The right brake components for your BMW, Mercedes Benz or Porsche

The importance of choosing the right brake pads and rotors for your BMW, Mercedes Benz or Porsche. This is one of the most important purchase other than tires you will ever make on your fine car.

The average consumer knows little about brake pad materials or friction coefficient of the brake pads and perhaps even less about the brake rotors, brake discs. The safest bet is original brake components, but are there better choices?

Yes there are in most cases, made by very respected brake component manufacturers whom has decades of know how and engineering expertise in this field.

For instance Brembo is one of them when the big well known luxury or performance car manufacturers need a high end braking system they approach Brembo.

Brembo brake for MiniBrembo is number one they also equip over 90 percent of the F1 cars and cars involved in most Motorsports.

The only other competitor to Brembo is Akebono, whom is the sole braking system supplier to McLaren F1 and McLaren road cars. Naturally we use both respective manufacturers on our clients cars, if they are looking to improve their cars braking performance.

Both braking system manufacturer has a vehicle specific friction coefficient application which has a more ceramic composition and produce 80 percent less brake dust, so you don’t have to clean your pretty alloy wheels so often.

Please be advised! There some inferior braking products sold  over the Internet which has been imported from dubious sources and may cause permanent damage to your and others health by having asbestos in them, which is a well known fact it is a carcinogen.

Asbestos poisoning is a serious issue, which could effect your or your loved ones health, since when you apply the brakes, the brake pad material will wear off the brake pad and will float in the air which could cause lung cancer. Asbestos is a carcinogen and has been banned in the west except in third world countries.

This is a serious matter, please protect your and others health by using reputable friction materials from known accredited manufacturers.

We highly encourage everyone to choose the best available components for their fine automobile, your and others life depends on it.

We wish you all the best and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you and have a safe trip.

Brembo Brake SystemIf you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our phone number is: 905.795.0419.

High end performance brake sets for import cars.

Brembo Brake System for Mini Cooper

Brakes replacement on BMW, Mercedes

Brake replacement on BMW, Mercedes and most European automobiles is a special procedure. Unlike most ordinary cars Europeans leads in designing and making high performance braking systems. Germany has such a high speed limits, it’s absolutely essential to have an effective braking system to haul your 2 ton car to a stop in a hurry, if needed and do so without brake fade, or you may have a serious problem.

This is the very reason you should never compromise your braking system with some cheap third party imitations.  The industry leaders are in order as Brembo is known as being the best there is which has been honed on the Formula one cars just for instance. Brembo is the leading supplier to most Motor Sport events around the world.

European brake parts

Than there are some serious brake manufacturers in Germany as well like Textar, Pagid of TMD friction and TRW as well which ones are the leading original brake component manufacturers to the leading German auto makers.

There is also well known around the world is Ferrodo, Jurid and Akebono as well. You’re safe to choose any of the above brands since they pay particular attention to the friction coefficient of the brake pads of the modern high performance automobiles.

We recognize the fact that lots of clients hate to clean their designer wheels from the black brake dust. This the reason, why we offer state of the art Brembo ceramic (with enhanced friction coefficient) or Akebono ceramic brake pads which produces 80 percent less brake dust in all European applications. Please inquire within availability is subject to individual applications.

Worth to note Akebono is also a leading brake component supplier, you may never heard of them but they are the second supplier to the F1 circuit cars in particular Mclaren F1 and street cars are outfitted with as a sole supplier by Akebono braking systems.

Clients sometimes think brakes are brakes, not a big deal, we think otherwise, nothing is more important to function at peak performance than your brakes not your engine or anything else.

Suffice to say your brakes can save lives which includes yours as well remember that when you get behind the wheels enjoy the ride.

Wish you all the best from your brake experts at Techmax Auto R. Inc.

High performance European import brake partsContact us for more at: (1) 905.795.0419


Akebono Brake System

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Brake Dust Free Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads

Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd is the brake system supplier of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1™ team.

Akebono has been supplying and jointly developing brake systems for the  McLaren Mercedes F1™ team since 2007.

McLaren has officially announced its full-scale entry in the GT3 series in 2012. Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. is to develop and supply brake calipers and exclusively designed bespoke brake pads for the MP4-12C GT3, McLaren’s latest FIA GT series racing car.

Also Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer to produce a true ceramic brake pad for European vehicles that delivers the same European pedal feel and the same, if not better – stopping power as the original brake pads.

For extra, Akebono’s exclusive clean wheel formulations virtually brake dust free. With other words, Akebono brake pads will keep your designer or standard alloy wheels beautifully clean and shiny with excellent stopping power. Continue reading...

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