Quality BMW Brake Repair

BMW M3 Coupe’s Brembo Brake
Brembo BrakeOriginal BMW Brakes are high precision parts, that are subject to extreme stress, therefore their quality plays a major and very important role  in the active safety of your BMW.

Every BMW model has its own geometric brake disc dimensions. Each disc is tailriolled to the aerodynamic properties of the model in question and ensure optimum heat dissipation and ventilation.

Original BMW Brakes are extremely heat and distortion resistant, have long operating lives and ensure smooth braking.

Between design and producing, all BMW brake parts goes true, rigorous material test, high precision engineering. Plus lab and driving test to ensure top quality and  reliability at every times.

The brake something that we can call sure thing.  BMW brake in working condition is a sure thing. It makes sure, you can stop, when you need to stop. However you as a  driver or as the owner of your car  – you have to make sure, your BMW’s brake is a in a good working condition. If something not 100% right, you need to get repaired.

Top quality and reliability  are essential for the perfect BMW repair, and not just when it comes to original BMW parts.

You need to know, you can rely on us with consultation and with the service what we offer.

We can service and repair your car with original BMW parts and or with “top of the line” after-market BMW parts. The choice is yours.

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Brembo Brake. Brembo is a leader in the design, development and production of Original Equipment,  racing and after market brake components and systems for the worldwide automotive industry. Brembo was established in 1961 in Bergamo, Italy. Continue Reading…

Brembo Brake for Mini


Quality Brake Parts

Techmax offers a broad line of original import, or import and domestic brake parts in the after-market.

Products include quality brake pads, brake shoes, master cylinders, disc brake calipers, drums & rotors, cross drilled performance rotors, power brake boosters, wheel cylinders, brake hoses and hardware, brake cables and brake fluids. We have brake parts for any import car. Continue Reading…


Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluids are by nature hygroscopic which means they absorb water from the air (humidity, like magnet attracts the metal shavings). Due to this property the brake fluid became corrosive.  There is an increasing awareness of the dangers of water induced corrosion in the modern brake/traction/dynamic stability control systems.

Why Your Car Does Need Brake Fluid Flush? Continue Reading…


TRW Brake Pads

TRW – Lucasone of the largest original equipment parts manufacturer for most European automobiles. The other are Lemforder, Fichtel and Sachs, Boge -Sachs, TMD Friction.

Their product range is very extensive research – development and production of ride and safety products for today’s high performance European automobiles.

Their products are, brake parts, Linkage & Suspension parts & steering parts. I will talk about brake parts at this time. Continue Reading…


Akebono Brake Sytem

To respond to diverse performance requirements of the current automobile market, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd in Japan, North America, Europe and China, develops and evaluates friction materials and brake components that meet the needs of the today’s car manufacturers and today’s drivers.

With manufacturing locations in every continent, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd   provide products as OEM suppliers to global automobile manufacturers.

They supply a wide range of global manufacturers, such as Porsche,  Mercedes Benz, GM, Ford, and others. Also currently they have approximately 40% share in the Japanese original equipment automotive disc brake pad market.

Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd  (In North America – Akebono Brake Corporation, North American subsidiary) provide sensor products, which take advantage of their brake technology and the experience the company have accumulated over the years.

Akebono Group considers safety to be the highest priority theme in their development. As brake experts, their mission is to provide safety and braking that has the right feel, no matter the circumstances.

For example Akebono’s highly advanced ceramic brake pad technology allows Akebono’s “EURO” brake pad line to provide excellent stopping power while extending rotor life and virtually eliminating brake dust. Continue Reading…


Original BMW Parts

Drive with pleasure, guaranteed.

Years of driving pleasures with original BMW parts.

For example original BMW clutches make light work of long distances. Even after 120,000 km, the surface on both sides is only worn down, by 1 – 1,5 mm or even less.

Original BMW Clutches are hydraulically operated, and therefore maintenance free. High precision German engineering means, that this Original BMW Part can easily handle any driving condition, at any normal driving temperatures.

