Techmax's Motor Oil Recommendation for BMW

BMW lubricants recomendation

BMW Group

BMW AG 60788 Munchen

Total Deutschland GmbH
Attn. Dr.-lng. M. Spilker
Im Eichelkamp 3 52249 ESCHWEILER

EA-300 / Wolfgang Kohlhepp

BMW approval for oil code "G05145"

Dear Dr. Spilker.

Herewith we transfer the approval as "BMW Lqnglife-98" oil, given for the oil code "IME 11519B" of Infrneum, to your oil code "G05145", SAE'5W-40( Consequently it is approved according to our approval procedure (5-th Issue June 2006) for the usage in BMW engines operating in compliance with our operating fluids manual.

This confirmation is valid for two years beginning with the date of this letter. Prolongations for additional two years have to be requested in good time.

Engine oils produced using the code, or brand names mentioned in this letter of confirmation have to comply with the tested oil sample in every respect. Any proposed alteration or modification to the lubricant is to be supplied in writing to the BMW departments "Entwicklung Antrieb" and "Sparte Labor" whereby a new approval may be granted.

Publication will ensue in the BMW; Operating Fluids Manual as follows:




 Total Quartz 9000 Energy




Yours sincerely

Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengeseltechaft


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