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Lamborghini being repaired at TechmaxLamborghinis At Techmax Auto Repair Inc .

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Finally spring is here, and exotic sport cars coming out of hibernation, if you ever wondered, yes we do service some of this automotive jewels.

We just recently had an Aventador which had an oil change prior at a quiet substantial price.  According to the client cost him $1300.00 after all said and done unfortunately almost lost his engine as the oil filter has been left loose.

Owner noticed some drips under the car, lucky him being so attentive coming in early, just saved he’s V12 engine. The URUS had it’s first maintenance she is 2019 and sounds just as looks, fantastic.

The Urus is naturally related to Porsche and Audi with an Italian twist and the engine is the new hot V design with reversed cylinder heads and massive turbos in the middle.

The handling and the performance of the Urus is at elevated levels so is the sound true to it’s heritage as every Lamborghini is.

When the “bull ” is on the run you will need serious and special skills to tame it. It’s worth to note on this ultra high performance cars you must increase their maintenance for instance brake fluid flush should be performed every year due to elevated brake temperature if the vehicle is driven as intended.

The same applies for the yearly oil changes and for instance with the Urus one must use 508.00 specific synthetic motor oil as specified by the manufacturer as there is a serious reason for it.

Modern motor oils are engineered specifically to their manufacturers engine. All the special European oil approvals (ACEA ) and the manufacturers approval should be followed closely.  This is no longer is just a simple oil change as it used to be.

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