Trust performance, reliability and expertise – which are our trademark.

Choose quality parts for your quality car. Ask us how.

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Original High Power BMW Spark Plugs.

Original BMW Spark Plugs ignite in style, they contain platinum and or Iridium for more robust ignition.  Both precious metals and extremely resistant to chemical process in the combustion chamber and prevent the soot build up, typically associated with stop and go traffic.

Original BMW spark plugs ensure reliable, safe ignition and optimum combustion on the fuel air mixture. This in turn, lowers consumption and extends the operating life of catalytic converters.

Original High Power BMW Spark Plugs are tailored to BMW engine electronics.

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European Import Car Service Reviews

Techmax Auto Repair Inc. offers complete BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Mini and other European Import car service & repair. Laser alignment system. Computerized engine analyses, laser wheel balancing, original and after-market European Import car parts and  performance products and parts.

European Import Car (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Mini, WV, Audy)   Service Reviews by customers.


I have been a customer of Techmax since the year 2003 and I have to say, I am so happy with the quality of the service over so many years that I could not trust (and have not trusted) my cars to another mechanic, even to the dealerships (with the exception of warranty issues).

Speaking of my cars, they have always been BMW’s (mostly used), ranging from more reliable 3 series to not so reliable 7 series models.

I have proudly referred many friends and family members, most of whom drive BMW’s or other German cars, to Techmax and they have all been very satisfied. Continue Reading…


I own a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T and was having several of problems such as: horrible fuel efficiency, cylinder misfires, engine running lean and a noticeable hissing sound on acceleration. I took my car to the VW dealership and two other garages and none of them could figure out what the problem was. Instead they did trial and error and replaced parts that did not need replacing. My friend recommended Techmax to me and said they are the BEST.

I was not let down! Not only did they fix the problems, they also found other problems and fix those too. Techmax saved me a lot of money and time. A week after the repair they followed up to see how the car was running. Continue Reading…


Just a little late note of appreciation to you and Tony for the exhaustive work on finding a solution to the turbo issue. I know it was very frustrating for you as well as me. Especially, being a sales rep without a car. It’s like you trying to be a mechanic without tools. Well, the Jetta runs wickedly now!! And it is great to have my power doors working again – thanks Tony. Continue Reading…


I brought over my Z4 on Saturday because of a ting ting ting noise and you hammered the brake pad. I left you’re shop Saturday and the noise was gone. I’ve waited and waited and the noise is still gone, you’re the best!! I won’t need my appointment of Friday to change the brakes.

In fact I think you made the brake pad sit better as there is less play when I hit the pedal, more responsive. For some reason the other brake pad that should make noise, does not. I’m just happy that there is no more ting ting ting every time I drive. Continue Reading…


Thank you for such excellent service  I received today!

I dropped in with no appointment and was treated extremely well by Tony and you.  I really appreciate the service you extended to me.  It made my day easier even though my car had to be fixed.  Continue Reading…


Recommending everyone I know to your shop. If you own a BMW and need help, take it to Techmax.

I took my car to BMW dealership for an ABS, traction control error. They charged me 160.00 to diagnose and another 800.00 to fix. It took them two weeks to get the part and the end result was that they did NOTHING. Same error, no change and most importantly, they don’t care.

I took my car to Techmax, within one hour I received a call saying my car was fixed, a broken wire that needed to be soldered back together. Techmax also took the time to do a full diagnosis of my car and informed me of worn parts and of a broken spring that BMW dealership somehow did not notice. Continue Reading…


In a WORD: PHENOMENAL! The beauty of going to Techmax for your high-performance automotive needs is that no matter what your challenge or difficulty – they know how to FIX the root cause of your car’s problem!

It’s not just for the car enthusiast, but for everyone, up to and including your dealer. Yes… when they don’t know what’s wrong – who do they call? “TECHMAX!” Continue Reading…


I am one of those many people who can drive a car, but repairs are very intimidating. I have only been coming to you for five years, and every time I leave my car with great confidence. When I pick up my vehicle I always feel that I have gotten more than my money’s worth.

