Changes to Modern Car Engines. Motor Oils Standard

This is going to be clear as “mud”. I have been a licensed automotive mechanic since 1976 and still at it and the changes to engines and motor oils is incredible. This could get very long indeed, let’s say there are 2 major standards API and ACEA, the former is the American the later is the European lubricant standards. The Europeans started to create their own standards mainly driven by their car manufacturers as they found the API standards were not to their liking.

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Fuchs Synthetic Motor Oil

Motor Oil Specifications classifications/oil-categories

If money is no object and you want the best keeping the oil specification grade in mind by the respective manufacturers than this is the best money can buy , group 5 ester based synthetic motor oils. Not recommended for diesels with DPF filter equipped vehicles! Take a look at it at here.

I have a small car repair facility in Mississauga, Ontario where we work on 3 brands: BMW, Mercedes and Porsche cars. There is a great push for efficiency from the manufacturers side especially since they pay penalty to the EPA, so they will try any trick in the book to reduce the internal friction and the pumping losses within the ICE as much as possibly can.


We have variable oil pump on say BMW since 2006 , every part, oil notwithstanding has been crucified to the finest details, hence we have 0-20 W oil for awhile now to reduce pumping losses. There used to be an intensive push from the regulatory side (EPA) to reduce fuel consumption which Europe used to trail behind,  not anymore.

Europe wanted to get more aggressive on regulating emission and fuel consumption ultimately driving forward to electrification.

Most manufacturers have their own “secret” recipe for their own proprietary motor oils which gets more and more complicated by the day.

For instance BMW has LL01 (older cars) then LL04 which is low SAPS which succeeds LL01 and were intended for diesels with DPF in mind but it is not recommended in NA for gas engines due to our Sulphur content in our gasoline per say. Then later we had an LL14+ and even later the LL17+.


Mercedes has 229.31, 229.51, 229.61, 229.71 (Diesel low SAPS) then 229.3,  229.5, 229.52, 229.6, 229.72. Does it look complicated enough?

This whole thing is in my opinion is completely out of hand and everyone will try to toot their own horn to their liking and you as the consumer it’s your responsibility to know what belongs in your lovely high tech state of the art engine.

For instance you get the oil level warning, with this little jewels and you need to top up your oil, most of them will have no dipstick to discourage you to put anything wrong in there. So good luck to you to find the appropriate lubricant at your gas station or department store lately.

Having put the wrong oil for instance 229.5 (the most common) oil into a DPF equipped diesel engine (229.51) will ruin the DPF by contaminating it with zinc which will render it defective and will void the warranty on your emission system in a hurry.

This whole silly stuff is all out on the window in my opinion in particularly in NA as people thumb their nose up on light efficient cars. Instead they want monster SUV  trucks or massive pick up trucks with gigantic gas guzzling engines. There is this huge tug of war between governments, car  manufacturers and the public.

The governments want electric cars, the public wants 800+ horsepower trucks, the car manufacturers are on the hook for making gas guzzlers.

We are also caught in between to provide the appropriate slur(oil) for the application,  you get the picture.

My only question is: Where is the common sense in all of this may I ask?

The problem with all this high tech stuff is, the general public has no idea as we often find wrong oils and filters has been installed elsewhere, in a lot of places they are not aware of this fancy specifications.

I hope this helps.  All the best, cheers.

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European import cars motor oil specifications.

What could be done wrong possibly with a simple oil change

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Maintenance issues with your car due to COVID.  

Most clients do not realize the amount of damage being created by parking and literally abandoning their cars. Please allow me to explain.

We have seen two major areas being problematic for cars, during COVID. The number one is the amount of brake jobs increased exponentially during the shut down and we have also seen more engine breakdown for the same reason.

The brakes get corroded as the vehicle sits for extended periods of time. The open iron surface will turn into a surface like rough sandpaper which will destroy the brakes in short order. Furthermore the thick rust build up also will cause severe brake vibration as well. The only cure is a complete brake rotor and pad replacement. To prevent this problem the owner must exercise the brakes vigorously on their vehicle at minimum 2 to 3 times a week.

