New BMW i8 roadster and the BMW M4CS reveal

We are pleased and humbled by the invitation of the all new BMW M4CS and i8 roadster pre-auto show reveal with a private dinner reception hosted by BMW Canada. Wow what an experience! The reception was held at QRC West 134 Peter street in Toronto, just a short distance from the Canadian Auto Show at Front Street .

BMW diinerNaturally the food, the cars, the architecture all has been top notch and last but not least, the service has bean absolutely flawless.

Thank you BMW Canada for the eventful memorable evening, we appreciate the effort put in this event in one word, amazing.

We had the chance to pick our seat and long behold we choose the seat by MR. Hans Blesse the CEO and president of BMW Canada whom joined us after we occupied our seat at the table,  he has been our host for the evening.

As luck has it, we had a wonderful conversation with numerous BMW Canada employees during the evening including Mr. Blesse, whom we shared countless car stories, especially BMW automobiles were the main subject.

We truly enjoyed the conversations, as we found out MR. Blesse is also a car enthusiast as he knows cars inside out and has been a real pleasure to spent an evening talking about the wonders of German BMW engineering.

The evening has been a real surprise, as any car nut would tel you like myself, I was like a kid in the candy store so to say.  We had the pleasure to see the new hot cars, the BMW i8 roadster is a beauty and the BMW M4CS is a beast on it’s own, ultra light weight performance machines and last but not least, the new M5 was also present with a unique select able four wheel or 2 wheel drive as a proper autobahn burner that is.

CEO of BMW CanadaMr Hans Blesse  CEO of BMW Canada with myself.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Blesse and all the other BMW Canada employees, whom worked tirelessly to make this very special event possible with a flawless execution. There is no way to describe an event like this with words, you really had to be there to appreciate the atmosphere the cars the food and the people whom made this event one of it’s kind anywhere.

We were absolutely delighted in many ways, thank you again and all the best we hope to see all next year again.

I was free to use my camera, and I made several photos.

BMW i8 roadsterAt left on the photo is the new BMW i8 roadster, next to the new coupe.  The roadster’s color combination is a limited edition, the year one first 200 will be this copper colored.

Canada will receive only 25 of them in total, so it will be a collectible as years pass by.

Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo and there are more photos on our   on-line photo album.

Thanks  for reading it.

Attila Jasszai, president  of Techmax Auto Repair In.

Should you buy all wheel drive or two wheel drive car?

When you buy your car, should you buy all wheel drive, or two wheel drive could suffice?

This question comes especially important when we get some snow on the ground and people think because they bought a fancy high tech all wheel drive car or SUV all they need is the magic of all wheel drive to take them to their destination safely.

Sorry folks that’s not it, tires in particularly proper winter tires are the secret to a safe secure winter or foul weather driving . You can have the best all wheel drive system if your tires are not up to par with the winter weather.

One more thing; Please note, your brakes are getting to be destroyed if your tires are not capable of handling of the white stuff.

Your four wheel drive system uses the brakes to control wheel spin and slipping sliding, 2 ton moving mass which if the tires are lacking of proper traction will render them overwhelmed by the electronics trying to do their job properly and efficiently.

My advice is, as you buy proper foot ware you should do the same for your high tech automobile.

We wish you safe and secure winter driving,  Techmax’s team.


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Clogged Diesel BMW intake with carbon build up

If you thought to drive your modern BMW diesel in the city for short distances this is what you going to end up to deal with. For example on the next photos you can see the clogged intake of a BMW’s M57 diesel engine, which is straight 6. This engine produced from 1998, in the upper Austrian engine plant in Steyr. The engine was only available in north America or Canada since 2009 and it is a sequential turbo diesel .

To view bigger photo click on the thumbnails. Click on your browser back button to return to this page.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand word, there are a few things you should do to reduce the likelihood of this disaster;

#1, try to avoid driving short distances, there is a reason why the big rigs use diesel engines reliably.

#2, switch to Shell super diesel which burns cleaner due to higher cetane (diesel octane is called cetane) number and additional detergent in the fuel. Yes it does cost more and there is a reason for that.

#3, switch to a slightly heavier motor oil, from a 5/30 BMW to 5/40 BMW LL04 recommended by us to reduce the blow by in the intake system.

#4, you need to take it out and have it driven spiritedly for a considerable distance at least a hundred kilometers one way in a long stretch or more. While the problem is 3 fold as above short distance driving + poor fuel quality + light weight oil all will play a role in a clogged intake tract like above.

The same intakes, after Sonic Cleaning.

To view bigger photo click on the thumbnails. Click on your browser back button to return to this page.