While you were on holidays I was having problems with my car and had gone to the dealer in Mississauga as well as another place near my business in Burlington. I was quoted from $1700.00 to $2200.00 and very conflicting explanations on the problem.

Thankfully I was able to wait until you returned, my cost was $400.00 and none of the reasons I was quoted. I will always remember how upset you were about the cover the dealer ship broke for the air cleaner during the time they checked my car, not only did you repair it, I left realizing what a perfectionist you are. Continue Reading…


I just wanted to say thanks for installing my catback system! I was incredibly happy with the service and friendliness of your whole team. Everyone was knowledgeable, and answered every question I had without hesitation. It was impressive, and better then the, “let me find out” answer I have received from many other shops.

Not only did you give me answers, I was very thankful for your team pointing out some warranty fixes that I will be able to get done. Doesn’t get more honest then that, and it’s hard to find when it comes to cars, and me being a young guy. Continue Reading…


performance car parts

I went to Techmax auto in Mississauga. They do BMWs, Minis, Mercedes, and Porsche. Some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met and I was glad to do business with them. They let me in the bay and watch the whole thing, very clean shop as well.

I went there because a lot of my BMW friends go there, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Continue Reading…


I am writing to thank you and offer my recommendation of your shop to anyone that may be in question.

Unbeknownst to me My Mercedes Benz E class was serving as a home to a family of mice. One of the little critters had eaten their way through a wire and had eaten the shielding off another.

I took my vehicle to the Mercedes dealer first, as the car is still under warranty. I had no idea what was wrong that day I only knew that my car was not running properly. Mercedes diagnosed the problem as “mice that had eaten through the wiring” and charged me $150 for the diagnosis. Their repair estimate was $1,800 dollars. Parts, a new wiring harness, and labor of 6 hours to install. It was described as a “major repair”.

I was told that this would not be considered a warranty repair (understandable) and that the cost would be solely born by me. Continue Reading…


I have been coming to Techmax for a number of years and wanted to share with you my comments.

You guys are awesome. Keep up the outstanding service. It’s a rare commodity to have people as friendly as you and always willing to help. Aside from the friendly and warm atmosphere, you guys are extremely knowledgeable and in my opinion, the best in the business. I have been to a number of shops in the past and none came close to you.

All of you guys are very methodical and thorough. At the end of the day, I have an incredible peace of mind knowing that my car is in your hands. There is non better. Another amazing quality of yours is that you extend that excellent quality of service to everyone who walks through your door. Continue Reading…


Even though I’m very knowledgeable about automotive problems, I’m always leery of bringing my car to a shop, even a BMW dealer.  After an issue driving my car to work, I found your shop through the Internet and decided to bring my X5 in to have you look at it.

My initial worries:
Quality of work
Time (yours and mine) Continue Reading…


I’ve been going to Techmax for close to 5 years now, extremely satisfied by their work… Mind you I’m not as mechanically inclined as most of you and neither do I have the right tools/space… So for someone like me Techmax has been very beneficial… Best value for my money… my 2 cents. Continue Reading…


Well, it was my water pump. Tony performed my Tb swap. This shop does know its way around a TDI and have the proper tooling from what I was able to see.

Friendly staff, I was lurking in the shop the whole time. Clean & organized shop, gives you a good impression. Continue Reading…

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BMW 3 Series. It was a very close call.

It was a very close call. Luckily the man was driving a new model BMW 3 Serious car. As well know this car is the ultimate driving machine.

The next video from BMW USA proves the above statements. Because the BMW 3 Serious car, the man was lucky enough to escape the disaster….

More BMW related info

Michelin Tire Against Yokohama Advan Sport Tire

Michelin Tire next to Yokohama tire

Did you know that, Yokohama Advan Sport tire is the choice of some of the most coveted car manufacturers, like Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin, just to mention a few?

Because Yokohama Advan Sport Tires made with NANO technology, with layering of the rubber.