The second issue we have seen: Clients driving their cars ultra short distances to buy groceries and supplies only. Which will not allow the engine to warm up to the point where it can get a proper circulation by boiling off excessive fuel and water being vaporized off from the motor oil.

Random cold start without proper warm up cycle will destroy internal components like bottom end bearings and might damage other vital internal components too. The rule if thumb is, once the engine is started it should run for 30 to 40 minutes and should be also exercised vigorously to elevate internal engine and oil temperature as part of a regular engine maintenance.

On the photo down bellow is a  Mini’s cylinder head and valves with severe carbon build up on .

Using  overly light weight, and / or poor quality oil  will accelerate the carbon build up. Notwithstanding poor fuel quality as oil vapor blow by, will burn onto the hot valves and the cylinder head. Visit our Facebook page for more photo.

Coolant and oil leak problem on Porsche Macan S.  Check out our Facebook for photos and details.

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The importance of fall vehicle maintenance. 

Brake Service – Brake RepairsBrake sets for German Import Cars.

We at Techmax offering original  import, aftermarket import and domestic brake parts to European import cars.  Products include quality brake pads, brake shoes, master cylinders, disc brake calipers, drums & rotors, cross drilled performance rotors, power brake boosters, wheel cylinders, brake hoses and hardware, brake cables and brake fluids. We have brake parts for any European import car.

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BMW 535ix low oil pressure warning

The perils of using the wrong method trying to correct the problem. We received this BMW 535ix with low oil pressure warning related to a known issue which started from a common oil leak the filter pedestal and cooler gaskets.

This considered a common “maintenance ” type of work on the BMW N55 engines. We charge $450.00 to replace both gaskets, and only viable part is the revised genuine gasket, it will hold up better in the future.

The technician working prior on this engine, (the vehicle has been towed from a another garage), had this “clever” idea to just apply silicone sealant.  Unfortunately in a futile attempt, that made the leak actually worse, which resulted in the classic usual result.

When the belt gets soaked long enough with motor oil, it will shred and gets grabbed by the crankshaft and whipped up into a ball or cord and rubber.  It gets pushed thru the front crankshaft seal,  the timing chain will grab it and the whole thing gets ingested by the engine.

You can imagine what happens with a bunch of cord and rubber, when it gets shredded internally by the timing chain, it creates a complete disaster. Now to fix this,  the entire bottom below the oil pan needs to be removed, like axles, differential, the steering rack control arms, the engine mounts and the sub-frame assembly to expose the oil pan.

Naturally the top engine cover, the valve cover has to come off as well, including all the high pressure fuel lines and rail and so forth. The rather mundane gasket replacement turned into a partial engine overhaul, where we have to remove the oil pump and must inspect the connecting rod bearings for excessive wear, due to oil pump suction pipe restriction by the belt pieces.

We went from a $450.00 dollar job to a 6 thousand dollar engine recovery and major resurrection. They tried to fix the oil leak, replaced the front seal the wrong way, as well as by removing the center bolt holding the timing chain sprocket in place by friction.

Needless to say the camshaft timing was moved as the vehicle would need to be set up with a special jig to be precisely timed for proper operation. Worth to note, the center bolt must be replaced, as it’s a single use stretch bolt, or it could cause major engine damage.

We have documented all the problems, detailed with plenty of pictures.

Things that you can see in the photos below happen, when  individuals try to repair or maintain BMWs without  proper knowledge, expertise and tools.

Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo, or as an alternative, you can check  our Facebook  out for more photos and related info.

BMW N55 Engine Repair

I appreciate my general practitioner or dentist for what they do, but I would not want to get a brain or heart surgery from either one of them. They are a specialists in their own field. This is why they call a specialist,  a specialist. They have expertise in their own field and the proper tools and experience to perform a task to the best of their knowledge.

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Fall Vehicle Maintenance

The fall is upon us again, this is the time to have your car checked and inspected to prevent any issues in cold weather.

