Spring Maintenance on Your European Import Car

Spring has arrived, and the hot weather is finally here. But because the winter is over, you should not lose you your cool…

The warm weather can place extra burden on your BMW‘s or Mercedes Benz coolant system. In fact hot weather can effect any car’s coolant system…

Rather than get overheated and stranded on the side of the road this summer, you’re best to perform a coolant system flush.

We can perform this preventative maintenance on your European Import Car to ensure piece of mind all summer long. We can check your car’s air condition system too, at the same time, to make sure the cockpit will be cool when our hot Canadian summer day arrives.



Cooling System Service

Presumer Car Check Up

Air Conditioning Service

To prevent breakdown and keep you on the road safely, we use Midtronincs GR8-1200 Electrical System Tester – Analyzer to check, test your automobile electrical system, include your car batteries too.

Original or High Performance BOSCH Batteries for Your Fine BMW – Mercedes – Porsche!


After this long winter, a through inspection of your high end European vehicle is the samart thing to do.

For example:

  •  Under bodyinspection
  • Visual brake inspection
  • Tires rotacion
  • Inspection of tires for tread, depth, inflation, and ear patterns
  • Battery load test
  • Inspect cabin’s air filter
  • Lubricate door’s hinges

And of course there are few more things…

We look forward to seeing you and to servicing all you European Import Automotive needs.

Call us for more details on Spring Maintenance on Your European Import Car
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European Import Car Cooling System Service

The hot Canadian summer is coming. At summer time your car’s cooling system is a very important system in your vehicle. If your BMW’s cooling system is not in a perfect condition, your car most likely will overheat in a hot summer day. The colling system responsibility is to keep the car’s engine cooled so it doesn’t overheat. An overheat can cause several thousands dollar worth of damage, in some cases it might even and up in engine replacement.

Your BMW water pumps play an active role in protecting the values and condition of other component in your BMW. In not just your BMW water pumps, the above sentence can apply to Mercedes, Porsche and any other car too.

BMW water pumps are tailored to individual engines, precision engineered and rigorously tested. Original BMW water pumps are totally reliable, even at extreme temperature. Above all, original BMW ware pumps are extremely long lasting.

High quality original BMW water pumps, with regularly serviced cooling system, keep coolant circulating under all operating condition. Overheating is for drivers who did not get service their car cooling system.

What can happen, if you do not service your BMW cooling system. Continue reading….

Original BMW water pumps, keep your high quality BMW’s cooling system running smoothly and reliably.

Rebuilt water pumps are available too for request.

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BMW 328-I Cooling System Failure

BMW cooling system

One of our client complained about the lock of heat in a freshly purchased, used with low millages BMW 328-I.

Pristine looking car by the way. He took it back to the place of purchase. By that time was too late.

This  “cappuccino” liquid was oozing out everywhere.

Unfortunately there is no cure for this poor engine. Recommended replacement of the entire engine assembly.

We found a good use engine with thirty five thousands kilometers in, documented with the donor car’s VIN number.

Of course the engine exchange brought back this beauty to perfect condition.

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