelle has been tinkering with BMW engines, so he has an inside knowledge of the engines and the drive train to be able to maximize the vehicles build performance.

Noelle's competitors can only offer separate box to enhance BMW's performance, named Tuning Boxes also known as piggy backs for late model BMW's. These tuning boxes falsify information via electric communication between the computer and the box, that is being sent to the engine control unit. It might cause running issues, false check engine lights and an array of other electrical problems.

The current BMW M5 or most BMW M cars are fast and powerful, however we can offer you even more power and acceleration at a reasonable price. For instance with no other modifications, Noelle Performance Software makes a standard, 600-hp M5 up to 850 hp on 93 octane pump gas. Torque also jumps from 553 lb-ft to a respectable 740 lb-ft. To put that in perspective, a McLaren 720S makes 710 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. JK Keck from Noelle Performance said, one of these tuned M5s apparently did 0-62 mph in 2.2 seconds. That is fast... very fast.

Way faster than most cars, including the Tesla S in ludicrous mode, it's a Bugatti Veyron fast at fraction of the cost (only 151 horsepower less than the Veyron) which is quiet an achievement from a family sedan, which can sit five comfortably over distance, try that with others.

BMWs top speed and power in North America limited by the integration of the computer systems. You can make the engine to deliver more power but it's more complex to get the differential, transmission, and adaptive suspension to except that kind of power and make the most of it.

That's where Noelle's software makes the difference. Instead of tricking the ECU, it runs on a customized genuine operating system, and the software which artfully integrates all systems while maximizing power and acceleration while staying emission legal as not one emission control system has been tricked, falsified or removed to achieve this amazing performance improvement.

One of the additional benefit of Noelle's software is the removal of the top speed limiter, if that matters to you, allowing to experience the full potential of the car, and doing so it maintains the vehicles reliability, it's emission system and every day drive ability over time.

Lubrication - Maintenance Schedule

In order to keep lubrication at the highest level there is revised maintenance schedule is required,  for best reliable performance Liqui Moly full synthetic motor oil is mandatory for every oil change with all the tuned engines, (notwithstanding we recommend the same for most high performance late model engines).


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