This will happen to any modern diesel regardless of the make an model. Worth to note, the same scenario goes for the Mercedes MLGL and R class diesels.

This engines use a lot of exhaust gas re-circulation which contains sooth, routed pre DPF filter so the sooth will mix with oil vapour and will stick to everything in it’s path.

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Albeit on a completely clogged intake there is no way to remove the thick carbon deposits except walnut shell blasting the intake ports and sonic clean the manifold.  We suggest to use the LM brand diesel system treatment as part of the regular maintenance on modern BMW or Mercedes diesel engines for optimal performance on the long run.

If you like to know more please don’t hesitate to ask.
Telephone: 905.795.0419

We wish you safe motoring, Techmax Auto Repair.

Why is my BMW burning so much oil?

The answer is low friction, read narrow and thin oil rings with miniature holes-slots on the ring are the answer.

Traditionally the lower oil rings were responsible to bleed and scrape off the excessive oil which in turn got returned to the oil sump. The worst is the twin turbo V8 engine code named N63 with all the thermal load coming at it from the turbo chargers between the two banks.

The motor oil goes thru a significant heat stress, furthermore carbon build up made worst by the extended oil change intervals and lighter weight oil all contribute to the oil rings not being able to do their jobs properly.

BMW piston

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, if you look at closely the piston’s picture above, you will see the miniature horizontal slots are closed, clogged up shut so the oil will be drawn up into the combustion chamber and burned off in the combustion process.

It’s worth to note the valve seals are also marginal in this particular engine again due to thermal overload, the seals get baked to rock hard and the oil gets sucked in thru the cavitation of the components. The only viable cure is frequent oil changes. We recommend 5/40 grade motor oils and the occasional oil flush also recommended to reduce the carbon build up at crucial places.

We use LM professional oil flush to clean the engine, (engine flush) which is made and tested in Germany, in extreme cases the LM motor oil saver can be used temporarily to soften up the hardened valve seals as a cost effective alternative to major engine repair.

If you have any further questions we will be happy to answer them in person .

Thank you for reading and all the best from Techmax.


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Our Winter Driving Tips

Winter might be taking a nap, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to come. It’s coming whether we like it or not! Winter is the toughest season you and your car can face. We can prepare your vehicle for the ice, snow and freezing temperatures.

Winter Tires

All four wheels need them regardless of whether it’s a front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel, or four-wheel-drive. All-season tires are not winter tires. Winter tires reduce the number of collisions by almost 20 per cent. Enough said.

Winter or summer, your car tires are the only point of contact that your vehicle has with the road, they need to be in good condition at all times to ensure your safety. Inspect your tires regularly for wear and any damage to avoid any sudden problems. Check your tire pressure monthly and before every long trip.

Driving with incorrect tire pressure can affect your car’s handling and braking, particularly in wet conditions, and can seriously compromise your safety. Driving on severely under inflated tires can cause heat build up and eventually a premature tire failure. Read more about winter tires…


You car brake system should be in top working condition at all times. Have your brakes checked by a professional regularly? Your and others life depend on it.  At winter time is more important than ever, in the case of slippery conditions like icy snow covered roads, the effectiveness of your traction control and ABS system depends on the quality of your braking system. Have it inspected and tested by a professional for ultimate safety in any weather and or road conditions. Bring your car in  for ABS and brake system service.

Battery Test

If your car is five years old or older have your battery tested for strength and performance to prevent possible no start condition in foul weather. It might not necessarily need a new battery, but having it tested can save a lot of headache.  To prevent breakdown and keep you on the road safely, we use Midtronincs GR8-1200 Electrical System Tester – Analyzer to check, test your battery and your automobile electrical system. Read more about battery testing…


While the use of long-life engine coolant has increased, it still should be checked for strength and condition every fall.

Washer fluid level is an easy check and a spare bottle should be in your trunk all year long and especially in the winter.

The engine oil in your car has to go thru temperature extremes. Therefore it’s very important to have your engines lifeline the engine oil up to the highest possible standards, by performing your oil service on time, especially on today’s modern high tech engines, during winter operation thanks to fuel contamination from cold starts and water contamination from condensation. If you getting close to oil change, start off the season right with a fresh oil and filter change. While we perform your oil change we also check your brakes, tires and most fluid levels for your added safety.

Our Cooling System Service

Oil – Lube – Filter – Service

Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers consumable items. Doesn’t matter what brand name they are, they due for replacement at around 18 months of use or sooner. Most wiper blades can freeze, even dedicated winter wiper blades can get stuck to the windshield in extreme conditions.

When we inspect your car’s wiper blade, we lubricate the hinges to prevent water and ice formation at the base.

