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BMW tuning with Noelle Software

Today’s modern BMWs are anything but simple machines, and part of what makes them such amazing performing vehicles is that complexity. Noelle extracts all of the remaining power safely without the need for additional performance products, which is why upgrading your vehicle with Noelle Performance couldn’t be easier.

Noelle Performance PROGRAMING

Noelle Performance provides programming for the majority of current BMW models with the exception of i3, i8, and Hybrids. Power is maximized while drivability is enhanced without jeopardizing the durability of your vehicle.

We at Techmax Auto Repair Incorporated are your resource for discovering the true potential of your BMW.

Noelle programs the engine and power matches the transmission, electronic
differential, DSC, ABS, and the sport display, however all factory safety parameters stay in place.

BMW Performance

Let me explain what we’ll do, if you want this complete performance programming, to unlock your BMW performance.

On the day of your programming, be prepared not to wait as this process is complex and can take several hours.
• The first step is to test drive your vehicle stock and eliminate any preexisting issues.
• Next comes the oil service, programming, and resetting vehicle adaptations.
• The last step is a complete test drive to confirm all systems are working together seamlessly. FAQ

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