BMW ActiveHybrid 3

The 2013 ActiveHybrid  3’s engine is based on the 335i’s 3.0 liter in line six, twin turbo charged engine. This is a traditional rear wheel drive BMW with the assistance of a lithium ion powered electric motor.

BMW ActiveHybrid 3BMW ActiveHybrid 3

The Active Hybrid 3 Series

It’s only available with an 8 speed automatic transmission .

The 2013 Active Hybrid 3 Series is faster than the 335-i  due to the 35 horsepower advantage and 32 pound feet of added torque as well. Worth to note; It is slightly heavier than the 335-i by 300 pounds, but has a longer differential to make it more relaxed on highway driving.

The battery pack resides in the trunk which gives the Active Hybrid a better 50-50 weight distribution as well.

The Active Hybrid BMW 3 Series has an electric only mode as most hybrids do. It’s called the BMW Drive Experience Control in this case.

The most efficient mode called the Eco Pro which will provide the best fuel economy and at a push of a button you can engage the Sport Mode which will sharpen all the senses at will. After all it is a true BMW at heart .

With the combination of the 6 cylinder 3 liter gasoline engine and the help of the 55 horsepower electric motor it will achieve a 0-60 time in approximately 5 seconds flat, which should give a 335-i driving experience at a better than 328-i fuel economy at will.

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The  Active Hybrid 3 Series is a Sport Active Hybrid Design

Currently the BMW Active Hybrid 3 Series does not have true competitor, as it is unique to the Sport Active Hybrid designation where it is a blend of amazing fuel economy and or a lightening  fast sports car at will.

We are looking forward to the electrified future of the BMW automobiles

This double personality makes this Bavarian beauty the choice of the real driving enthusiast. Well done BMW, we are looking forward to the electrified future of the BMW automobiles.

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