BMW Performance That You Can Hear

The original factory made BMW performance silencer system does not just give your car a distinctive powerful sound, it also measurably improves throttle response.

High throughput reduces back pressure, so that exhaust gases are channeled away from the engine faster, enabling it to function more  efficiently.

BMW PerformanceTe results are clear to see and above all,clearer to hear. Even at low revs, the rich, deep engine note clearly hints at the reserves of power available. As hard you put your right food down, as hard will your pulse rate leap upwards.

The outer sign if this inner qualities can be found at the rear of the car, in shape of the tween tailpipes in chrome plated stainless steel.

The tween stainless steel tailpipes stripped down look gives the vehicle even more high tech appeal, and the powerful engine sound confirms the available power.

And as with all original factory made BMW performance products, the use of the latest CAD and FEA technology combined with strict internal quality assurance processes, ensures long component life.

The original factory made BMW Performance silencer system is available in two versions.

One for four cylinder gas engines and one for four cylinder gas  and diesel engines.

Both versions were designed to optimize the performance characteristics of the engine layout in question.

MagnaFlow Performance exhaust system  or MagnaFlow Racing exhaust system for your BMW

Magnaflow performance exhaust system

New Magnaflow exhaust system on BMW M3 Coupe

On the above photo you can see a BMW M3 with improved breathing true Magnaflow performance exhaust system.  The sound alone is worth the price, not to say the improved performance and lighter weight. Click on the next link to listen the sound of the Magnaflow performance exhaust. Play the file in your standard application

Visit our on-line photo album to see Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System on BMW, BMW M3 and on Mini Cooper. Also you can listen the sound and view the video from the photo album.

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BMW Performance Accessories

The best technology offers not only excellent performance, but also outstanding easy of use. And that is  exactly what the interior components in the BMW Performance rage do. They are functional and ergonomic. They make operating even the most sophisticated solutions simply itself.

BMW Perfromace SeatBMW Performance Accessories  turn the interior of your BMW into a command post, that is tailored to your personal requirements.  Climb in and take control.

Climb in, and you’ll find that the BMW Performance sport seat fits you like a second skin. Its highly distinctive shape was inspired by the monocoque construction technique used in racing cars, and it combines outstanding lateral support when cornering at speed with a high level of comfort on long journeys. Upholstered in black Alcantara, and featuring a built-in side airbag, it is also adjustable between two height settings. On the head part, the BMW Performance lettering is a proud statement of its racing origins.

The BMW Performance sport steering wheel I likewise breaks new ground. Completely upholstered in Alcantara with white cross-stitching, the curvature is flattened at the lower edge. However, its most eye-catching feature is the display built into the top of the rim. Incorporating one organic and two conventional LEDs, it gives drivers access to a variety of efficiency and motor-sport related functions. These are operated via buttons conveniently located in the thumb-rest areas. A choice of three modes is available – ECO, Sport and Race.

In all three modes, the LEDs can be used to inform drivers of the optimum shift point. In ECO mode, they can also help facilitate a more economical driving style. Sport mode includes a stopwatch, a current fuel consumption display, and a g-meter showing and recording momentary acceleration.

BMW sport steering wheel

Race mode incorporates a lap timer with various split-time and memory functions. An optional lap trigger is available separately, which uses an infrared transmitter and receiver to measure lap times automatically and extremely accurately.

Race mode also allows a variety of acceleration times to be measured, such as the time taken to reach 100 km/h from a standing start or for the American quarter-mile sprint. Radiator temperature is shown in all three modes, as is the oil temperature in the case of petrol engines.

Alternatively, there is also the BMW Performance sport steering wheel II. This too is completely covered in Alcantara, ensuring optimum grip in any situation, and features a flattened lower section of the rim and white cross-stitched seams. It also has a leather Motor sport marking in the 12 o’clock position, in the signature BMW Performance Yellow color.

Ultimate performance is a question of getting even the smallest details absolutely right, and this philosophy is exemplified in the decorative components of the BMW Performance range. For example, the meticulously crafted interior trim strips in carbon combine a high-tech motor sport feel with an effortless sense of style.


BMW Tuning

Brembo Brake System

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We can give your BMW engine more power with BMW performance air intake

You can give your BMW engine more power if you give it more what it needs.

The engine of your BMW is eager to unleash its full power, but it can only do so if you give it enough room to breath.

In other simple English words, your BMW engine needs air, as highly compressed, as steady rate as possible. That way all the cylinders will be evenly  filled, and so your BMW engine will be able to produce more power and more torque.