We recommend a comprehensive physical check up, perhaps paired with an oil change, naturally with approved proper synthetic motor oil and German oil filter to ensure longevity. We use Liqui Moly and Fuchs motor oils with manufacturers approved ratings, which is essential to keep your warranty intact. We document the appropriate approval numbers on the invoice for future reference.

Fuchs Synthetic Motor OilsFuchs Synthetic Motor Oil for Your Fine BMW – Mercedes – Porsche

In case we find something notable at the time of the inspection, like excessive wear or fluid leak, we will bring it to your attention and for easy reference we will take a picture or visually will show you on your vehicle if you’re present the issue at hand.

We will provide detailed description and choices to make an informed decision. Proper description and recommendations prioritizing the issues at hand and the order which they should be corrected, you always have a choice.

Proper maintenance is essential to reliable vehicle operation and ensures years of affordable motoring without major break downs. Tires are the only contact between you, your automobile and the road, so tread carefully, worn tires will overwhelm your vehicles sophisticated traction and it’s stability control system.

Liqui Moly LubricantsLiqui Moly lubricants & Additives

Worn tires will wear your brakes out prematurely as well, since they are the first choice for said stability control system to stabilize the vehicle in poor driving conditions.

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Liqui Moly Developed and produced in Germany for your car. Tested on the racing circuits, proven daily on the road.

Engine oil essentials.

Brake sets for German Import Cars.

Noelle Performance partnered with Liqui Moly

We at Techmax Auto Repair Inc., as the first and presently the only Noelle Performance Software dealer for BMWs,  in the Mississauga and GTA area, please to announce a technical partnership between LIQUI MOLY Canada and Noelle Performance.

Noelle Performance offers high performance software for BMWs, creating increased performance and demands on the engine that require the best oil, therefore Noelle Performance recommends to use LIQUI MOLY full synthetic motor oil.

Please check the next short video out or select and click link bellow for more information.  As an alternative you can give as a call to 905.795.0419 with your related questions.

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More information on Noelle Performance & LIQUI MOLY’s technical partnership.

BMW & Mercedes Benz Preventative Maintenance

Timely maintenance is ever more important today than ever before, due to highly complex vehicle architecture in today’s high tech automobiles.

There is a lot of frustration and money can be saved by performing timely proper maintenance being many occasion model, or engine specific before bigger issues develop as the result of disservice or neglect.

Most late model modern diesels should have a regular carbon cleaning and at later stage, a extensive scrub and clean procedure performed to keep everything working in optimal performance. We have over two decades of proven record of keeping this cars work for long periods after purchase.

Remember it’s your investment, if you shrug it off it will cost more to correct later.

Here are some photos to the point ML350 CDI with massive injector leaks and the BMW 335D diesel badly clogged up due to lack of maintenance. Also carboned up BMW N54 engine due to lack of cleaning of the intake tracts which is a known issue with them now the turbochargers taken a beating as they tried to push a lot harder for a very long time.

Lack of maintenance on ML350 CDI & BMW 335D

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Last but not least even exotic cars are not exempt. The McLaren 720S down bellow almost blew its rear tire at 22 thousand kilometers. It needed a new set of tires, alignment, brake maintenance and service.

I have to note it, all of the above problems would not happen if we checked those cars (preventative maintenance). If you do not maintain your automobile, the problems will add up eventually and the cost of repairs will increase substantially, after all it’s your car.

Remember your life is at stake, not just your money.

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European Import Car Diagnostics

We often get the question, do we charge for diagnostics?

In short yes we do, but let me explain, at next is 3 perfect examples of modern European car issues which no scanner would ever find out, no matter where it was made or designed .

Case number one is a well maintained BMW X3 with  random misfire, at idle only and only intermittently. We have double checked all the usual culprits like fuel and spark management the only thing left out is air management.

The air gets in when the valve opens. There has been no misfire at cold start only, as the engine started to slow down after cold start, the misfire would return. This N52 BMW engine is operated by valvetronic system which starts with a maximum lift of 8.5 mm of all the valves to aid in starting and then will reduce the valve lift to a single valve only to 0.3 mm .

Knowing how the system works is job#1 , after shutting down the engine it goes into maximum lift so when we disconnected the hall sensor for the valvetronic she reverts back to regular engine operation by using the throttle body.

