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TRW - Lucas one of the largest original equipment parts manufacturer for most European automobiles. The other are Lemforder, Fichtel and Sachs, Boge -Sachs, TMD Friction. Their product range is very extensive research - development and production of ride and safety products for today's high performance European automobiles.

Their products are, brake parts, Linkage & Suspension parts & steering parts. I will talk about brake parts at this time. As a key safety component of the braking system, TRW brake pads are produced to ensure the highest level of performance, driver comfort and safety.

TRW - Lucas Setting the standard

TRW is one of the world's top ten automotive safety suppliers. As a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of complete braking systems, brake modules and advanced vehicle control systems, TRW supplies all major vehicle manufacturers around the globe.

As a key safety component of the braking system, TRW brake pads are produced to ensure the highest level of performance, driver comfort and safety.

Manufacturing is at the heart of TRW's business

Raw material

Friction material is the most important part of a brake pad and all TRW pads are heavy metal free. They use the optimum mix of raw materials from rubber to graphite, ensuring a stable friction coefficient and the safest braking | and conditions.

The result is far greater strength and resistance than an equivalent cast wheel, vastly improving the performance  of the wheel when faced with impacts and high levels of road stress.


Scorching is process and involves heating the brake pad material to 600-700C. Not all aftermarket suppliers carry out scorching procedures to the same level as TRW, with some not undertaking it all. Scorching significantly improves:

Bedding behavior - the performance is greatly enhanced the first time the driver applies the brakes. Un-scorched brake pads will not reach this level of performance until reaching 200 km bedding in.

Initial fading - fading increases the necessary force and pressure required to maintain the deceleration of the vehicle.

Advanced heat plate scorching

TRW recently changed it scorching process from conventional flame scorching to advanced heat plate scorching  - which is today an OE standard. During heat plate scorching, the pad is pressed to a heated plate. This means less energy is used during the process.

Deep Molding Technology

TRW brake pads are manufactured using deep molding technology - a process undertaken by automatic molding presses. The main benefit of this process is that the density and porosity of the material are more consistent, resulting in a significant reduction in the occurrence of squealing and juddering, thus improving driver comfort.

Safety first

All TRW brake pads undergo a rigorous set of tests, both during the production process and on the road. TRW aftermarket mirrors the testing procedures used by the OE area of the business. TRW Automotive Aftermarket also carries out a wide range of additional testing to ensure the complete safety of our parts.
Many aftermarket suppliers in Europe consider their adherence to ECE R90 specifications as a mark of excellence, but for TRW, this is a minimum. 

TRW also carry out extensive testing on the road to ensure a complete testing program, which include performance test, comfort test, alpine test and hill hold.

Another First for TRW

Reinforcing their position as an innovator and following in the footsteps of their OE parent company, TRWs Aftermarket business is well on the way to fulfilling its ambition of being first to market with a complete range of black painted brake discs.

Product enhancement

Discs coated in TRWs own special black paint, creating unique surface

Quietly Confident

When it comes to ensuring minimal noise from the braking system, all TRW brake pads are fitted with shim acts as a damper between the friction part and the brake caliper. Without this, braking noise can occur, varying from groaning to a high frequency squeal  depending on the driving speed and the brake temperature.

TRW brake pads offer you outstanding levels of performance, driver comfort and safety.

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