BMW race carBMW Race Car – Based on a 2009 BMW M3

The BMW performance air intake system ensures that every engine is always provided with the optimum of air. Special air pipes, performance air filters make possible high throughput and minimize pressure lass. This creates a throaty intake note, which can be enjoyed inside the cockpit,  enriching the sports car experience of driving your BMW.

The sound of the engine will be magnificent and the power will be unresistant.  Your BMW can take off at any moment. Which moment? You can control it with your right leg…

The section of the air intake cover is made of high tech carbon, and carries the BMW Performance lettering.

It hides under the hood, but the message it sends out could not be cleaner.

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BMW Performace Brake System

Nothing is more challenging than delivering breathtaking performance. It required strength, innovative thinking and the  courage to rewrite rules.

Something that is only possible when driven by true dedication. Dedication that never cases more forward, direct,  focused uncompromising.

If you are looking for all the above in cars, there are the BMW M Series models for you.

BMW M3 competition model BMW M3 GTS Competition Model from BMW Welt Munich Germany.

Just tap the accelerator in any BMW M Series car and you will flying on the road or on the racetrack, it depends on, where at you drive… However with thrilling acceleration, you need to have amazing braking power too.

The greater the the power under your right leg, the greater the importance of control. It is not just how fast your BMW can go from 0 to 100 km/hour  that matters, but also how fast it can go from 100 km or from higher to  speed to 0.



Akebono Brake Dust Free Brake Pads
TRW – Lucas European Automobiles Parts
Brembo Brake System


The BMW performance breaking system is designed to handle the rigorous demands imposed upon by it sports style driving.

At the heart is the system are the aluminum six piston fixed calipers and ventilated, cross drilled brake discs at the front axle. The designs of these brake parts, brake components reflects their sporting origin. The light weight of these brake system reduces the unsprung mass of the car,  this improves the driving dynamics.

The BMW Performance Brake System performs very well in wet driving condition too. The grooves and the well placed holes on the brake discs prevent a film of water from forming between brake disc and brake pads.

The system makes an equally dramatic visual impact too. The front brake calipers future BMW Performance lettering painted in BMW Performance Yellow.


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The New 2013 BMW 7 Series Family Sedan

BMW’s 7 Series  family sedan will come to North America with five newly designed   models in 2013.

2013 BMW 72013 BMW 7 Series Family Sedan

The luxury BMW’s 7 Series  family sedans  (the 740 Li xDrive variant is new for 2013) all receive revised exterior, new gen­eration of the onboard user-control interface, iDrive.  iDrive still run through of the knob in the center console — but it much more user friendly then the previous.

Mainstay models 750i and 750 Li (both with xDrive all-wheel drive system) will bring an updated, enhanced power train with BMW’s latest  4.4-litre eight cylinder engine. The same engine installed the BMW latest,  6 Series Gran Coupe.



To ensure the best performance for your European Import car, we recommend factory approved (BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, WV) lubricants. Continue Reading…


The TwinPower turbo V8 produce the same numbers in the 7 Ser­ies, with 445 hp and 480 Ib.-ft. of torque.

However I believe the top of the line engine  6.0L twin turbo V12. It is already in the 760 Li and it will keep this engine.

The New Hybrid

The hybrid model, the  BMW ActiveHybrid 7, claims improved fuel economy over the previous  gen­eration. The hybrid’s V8 engine replaced with an in-line six cylinder turbo with a 55-hp electric motor attached to it. The electric motor powered  with lithium ion batteries.

This hybrid produce much lowered emissions, while keeps up the performance. According to BMW’s published driving test, the hybrid’s acceleration time of 4.8 seconds from 0-100 km/h. I think it is very impressive from a full size hybrid family sedan.

All new BMW 7 Series comes with a new start stop technology built in. It shuts the engine off at idle, further reducing fuel consumption, and lowering senseless emis­sions when the car is sitting still. How it will work on the long term…. I guess time will tell.

All new BMW 7 Series will also use BMW”s eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission.

For music lovers and for car owners who want to spend some extra money on their new car, 16 speaker sur­round sound stereo system upgrade available  from Bang & Olufsen. This surround sound system was designed specifically for the new BMW 7 Series’ passenger cabin.

BMW Z4 dieselBMW Z4 with Diesel Engine

A lot of BMW lovers and owners asked the question, will be this BMW 7 Series available with diesel engine?

The answer is yes… According to a report in Car and Driver, the refreshed 2013 BMW 7 Series will be offered with diesel power here in North America from 2013.  It will  powered by the same 3.0-liter turbo-diesel in-line six  engine, that BMW use in other models.