Doing that we found, there was a smooth idle in that case which confirmed there is an air management issue at hand. Before going to check the eccentric shaft or rocker we removed the intake manifold to inspect the inlet port and we found a broken flap embedded in the intake port, blocking the air path into #6 cylinder hence the misfire issue at idle only.

The second case was a seized turbo charger pin to the wastegate where the owner got quoted 3 thousand to replace.  It took a little effort and some time to unseize the pin.  We lubed it, tested it, passed the test and 3 thousand dollars is saved by checking the wastegate operation.

Case #3; The Lamborghini  Aventador at above, wouldn’t start.  Started with a low voltage issue which prompted a battery replacement.  After all it was caused by the hydraulic pump which issue is promptly fixed and car is back on the road. Check our Facebook out for more Lamborghini’s photos.

This 3 examples I brought up, just to show you;  We don’t charge for diagnostics, we charge for knowledge.

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BMW diagnostics

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How can I keep my BMW running well for a long time?

The secret of keeping your car longer than average is in your hands. We often get the question how can I keep my car running well for a long time? Well it’s all about the maintenance and proper care of your vehicle. This apply for  any cars,  not just only for BMW.

We currently own a 2006 325-i with 406876 kms and running just fine. How’s that possible? The secret is regular maintenance and addressing issues before they escalate into an expensive repair.

This particular vehicle belonged to one of our loyal client, he drove it to 330 thousand kilometers without any major repairs, except we have done oil change at every ten thousand kilometers since 60 thousand kilometers onward.  Also serviced the automatic transmission regularly at every hundred thousand kilometer.  She still has it’s original automatic transmission, and its still works well. Naturally we use exclusively German made oils and fluids to keep components well lubricated for decades to come.

The funny part is, the manufacturer BMW never thought she will last this long as the service reminder refused to reset after 350 thousand kilometers.

This 325-i is in our fleet as a daily driver to randomly pick up small parts or supplies from our vendors.

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BMW odometerVisit our Facebook For more

Oil, lube and filter’s service.

More Noelle Performance Related Information

BMW tuning with Noelle Software

Today’s modern BMWs are anything but simple machines, and part of what makes them such amazing performing vehicles is that complexity. Noelle extracts all of the remaining power safely without the need for additional performance products, which is why upgrading your vehicle with Noelle Performance couldn’t be easier.

Noelle Performance provides programming for the majority of current BMW models with the exception of i3, i8, and Hybrids. Power is maximized while drivability is enhanced without jeopardizing the durability of your vehicle.

We at Techmax Auto Repair Incorporated are your resource for discovering the true potential of your BMW.

Noelle programs the engine and power matches the transmission, electronic
differential, DSC, ABS, and the sport display, however all factory safety parameters stay in place.

Let me explain what we’ll do, if you want this complete performance programming, to unlock your BMW performance.

On the day of your programming, be prepared not to wait as this process is complex and can take several hours.
• The first step is to test drive your vehicle stock and eliminate any preexisting issues.
• Next comes the oil service, programming, and resetting vehicle adaptations.
• The last step is a complete test drive to confirm all systems are working together seamlessly.

Liqui Moly Line of Lubricants

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We are a Canadian Noelle Performance Authorized Dealer.

More info on Noelle Performance upgrade By Techmax Auto Repair Inc.

The CV2 Citroën engine next to a BMW

The CV2 Citroën engine

The CV2 Citroën engine

There is  Citroën engine bay’s photo at above with an engine in.  There is late model BMW engine’s photo bellow, one and the two are a world apart.

The Citroën and the  BMW could not be further apart from each other. The most basic transportation in the CV2 Citroën (nick named as Duck) to a highly sophisticated computerized rocket ship from BMW.

In 1976 I started with the CV2, a little air cooled most basic car which you could fix with some farm tools.

Late model turbo N63 BMW engine

Today my world is the BMW with dual engine computers and about 60 other computers for myriad functions, sophistication and high level of automation with multiple networks.

Welcome to my world….

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