Intelligent Connected Cars

Are you ready? The future of smart technologically advanced cars are coming. Ready or not they’re on the way to you and to your family with unimaginable technology to make your driving a lot safer and a lot less stressful at least.

BMW i Vision Future Interaction
Concept Car provides an outlook on the networked cockpit and the user interface of the future.

We already have self autonomous automobiles with many advanced intelligent features at a price point which is quite affordable. We already have intelligent transmissions, when the car navigation system sharing information with the car’s transmission and the engine computer to choose a different gear due to changing topography.

We are at the forefront of  an automotive revolution of manufacturers having the pleasure to choose from myriad of electronically advanced components. For example artificial intelligence supports, you as the driver,  all this technology is coming together as a very intelligent automobile which was just unimaginable in a few years ago.

Have you heard about Moores law, where the microchip technology multiplies in every two years? Well we are experiencing the automotive equivalent right now, and in the coming years, and decades to come, which will ultimately  change the way you commute and or drive.

Do you remember a cellular phone which was cumbersome and you needed a small briefcase to haul around, or better a big flip phone? Look at your smartphone, would you switch back to your old phone today? I don’t think so.

We have the same going on with today’s modern automobiles. Here is a a examples of technologically advanced car with some AI. There are plenty more to come, imagine when all this intelligence will work together for your comfort and driving pleasure.

Intelligent BMW Laser Headlights

The hot summer days are just around the corner… Is your car AC ready? Air conditioning system’s inspection, service should be done on BMW, Mercedes and even on Porsche too.

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