Also Yokohama Advan Sport will stay super quiet over the years. I guess that says it all.

If you ever had a noisy tire on your fine car, than you know that, that is one of the most annoying and bothering thing, that could have ruins the whole driving experience.

One more thought. You can see the Yokohama Advan’s label on the tire at right. The left tire is a used Michelin. Both tire marked as the same size, however the Yokohama is almost 1 inch wider…

Looks like, who ever choose Yokohama, will get more rubber for the money,  but if you buy tire, than that would be your money, so you decide.

BMW Thermostat Replacement

BMW  Replacement ThermostatThe thermostats at left is the old defective thermostat. It comes with the car and made by Wahler.

At right is a new replacement, after market BMW thermostat from us, imported from Germany and, it is  made by Wahler also.

The two thermostat are the same. The only different is; The replacement thermostat does not have the BMW brand mark on, and it  makes significant different in price.

We can’t possibly get everything imported from Germany but most common BMW replacement parts, yes we have our own source.

We will try to source, the best quality parts, on the best available price for your fine automobile.

So now you just have to decide what you’re going to do with the money you saved by paying less for the same parts?

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BMW 328-I Cooling System Failure

BMW cooling system

One of our client complained about the lock of heat in a freshly purchased, used with low millages BMW 328-I.

Pristine looking car by the way. He took it back to the place of purchase. By that time was too late.

This  “cappuccino” liquid was oozing out everywhere.

Unfortunately there is no cure for this poor engine. Recommended replacement of the entire engine assembly.

We found a good use engine with thirty five thousands kilometers in, documented with the donor car’s VIN number.

Of course the engine exchange brought back this beauty to perfect condition.

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The BMW X3 is the best selling luxury brand in North America and in the United States

2012 BMW X32012 BMW X3

BMW is expanding its Biggest North American factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina, US. The company has announced it will invest minimum $990 million  into the facility over the next three years to increase the production to 350,000 vehicles annually.

Currently, the Spartanburg assembly plant produces the BMW X3 (see the above photo), X5 and X6.  BMW says the company  expects to see an increase in CUV demand in the coming years.

BMW has already committed to strength its presence in the crossover market with the introduction of  the upcoming X4 model.

The BMW X3 is the car, that helped the German car maker grow to become the best selling luxury brand, not just only  in the United States, but in North America too.

BMW X3 was the best selling luxury car in US in first time in the company’s history last year.

The model saw more then double increase in global sales to a total of 117,944 units, and 27,793 of those found new owners in US.

Presently, 70 percent of the vehicles built in Spartanburg are exported to other markets around the world.

The facility built 276,065 vehicles, in 2011, which marks an increase of 73 percent over 2010. The plant originally opened in 1994, and BMW is currently celebrating the 2 millionth vehicle  produced since in there.

Why the BMW X-3 is so popular?

The BMW X3 is the best compact 4×4 you can buy, and that’s why the BMW X3 is the SUV of 2011. It’s classy, practical and good to drive. The engines are very efficient, too, and standard kit pretty generous.

With 28 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up (flip  them forward for 63 cubic feet). It makes the latest X3 a very comfortable  family car.

The base X3  comes with 240-hp engine.  The xDrive35i  comes with a turbocharged 306-hp engine.

Both X3s also get a shift able eight speed automatic transmission with dual clutch system. Read more about dual clutch system

The 2012 X3 is smooth in city driving and can be sporty around corners. It “behaves” like a sport sedan. If you take it to the limit, the drivers aids like stability control, traction control, kicks in only after the sound of spinning tire  and some burned rubber smell. This is really fun car to drive…

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Original Mercedes Brake Pads

Benz Break

If you ever wondered about the source of so called original Mercedes brake pads.

Mercedes brake pads made by PAGID, their brand name in the center of the above photo.

The insulating shims are Made by LUCAS/TRW.

We use the same part, made by the same manufacturer. But our parts comes without the trade mark logo of Mercedes Star.

Our knowledge is power to you and the saving is power you too, because the savings is yours to keep.

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