What type of car should I buy?

My clients often ask me the question; What type of car should I buy? Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, maybe Mini Cooper? They say, since you (me) repair them you should know it best.

This is rather interesting question and there is not one fits all the answer. To make the right decision many different factors should be considered for instance the drivers age and financial situation at hand will make a big difference. The purpose or main use of the vehicle will also determine the type and model of the most suitable car for the drivers need.

To choose the right car there are many more additional considerations, like the main use will be commuting or local driving. Furthermore maintenance, repair costs and gas mileage should be also considered as well. So as you see, it is not an easy choice to pick the right car for most people.

There are so many different criteria, they are different for many drivers as is their needs. Suffice to say we have a little slogan we use;  “The bigger the wheels the bigger the bills”. It may sound funny but in short term it does apply in most cases.

According to my experience, a large SUV will be twice as costly as a sedan with a small engine. The least expensive a model is, the least it will cost in fuel in repairs and maintenance.

We try our best to advise and help to choose the right automobile so you and your family will be happy many years to come with their choice.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our phone number is: 905.795.0419.

Thank you for choosing us and all the best from all of us at Techmax.


2013 MINI Cooper JCW2013 Mini Cooper S Hatchback

There is an interesting history that stems from the live of John Cooper, a man whose passion was to create and race cars meant for the fast track.  He was a co-founder of the Cooper Car Company (later touching base with the original mini cooper), and his work eventually helped to revolutionize auto racing by placing the engine at the rear of the car.

Off the track, Cooper created the possibility of a vehicle meant for the road, but with the heart of a race car.  This came together in a 2013 Mini Cooper S Hatchback.

The license to the name Cooper along with famous mini cooper was signed over to BMW in 2007.  The vehicles are now sold under the name MINI, and among them the MINI Cooper S Hatchback is known to be the sportier version of the lot.

The JCW is a grade up.



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The British-based John Cooper Works company was founded by Michael Cooper (son of the John Cooper) in 2000, and its purpose is to create both accessories and tuning parts for new MINIs.  It is the gem in the family and it clearly is the best with a manual transmission to both respect and experience the full potential of the car.

It comes with 208-horsepower JCW engine, kind of like a professional sprinter ready to spring forward at the start of the race.

This is an incredibly intuitive car.  It’s also unbelievably fun to drive.

This MINI can go from 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds.  It has a six-speed manual transmission, automatic stability control and traction control.

A JCW is not just for anyone.  A hefty price may weigh down on some, but true auto enthusiasts – the ones that appreciate and maintain their car, and enjoy a fun drive – will know perhaps that the price matches the value of the car.

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