SL65 AMG Mercedes Engine Mount

There are many things could go wrong on a high performance automobile.

SL65 AMG MercedesClick on the image to view bigger photo.

Here is a perfect example of a Mercedes SL65 AMG broken engine mount, which is quiet common on this vehicle due to the powerful engine and the compact size of the engine mounts.

The driver side mount has been broken into two pieces, became two halves as the twin turbo V12 engine tore it into two under load .

These mounts are hydraulic fluid filled when new and will fail predictably after 5 years of driving.

Worth to note! They also collapse as they are being compressed by the large engine sitting on them for 24/7.

Driving or owning a high performance Mercedes and or any other high performance  car, has its cost associated with it.  This is one of them and needles to say it’s very important to have this fine pieces of engineering being inspected and maintained by qualified senior technicians regularly.

Knowing what to look for on this special build cars is half of the battle as decades of experience working on this cars reveals the known issues with them.

This is ever more important to find a real specialist where the decades of expertise will pay off instantly.

SL65-AMG Mercedes engine mountAnother view of broken SL65 AMG Mercedes engine mount  at left .Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo.

This is a perfect example of issues caught in time before the monster engine would tore into pricey components and in turn perhaps destroy the hood and everything in it’s way in the engine bay if driven spiritedly.

We also replaced the active body control hydraulic lines as well at the same time and naturally performed a 4 wheel alignment when all has been put back together.

Let’s not forget, the 2 front ABC struts has been renewed, the ABC filter and fluid has been refreshed, so it will be ready for the oncoming driving season.

SL65 AMG Mercedes Broken and Not Yet Broken Engine MountsSL65AMGMercedes broken engine mount

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