The CV2 Citroën engine next to a BMW

The CV2 Citroën engine

The CV2 Citroën engine

There is  Citroën engine bay’s photo at above with an engine in.  There is late model BMW engine‘s photo bellow, one and the two are a world apart.

The Citroën and the  BMW could not be further apart from each other. The most basic transportation in the CV2 Citroën (nick named as Duck) to a highly sophisticated computerized rocket ship from BMW.

In 1976 I started with the CV2, a little air cooled most basic car which you could fix with some farm tools.

Late model turbo N63 BMW engine

Today my world is the BMW with dual engine computers and about 60 other computers for myriad functions, sophistication and high level of automation with multiple networks.

Welcome to my world….

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