Lithium Ion Battery in your BMW

We are happy to announce that now we can recover most dead Lithium ion or LiPoe batteries for BMW, Porsche and alike. The issue at hand is that, if the owner goes on holiday for extended periods, like 3 weeks or more, if the vehicle is stationary for an extended period of time, it may lose voltage entirely in the Lithium ion battery.

Modern European Cars & Lithium Ion Battery

This will introduce a no-start condition: the vehicle will start with a boost but will not start again thereafter. Most modern European cars will have a Lithium Ion battery as a primary or secondary battery, if dual battery equipped. These batteries became more prevalent after 2018, although BMW M model cars had it already from 2016 onward.

Lithium Ion Battery Charger

In case you want to put your vehicle into storage or intend to park it for over 3 weeks, you will need to install a specific Lithium ion battery charger, either from the manufacturer or from CTEK.

We can potentially install one for you permanently.  All you have to do is plug it in, and it will remain fresh once you disconnect it. Furthermore, with some care and common sense, we can most likely revive it for you. Therefore, you will not need to replace it just because the stationary voltage drops too low.

Please note that there is an internal relay within the Lithium ion battery pack. It will suddenly disconnect the positive battery terminal if the residual voltage drops below 10.5 volts.

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