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BMW build for speed. Driving on the German Autobahn.

It is well know world wide,  the autobahns in Germany are not subject to speed limit, however they use suggested top speed signs at some places. They are blue signs (looks like the red bordered speed speed limit signs, just blue)  and usually showing 130. That number is not the speed limit, it is only the suggested maximum speed.

Also there are many stretches of autobahn are covered by signed speed limits, which are closely observed, monitored by the German Police. As you getting close to cities, there is speed limit at many places. For example on the next photo 100 km. Hard to see, but, do you realize the no passing with truck? Trucks speed are limited to maximum 80km, so a no passing sign is not a brainer…

driving on the autobahn

When you left the city area, the sign show speed limit is over. You can push it hard. The Germans build cars for the Autobahn for speed. You can drive fast, you can get anywhere in a short time.

The A81 Autobahn, one of the longest unrestricted highway in Germany. It is close to the Swiss border in SW Germany. A 60 year old gentlemen drove his  2012 BMW M5 around 290 – 300 km / hour.  He lost control as he braked to avoid a car that was joining the highway at the front of him. The driver did not realize the fact, the M5 coming flat out behind him.


The M5 struck the road divider, bounced off and flew across the highway, then flipped several times, then stopped in a ditch about 100 meters from the highway.

The fact is, neither the 60 year old driver and his  20 year old passenger died. The young man’s pet dog was sitting in the back seat (was wearing doggy seat belt) was not killed either.

They injured badly, but survived because the M5’s safety technology. All three was hurt, but they are alive and they will recover 100%. Take a look at to next photo and the photo at above and you will realize, German technology,  save life…

BMW-M5-wreckHave you ever been in car accident? Did you have any difficulty to get your car back to the road? We repair import cars from accident too, (not like the above M5). If you need our help, call us for more. Telephone: 905.795.0419

The new BMW M6-Series Coupé

BMW did not hesitated to enhance the range of the new 6-Series Coupé with an M sport package.

The new package include diesel engine, which is the first time in the 6-Series model. Also it available with company xDrive, all-wheel-drive system.

New BMW M6

There are some more features, which included an M aerodynamics package,  with uniquely designed front fascia, side skirts and rear fascia.

The M Sport package comes with exhaust tips in black chrome, black-painted brake calipers, LED fog lamps.

Of course it comes with a  sports exhaust system (for the BMW 650i Gran Coupe) and the choice of wheels in two sizes. 19-inch light-alloy wheels in M double-spoke design or 20-inch light-alloy wheels in M double-spoke design.

Future car owners, who are  ordering the M Sport package may also choice paint finish too. Their options are: the M paint finishes Carbon Black metallic and Imola Red non-metallic.


Lets talk about lighting. LED fog lamps is one thing that you can find only on few cars, the other is the HID lights.


Day time running lights re-programing
Xenon Lights (HID)


The first HID lights were born in 1991, by BMW engineers at BMW.  At first we saw HID light on the road in 1991 on 7 Series  BMW.

HID lights have been a big hit ever since. Today very easy to find after market HID lights kits that are a match for just about  for any kind of automobile, doesn’t matter, it is an import or domestic car.

If you are interested in your vehicle being both safer, and much more attractive looking, HID lights are the way to go. HID lights make sure you can see in any weather condition, what ever, it is night storm or snow storm of fog.  HID light help you at anytime, anywhere   to get your and your passenger safely to  home or to  work or anywhere else.

At Techmax, we have a wide  variety of BMW HID lights kits  available to you. We carry original and after-market kits too. The choice is yours and it depends on your car too. There are different kits for older models, and different kits  for newer models.

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Quality MANN, BOSCH or MAHLE OIL Filter for Your BMW

Quality filters bring a piece of mind. Resist the temptation of offering low priced low price filters. It not worth. At the end you will pay more.

At first the air filter. Todays air filters are integral part of the vehicle air induction system. With computer on-board, the mass airflow measurements are used to optimize fuel usage and exhaus emission.

In other words, if the air filter cause the air intake changed  greatly,  (due to dirty air-filter) then fuel usage and exhaust emission will compromised too. The car will burn more gas and will create more carbon monoxide (CO), which will over use the catalytic converter, and it lifespan will be shorter.

We recommend to change, inspect air filter following the owners manual, according to mileage and driving conditions.

Oil Filters

MANN, Bosch oil filters

You can save few bucks or pennis by take your car to a cheap oil change place. Be carefully,   those places use no name oil filters. Those few bucks that you might save, might also lead to a lot more down the line.

