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Daytime Running Light Reprogramming

Due to parity of our Canadian dollar more and more people import used and new BMW from US to Canada. If you are one of those car owner, you should get re-programmed your car's daytime running light. Call us at the above number for more.

In the autumn the days become shorter, the nights become longer. Roads are getting icy. The clean good view are very important.

Come to our shop for headlight aim special. Regular price is from $44.99 (subject to change without any notice). Our fall special in the month of October is $19.99, self levelling HID systems, does not including.

Check out our pre-winter safety inspection offers.

Add extra decorative and functional lighting to your auto. We offer Halogen lights, Xenon lights, fog lights, European style real lights, reverse lights and indicators.


Xenon Lights

This light is original German made Xenon. It is based on the gas discharge principle, where an arc of light is created between two electrodes in a glass tube filled with metal salts and inert gases. This is not to be confused with many manufacturers who call their halogen lamps Xenon. If your car's head lights have halogen light bulbs in it, you can have the latest and brightest lights, without spending several hundred dollars.

We install only quality brand name components for durability and safety, made by reputable manufactures.

Do you know?

Xenon / HID bulbs do not use a filament like halogen bulbs, but creates light by zapping an arc between two electrodes. This arc excites gases, igniting metallic salts. The product of this reaction is intense white light.

Xenon / HID has power consumption of 3.5 amps constant draw compared to approximately 10 amps drawn from a standard halogen light bulb.

Xenon / HID bulbs life is an average of 3000 hours compared to the halogen's 750 hour life, and is not effected by vibration.

Xenon / HID produces a color temperature of 4300 degrees Kelvin verses 2800 degrees Kelvin from a standard halogen bulb. For comparison, the earth's sun has a color temperature of 5200 degrees Kelvin.

Xenon / HID output is approximately 3200 lumens compared to 750 lumens in a standard halogen bulb, resulting in over three times the light output.

Our equipment are "state of the art"  and we know how to use them! Complete dealer level diagnostic computer system for the test and repair of your fine European import car. Check out our Autologic Diagnostic page for more details.

Evolution of headlights: The halogen light bulb used to be say 10 dollars H4, then we went to high pressure H7 bulbs 15 dollars. Next step was the HID system, which uses a special high voltage bulb with mercury salt, has been say 140 dollars. Additionally there is a module which may cost 500 to 1200 dollars, plus in all the German made cars, there is a mandatory self levelling light system on top. Now we progressed to LED headlights. Continue reading....


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