BMW build for speed. Driving on the German Autobahn.

It is well know world wide,  the autobahns in Germany are not subject to speed limit, however they use suggested top speed signs at some places. They are blue signs (looks like the red bordered speed speed limit signs, just blue)  and usually showing 130. That number is not the speed limit, it is only the suggested maximum speed.

Also there are many stretches of autobahn are covered by signed speed limits, which are closely observed, monitored by the German Police. As you getting close to cities, there is speed limit at many places. For example on the next photo 100 km. Hard to see, but, do you realize the no passing with truck? Trucks speed are limited to maximum 80km, so a no passing sign is not a brainer…

driving on the autobahn

When you left the city area, the sign show speed limit is over. You can push it hard. The Germans build cars for the Autobahn for speed. You can drive fast, you can get anywhere in a short time.

The A81 Autobahn, one of the longest unrestricted highway in Germany. It is close to the Swiss border in SW Germany. A 60 year old gentlemen drove his  2012 BMW M5 around 290 – 300 km / hour.  He lost control as he braked to avoid a car that was joining the highway at the front of him. The driver did not realize the fact, the M5 coming flat out behind him.


The M5 struck the road divider, bounced off and flew across the highway, then flipped several times, then stopped in a ditch about 100 meters from the highway.

The fact is, neither the 60 year old driver and his  20 year old passenger died. The young man’s pet dog was sitting in the back seat (was wearing doggy seat belt) was not killed either.

They injured badly, but survived because the M5’s safety technology. All three was hurt, but they are alive and they will recover 100%. Take a look at to next photo and the photo at above and you will realize, German technology,  save life…

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