There are more then one reason, why you should not do it. No name filters usually do not have the  consistency in quality and delivery method over time. It seems, by purchasing a less expensive filer, savings are generated right a way. You should not try to save money on oil and oil filters.

By original or other big well know, name brand filter, like MANN, BOSCH or MAHLE OIL FILTER.

Name brand filters are familiar with OAM requirements and their filters meet those needs. In the event of issue, occurs with named brand filter, they will assist in resolving the issue.

Use a no name filter, from questionable sources, can cause  problems down the line. Those problems can vary from premature engine wear to complete engine failure. You can end up in a big engine repair bill, just because, you tried to save few bucks on oil change.

Placing the proper spec filter is very important with long interval synthetic motor oils in many cars. It is crucial to install a high quality, OEM spec or higher oil filter at every oil changes. These filters most survive intervals of 15,000 miles, as some car manufacturers specify.

It is a good practice to install quality parts to your high quality European import car. There is no substitute for quality motor oils and quality oil filters.

“The Lubro Moly & Liqui Moly line of lubricants, additives, and fuel system
products are the finest in the world.”

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Quality BMW Brake Repair

BMW M3 Coupe’s Brembo Brake
Brembo BrakeOriginal BMW Brakes are high precision parts, that are subject to extreme stress, therefore their quality plays a major and very important role  in the active safety of your BMW.

Every BMW model has its own geometric brake disc dimensions. Each disc is tailriolled to the aerodynamic properties of the model in question and ensure optimum heat dissipation and ventilation.

Original BMW Brakes are extremely heat and distortion resistant, have long operating lives and ensure smooth braking.

Between design and producing, all BMW brake parts goes true, rigorous material test, high precision engineering. Plus lab and driving test to ensure top quality and  reliability at every times.

The brake something that we can call sure thing.  BMW brake in working condition is a sure thing. It makes sure, you can stop, when you need to stop. However you as a  driver or as the owner of your car  – you have to make sure, your BMW’s brake is a in a good working condition. If something not 100% right, you need to get repaired.

Top quality and reliability  are essential for the perfect BMW repair, and not just when it comes to original BMW parts.

You need to know, you can rely on us with consultation and with the service what we offer.

We can service and repair your car with original BMW parts and or with “top of the line” after-market BMW parts. The choice is yours.

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Brembo Brake for Mini


Quality Brake Parts

Techmax offers a broad line of original import, or import and domestic brake parts in the after-market.

Products include quality brake pads, brake shoes, master cylinders, disc brake calipers, drums & rotors, cross drilled performance rotors, power brake boosters, wheel cylinders, brake hoses and hardware, brake cables and brake fluids. We have brake parts for any import car. Continue Reading…


Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluids are by nature hygroscopic which means they absorb water from the air (humidity, like magnet attracts the metal shavings). Due to this property the brake fluid became corrosive.  There is an increasing awareness of the dangers of water induced corrosion in the modern brake/traction/dynamic stability control systems.

Why Your Car Does Need Brake Fluid Flush? Continue Reading…


TRW Brake Pads

TRW – Lucasone of the largest original equipment parts manufacturer for most European automobiles. The other are Lemforder, Fichtel and Sachs, Boge -Sachs, TMD Friction.

Their product range is very extensive research – development and production of ride and safety products for today’s high performance European automobiles.

Their products are, brake parts, Linkage & Suspension parts & steering parts. I will talk about brake parts at this time. Continue Reading…


Akebono Brake Sytem

To respond to diverse performance requirements of the current automobile market, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd in Japan, North America, Europe and China, develops and evaluates friction materials and brake components that meet the needs of the today’s car manufacturers and today’s drivers.

With manufacturing locations in every continent, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd   provide products as OEM suppliers to global automobile manufacturers.

They supply a wide range of global manufacturers, such as Porsche,  Mercedes Benz, GM, Ford, and others. Also currently they have approximately 40% share in the Japanese original equipment automotive disc brake pad market.

Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd  (In North America – Akebono Brake Corporation, North American subsidiary) provide sensor products, which take advantage of their brake technology and the experience the company have accumulated over the years.

Akebono Group considers safety to be the highest priority theme in their development. As brake experts, their mission is to provide safety and braking that has the right feel, no matter the circumstances.

For example Akebono’s highly advanced ceramic brake pad technology allows Akebono’s “EURO” brake pad line to provide excellent stopping power while extending rotor life and virtually eliminating brake dust. Continue Reading…