BMW 3 Series. It was a very close call.

It was a very close call. Luckily the man was driving a new model BMW 3 Serious car. As well know this car is the ultimate driving machine.

The next video from BMW USA proves the above statements. Because the BMW 3 Serious car, the man was lucky enough to escape the disaster….

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BMW Thermostat Replacement

BMW  Replacement ThermostatThe thermostats at left is the old defective thermostat. It comes with the car and made by Wahler.

At right is a new replacement, after market BMW thermostat from us, imported from Germany and, it is  made by Wahler also.

The two thermostat are the same. The only different is; The replacement thermostat does not have the BMW brand mark on, and it  makes significant different in price.

We can’t possibly get everything imported from Germany but most common BMW replacement parts, yes we have our own source.

We will try to source, the best quality parts, on the best available price for your fine automobile.

So now you just have to decide what you’re going to do with the money you saved by paying less for the same parts?

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BMW 328-I Cooling System Failure

BMW cooling system

One of our client complained about the lock of heat in a freshly purchased, used with low millages BMW 328-I.

Pristine looking car by the way. He took it back to the place of purchase. By that time was too late.

This  “cappuccino” liquid was oozing out everywhere.

Unfortunately there is no cure for this poor engine. Recommended replacement of the entire engine assembly.

We found a good use engine with thirty five thousands kilometers in, documented with the donor car’s VIN number.

Of course the engine exchange brought back this beauty to perfect condition.

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The BMW X3 is the best selling luxury brand in North America and in the United States

2012 BMW X32012 BMW X3

BMW is expanding its Biggest North American factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina, US. The company has announced it will invest minimum $990 million  into the facility over the next three years to increase the production to 350,000 vehicles annually.

Currently, the Spartanburg assembly plant produces the BMW X3 (see the above photo), X5 and X6.  BMW says the company  expects to see an increase in CUV demand in the coming years.

BMW has already committed to strength its presence in the crossover market with the introduction of  the upcoming X4 model.

The BMW X3 is the car, that helped the German car maker grow to become the best selling luxury brand, not just only  in the United States, but in North America too.

BMW X3 was the best selling luxury car in US in first time in the company’s history last year.

The model saw more then double increase in global sales to a total of 117,944 units, and 27,793 of those found new owners in US.

Presently, 70 percent of the vehicles built in Spartanburg are exported to other markets around the world.

The facility built 276,065 vehicles, in 2011, which marks an increase of 73 percent over 2010. The plant originally opened in 1994, and BMW is currently celebrating the 2 millionth vehicle  produced since in there.

Why the BMW X-3 is so popular?

The BMW X3 is the best compact 4×4 you can buy, and that’s why the BMW X3 is the SUV of 2011. It’s classy, practical and good to drive. The engines are very efficient, too, and standard kit pretty generous.

With 28 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up (flip  them forward for 63 cubic feet). It makes the latest X3 a very comfortable  family car.

The base X3  comes with 240-hp engine.  The xDrive35i  comes with a turbocharged 306-hp engine.

Both X3s also get a shift able eight speed automatic transmission with dual clutch system. Read more about dual clutch system

The 2012 X3 is smooth in city driving and can be sporty around corners. It “behaves” like a sport sedan. If you take it to the limit, the drivers aids like stability control, traction control, kicks in only after the sound of spinning tire  and some burned rubber smell. This is really fun car to drive…

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Overheated BMW Engine

BMW heating system

BMW owners, please note your car modern Alloy engines will not tolerate severe overheat.  Due to the strength of Alloy, it will get tempered (destroyed) by overheating.

Aluminum is a light metal, with low melting point. Aluminum’s melting point  is half of the  cast Cast Iron’s meting point, which is beyond 1200 Celsius.

Older cast iron engines did tolerate overheating better.

In the event of overheating do yourself a favor and don’t try to drive your car home or to your favorite mechanic shop or you might need a new engine on arrival.

Our advice is, turn engine  off  and get a tow truck. As much as it is inconvenient, towing   is still  your best and less expensive alternative.