Locks & Doors

Before the Canadian deep freeze hits, we lubricate door locks, latches, and hinges and treat the door and window seals. We use silicone lubricating compound (Made in Germany). By spraying the door and window weather seals, they will be less likely to freeze you out on a cold winter morning.

Floor Mats

Never stack floor mats on top of one another or use a mat that’s too thick. The risk of jamming your accelerator pedal to the floor is real and the results can be catastrophic. Winter floor mats are great for reducing salt stains on the carpeting.

You should remove mats from time to time throughout the winter to dry them out indoors. Moisture on floor mats is the cause of hard frost appearing on the inside of windshields and door glasses.

Full  Tank of Gas

Drive with full tank of gas at winter is a good idea. Never know when you stuck in the snow, so you can keep your car and yourself warm if you have enough gas in your gas tank.

Some people put something heavy, like a 50 kg concrete block in their car’s trunk to get better traction, but if you get in a collision, consider the damage a 50 kg piece of concrete will do. The best weight to carry to improve traction is fuel in the gas tank. This brings the mass lower to the ground for improved stability and reduces the effect of winter water contamination in the tank.

But if you still want to put something heavy in your car trunk put there a bag of Kitty litter? Yes, kitty litter!

It can help provide better traction for rear wheel drive vehicles, because of the weight, and if you get stuck in the snow a little bit of kitty litter sprinkled under the tires can help you get traction and out of the snow.

We wish you happy winter driving!

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our phone number is:  905.795.0419



Winter Service


German Import Cars Tune-up

Does your BMW, Mercedes Benz or Porsche needs a Tune-up?

In the old days cars had carburetors,  condensers, distributors, distributor caps with rotors, etc.. Than we had to adjust ignition timing and valves. All of this was checked, (and a lot of more) adjusted, spark plugs changed via tune-up.

What about tune-up on today’s modern vehicle?

Most car owners talk about tune-up when they run into some kind of drive ability problem. The vehicle may be hard to start, has poor fuel economy or hesitates at will under acceleration.

Then they decide to see their technician (mechanic) to resolve the issue. Does it sound familiar?

Does your BMW, Porsche or Mercedes really need tune-up?

Let me  say few things about tune-ups before I say yes or no.

German built cars controlled by computers, monitored by sensors since late 1980s. Ignition timing is controlled and adjusted by the engine computer, as the idle speed and the fuel – air mixture. Computers make sure, the idle speed is right  and various emission controls functioning properly.

The computers “tune” the engines until the yellow “check engine” light comes on, and you are wondering;  What just happened?

Please let me tell you on late model direct injection engines from the leading manufacturers may require special procedures to be performed in order to optimize the combustion process. Replacing spark plugs used to be a simple task, not any more.

If you don’t install the proper plugs or have them installed improperly, at best will result in engine misfire, at worst may burn a hole into the piston assembly, rendering the engine destroyed in the process.

Improper air filter may destroy your air mass meter or a poor quality oil filter may destroy your engine, since many of this cars have variable map controlled oil pressure system which reduces the oil pressure at lower engine speed to conserve energy by reducing pumping losses.

Modern engines from top manufacturers are extremely sensitive to Improper parts, components fluids and the like. Modern engines  very precisely made efficient wonders of engineering where every part has been optimized for efficiency and performance.

To answer the question; “Does your European luxury vehicle need a tune-up“? My answer is no, it does not need tune-up if we define the word tune-up on the old fashioned way, but if you want to keep your car in top working condition, it needs preventative maintenance.

Please protect your investment, get your car serviced by knowledgeable specialists whom are experts in the field of German light weight engineering marvels.

How may we help?!

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our phone number is: 905.795.0419.



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The Importance of Proper Battery in BMW Automobiles

The battery and  the alternator is the most important component in any car’s electrical system. The  alternator provides electricity and the battery store it to run all of your fancy electronics when the engine isn’t running. When the engine is running, it plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the alternator’s voltage regulator.

Bosch BatteryBosch Batteries

To have enough clean reliable power source in a modern high tech automobile is a understatement,  with nearly a hundred individual computers on multiple networks,  all cars need a healthy, well maintained  battery to put electrical components to work. Ambient temperature has a significant impact on battery life and performance. Slow cranking on startup indicates that the battery may not be able to provide enough power to fire up the engine.

No matter how well you take care of it, eventually your car’s battery will wear out and you’ll need a replacement. The majority of BMW automobiles past 2006 demand the replacement battery to be registered in the engine ECU.  In many cases the battery should be replaced with a revised version to improve reliability. Registration and proper specification in the DME is crucial due to selective charging, which is an important part of the efficient dynamics platform.

The latest trend is lithium ion battery in the newer performance models which requires additional special care and dedicated charging equipment.

