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The real BMW -Mercedes-Benz and Porsche specialist. How can you tell, really? The number one thing is a real specialist will have only their specialty cars on their lot and in the shop (not a mix and match of vans and trucks and or domestic makes and models) are waiting to be looked after or repaired.

Furthermore any specialist will have relevant vehicle specific software, preferably from the manufacturer of the vehicle to be able to code program the myriad of on board computers and control modules on a modern late model German high tech automobile.

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The specialist also should have most of their employees training clearly visible to the clients as part of their credentials to prove their qualifications to work on those particular automobiles. Any specialty shop should have their senior techs with decades of experience on the field which is invaluable as to know the common issues of the many different models on the specific makes of their cars.

Last but not least any real specialist shop will have no more than 3 makes as their specialty, as the demand on software and specialty tools increased in the last decade or so, so did the amount of money invested in the relevant tools and training to keep up wit the ever increasing technological advances in today’s modern but rather complex sophisticated automobiles.

As most specialty shops will tell you to  have access to factory and or manufacturer endorsed training and access to the manufacturers own websites is an out most importance second to only to a real seasoned specialty shop technician which  should be familiar to use the manufacturers own model designations and short forms as they should have the model and make specific subscription available at all times to their advantage for a proper diagnosis on today’s highly automated computerized automobiles.

We hope this helps you to choose the right shop for your fine German automobile. We at Techmax wish you safe driving and trouble free motoring at all times. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for reading.

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