What Happened With This BMW X5?


A failed cyclone valve created this disaster. If you own BMW X5, you should replace them with a new. The new made with upgraded component to prevent this.

We recommend to shorter your oil change intervals to maximum ten thousand kilometers with BMW approved premium, long life synthetic motor oil.

Some of this engines are know to have Hydraulic locked by motor oil, after cyclone valve drain failure.

Your catalyst converter and O/2 sensors are not meant to be soaked in raw motor oil, or have your car engine locked suddenly by the same.

This  applies to most 3.0 BMW engines.

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Next Generations BMW 3 series

The next generation BMW 3 Series arrives to Canada early 2012.

The BMW 3 Series has long been considered the leader in its class. The 2012 BMW 3 Series is the 6th generation 3 series from BMW.

As you can see on the above video, it comes in all new design and  3 distinct trim levels.

Sport Line

Modern Line

Luxury Line

The new 3 Series can also be dress up with a new M sport package. It includes bigger and lighter alloy wheels, M sport suspension, different interior design and leather steering wheel.

The 2012 BMW 328i will arrive to the show rooms with a TwinPower Turbo 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder engine. It produce 245 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque.

The 2012 BMW 335i will be powered TwinPower Turbo 3.0 liter in-line 6 cylinder engine. It produce 306 horsepower and 295 pound feet of torque.

Any of the both engines is very impressive. Both produce more than 100 horse power for 1 liter of engine volume.

Transmission can be 6 speed manual or 8 speed automatic. The automatic in  Sport mode can accelerate more quickly than the 6 speed manual transmission,  while also produce slightly better fuel mileage.

One of the exciting new features to be installed in the 2012 BMW 3 Series is the Head Up Display Technology (HUD) . As the name suggests, HUD Technology will allow the driver to view dashboard display on the car’s windscreen itself!

HUD Technology available in the 2012 BMW 3 Series with an additional cost of $1,300. Because HUD technology, the driver will no longer need to take his/her eyes of the road while changing tracks, looking for directions using GPS, etc.

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2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe Full Test Video

2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe Full Test Video. I can add only one more thing to the above video review.

The BMW M’s are build for perfomance… If I you want a confortable every day driver you should buy a regular 3 series.

German license plate in Ontario

The license plate is made in Germany, with the owner’s Ontario numbers. Yes it is legal.

Carbon Fiber Bumper on BMWBeautiful car. It has carbon fiber bumper, bits and pieces. Custom made German license plate with the owner’s Canadian number. Beautiful rims.

Check out our wide selection of BMW replica rims.


BMW 5 series with Beyern performance wheels

BMW 5 mesh wheel

At above is a BMW 5 series with Beyern custom designed, silver mesh  performance wheels .

These wheels also made with tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) systems in mind for newer vehicles. They come in several colors and various sizes.

Also available in staggered fitments on special order only. Please inquire within .

BMW M3 Coupe

BMW M3 CoupeAdditional schooling is not enough to know cars to perfection.

When we encounter a brand new BMW or any other high end German import car, we pay special attention to the changes.

For example we take photos of interesting developments in the late model cars, so will be ready for our customers when they need our services.

No misunderstanding please, we do not disassemble anything, but visually we get accustomed to important changes, plus the additional, targeted  schooling, we will be at our costumer service when they need us.

Carbon Fiber Insert on BMW M 3 Speedometer

Carbon fibre inserts on BMW M 3

Nice Touch…

Be careful, some retailers claims, you can just remove the front glass on the speedometer.

This is absolutely incorrect… so as the owner of this fine BMW M-3 found out after braking his own instrument cluster.

Needless to say he wasn’t amused when he found out the cost ($ 900.00+) for a replacement instrument cluster. Naturally we got around it and fixed his car up with his new carbon fiber insert at the same time.

BMW Shark Fin

BMW Shark Fin

Shark  fins on late model BMW’s

Do you ever wondered what’s up with the BMW shark fin?

Shark fins on BMW actually contains no less than 3 antennas.  For, radio, for GPS and of course for the telephone.