BMW performance upgrade with Noelle Software

As a BMW specialist and enthusiast (my first BMW was an E30 – 325, then a E36 M3 and an E90 M3 for 7 years each), we know BMW cars very well and have advanced knowledge of BMW’s in general.

Naturally we can help you to enhance, optimize your BMW performance in particular M vehicles, as there is a lot of room for improvement. For that reason, we recommend Noelle Performance Software .

We teamed up with a well known German tuner Noelle (Karl Otto Noelle whom used to be an Alpina engine builder). Currently we are the only Canadian Noelle authorized dealer north of the border.

Why did we choose Noelle? The experience and know how is the main reason, furthermore there are no data has been falsified, no add on or dubious parts added, no cutting, splicing, no messing with the factory installation required. It’s only meant to enhance and work together with all the other components, like transmission and active differential and stability control system unlike  most other piggy back add on systems.

When all said and done a late model F90 – M5 will make 850 horsepower and 740 pound feet of torque, literally a 151 horsepower shy of the Bugatti Veyron at a fraction of the cost of the Bugatti. Also you can sit five people in the M5 comfortably, which can’t be said by most other cars in the same league.

The best part, it’s a clean effortless upgrade, and it’s emission legal as well. Noelle is so confident in their software enhancement, they will overwrite the remaining warranty on your BMW as long as you have it maintained on a revised more rigorous maintenance schedule at Techmax Auto Repair Inc. with specific oils and fluids to ensure drive train performance and longevity, even at the revised elevated performance.

How does it work? The software updates the entire vehicle, in a intelligent way by allowing all the components working together to enhance your BMW performance to nearly hyper car level at a reasonable cost.

Let me explain what we’ll do, if you want this complete performance programming, to unlock your BMW performance. Read it at next…

Noelle Performance FAQ

Any questions, how may we help? Give us a call. Telephone: 905.795.0419.

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