The majority of car owners approximately 78 % waits until their vehicle doesn’t start which is rather inconvenient.

Wouldn’t you rather know when it’s time to replace the aged weak battery and have it done properly by a qualified specialist.

Techmax TeamThe Techmax team at the annual BMW training in Scottsdale.

How may we help? Give us a call  for more. Telephone: 905.795.0419.


Midtronincs GR8-1200 Car Electrical System – Battery Tester, Analyzer

How to keep you car battery in top working condition.

Pre Winter Vehicle Maintenance

We are slowly drifting into fall which brings us closer to winter weather sooner or later.

This is the time to get our cars ready, possibly doing some standard maintenance like oil and filter change. It should be part of an annual maintenance strategy, clogged, saturated filters will effect, hinder engine performance and could cause hard start rough running at times and increased gas mileage as well.

engine analysis Computer aided engine analysis

Make sure the brakes are in great shape. Often overlooked the fact that the traction or stability control system uses the brakes to be able to bring a slipping sliding car under control.

The cooling system should be also inspected for proper freeze point and the quality of the coolant. The system should be also pressure tested to ensure reliable heating and cooling when required. The system pressure is 29.4 psi or 2 bar in most BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche automobiles. The cooling heating system level and performance is essential for proper operation especially in or before winter.

Does the heating system, thermostat works well? What about the condition of drive belts, clamps, and hoses? Are they ready for our Canadian winter?

battery testerBattery test’s print out at left.

The battery; Have your car battery checked lately? The battery should be also inspected and tested for reliable starting and idling.

Battery performance suffer with age and in cold temperatures, so system performance including the charging system should be checked out as well, by our state of the art starting- charging and battery system analyzer.

Our heavy duty charging and battery – electrical system tester analyzer also records the alternator performance for maximum reliability, with an actual system performance print out  as a proof of entire system test.

This complete electrical system performance test result essentially provides  a peace of mind in the winter.

The last but not list your car’s tires. New or fresh all season tires are a bare minimum for foul weather, winter tires are the perfect solution which should be the natural choice for this part of the world.

We are happy to help to get your BMW, Mercedes or Porsche prepared for the coming season and wish you safe motoring in the winter weather.

Call us for more details. Telephone: 905.795.0419.


Battery  and electrical system service

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Which is better? Synthetic or conventional motor oil?

What makes a motor oil Synthetic motor oil? The word “synthetic” has a pretty loose definition, a lot of manufacturer prefer the word synthetic to only apply to oils chemically formulated without the use of petroleum as a base oil.

However it is not that simple. At first lets talk about petroleum based motor oils. Petroleum based or Conventional motor oil is a lubricant that is produced directly from crude oil.

Petroleum base motor oils are very “sensitive” to temperature changes. This means at extremely low temperatures, for example at winter  time, here in Canada it may be thick, and at high temperatures, it’s fairly thin. To change the oil properties, oil companies mix additives, chemicals into the petroleum base.

Those chemicals effects the oil  viscosity,  improve it at high and low  temperature too.  When a 5W-30 conventional motor oil is brand new, it  can acts exactly like a 5W-30 synthetic motor oil.

German Synthetic Motor OilGerman Synthetic Oil

The problem is comes with time, from the use, the chemical additives in the conventional oil begin to break-down and or vaporize. This means, the oil starts to get thick when cold and start to get thin when hot.

Synthetic oils work quite differently. From the start, the chemical structure is designed to match a specific multi-grade oil, plus certain additives like rust inhibitors or dispersants will be added to further improve the usefulness of the oil.

The end result is that over time the synthetic oil does not degrade as conventional oils do. From a viscosity standpoint, an old  synthetic oil act pretty similar to a new synthetic oil, however it might get slightly thicker as a result of contaminants.

Some people states it, from a viscosity standpoint alone, a conventional motor oil could match the protection of a synthetic motor oil simply by changing conventional oil  more often, and it is  true. However synthetic motor oils not just lubricate only, they come with superior quality additives, leading to a cleaner, smoother running engine as well.

Which one is right for your car? Which one is better? Synthetic or conventional motor oil?

Before any misunderstanding, probably hard to buy a bad lubricant these days. some of them good  and some others are better. Even the most basic conventional oils available on the market are far better than ones offered 10 years ago.

We believe, it’s ok to use a quality petroleum-based oil in an average car, but if you drive a luxury or a high performance vehicles, we recommend to follow the owner manual’s recommendations, which is synthetic oil.

For sure, the synthetic oil cost more, but the benefits of synthetic justify the expense, with longer oil changes intervals, reduced oil deposit formation, slightly better fuel economy and longer engine life.

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