BMW Transmission Maintenance

Some BMW owner want to make sure their car is in top working condition and they change the transmission fluid often.

Changing the transmission fluid more often is entirely their decision. A properly preformed transmission oil change will not damage the transmission.  Most problems occur due to improper refill procedures, incorrect transmission fluids, and or non OEM parts or with transmission that already have drive ability problem.

Use of Genuine OEM parts and fluids is strongly recommended for best result.

Your BMW transmission is created by the German ZF Friedrichshafen AG engineering company. Read their BMW transmission maintenance recommendation at next...

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Dual Clutch Transmission


Our Latest High Tech Toll is Corghi ARTIGLIO MASTER Tire Machine.

ARTIGLIO MASTER marks a new frontier in the world of tire changers because it eliminates the lever, physical effort, and the precaution and worry about damaging expensive wheels and tires.

The unit’s operation is based on a completely new principle, including electronic wheel diameter selection with automatic tool positioning, wheel lifter for loading and unloading the wheel and automatic tool head for lever less mounting / demounting.

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