Motor Work On BMW

The right tool for the right job. Correct? This sentence apply for motor work on BMW Merced, Porsche, and on MINI to.

Motor work on BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mini.

Having the right tool for the right job is essential in most cases. No shiny toolbox will ever fix any BMW if doesn’t have the right tools within.

The another day we had a persistent tank ventilation system leak on a newly acquired 2011 BMW 3 series. First we had the vent test pump failed and the fault kept returning.  After pumping a lot of smoke into the system we found someone hammered on the tightening ring onto the fuel pump assembly.

Unfortunately there was a chunk of the pump housing missing so we had to replace the pump assembly with a new ring and secured it with the proper tool.

Work on BMW 3 Series

Check out the next photos for details.
The first picture is a BMW 3 series fuel sending unit with a missing piece from the housing.

Second picture is the proper tool, that we used during the engine repair on this BMW. The new ring sitting on the tool.

The 3rd photos show the old rusty locking ring.

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BMW X5 N55 Engine Repair

Today, one of our clients BMW with an N55 engine required a special repair. We had to fabricate a special tool to extract the seized, severely corroded fuel injector from the cylinder head.

In this case, the factory injector puller is not adequate to make the injectors budge from their hole. This is a common issue on BMW X5 trucks with the N55 engine. In this case I had to solve the issue by fabricating a custom puller to extract the fused injectors from the cylinder head, without the removal of the cylinder head assembly.

Needless to say we were successful to resolve the issue at hand, and we saved a lot of time and $$$$ for our client.

Custom Made BMW Injector Puller

On the photo is our custom made BMW injector puller, attached to a injector, next to a already extracted BMW’s injector.

BMW Injector Puller

The above 2 examples are just a glance of the actual times we need to use our extensive list of specialty tools during motor work on BMW, MINI, Mercedes or Porsche. At times we need to fabricate one to come around complicated problems.

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