BMW i3 Electric Car

BMW i3BMW i3 Electric Vehicle

BMW not just only has been hyping up its new electric  vehicle for a couple of years now, and despite teasers about innovative tech features and full carbon-fiber body structures, it is fact, this electric vehicle will be available in the Canadian BMW dealers car list very soon.

Apparently there was a lot of  mystery, about this new electric vehicle, which offers Star Trek like technology… It called inductive battery charging, and it an engineering “wonder”.

However, the mystery has been lifted about all the details except how the thing actually drives…. Like a BMW? Like a  Smart car, or like a go kart? Or it might drive, like no small car before?

I guess we will find it out, when we drive it… However, one thing is sure. As of June 15, 2013, looks like the price of the BMW i3 starts at around  $53,000 US. Also according to different car related Internet news websites, BMW already have received reservation for 100,000 i3 vehicle.  Read more about the BMW i3