German Combustion Engines

The internal combustion engines of German descent are designed differently.

Every country designs their vehicles for their own population or driving characteristics. Let me explain please.

The Germans are very good drivers for multiple reasons.

Reason #1: Driving in Germany is a privilege not a right. To get the privilege you have to get your driver license after finishing a grueling graduated licensing program, it’s a skill you build over years, not in a few hours like in here. Since they are highly educated about driving they’re allowed to drive fast on the autobahn naturally.

The direct relation to fast driving German cars has great brakes, you must have great brakes to bring a vehicle to a stop when you’re doing 200 plus kph. The chassis has to be made stiff and strong.

Reason #2; A loose chassis will kind of wadle at high speed no matter what. Additionally in case you crash at high speed you will have a much better chance to survive the crash, dead people do not buy cars .

The third asset is that if you drive fast especially in a standard transmission equipped car you’re more connected to the machine than an automatic transmission equipped vehicle. The additional benefit is their engines are built to survive the high speed driving therefore they’re built for the purpose.

German Cars’ Drive Ability Issues in North America

When these German Import Cars are shipped over to North America they develop multiple drive ability issues due to our vastly different driving habits. For instance in a manual gearbox equipped vehicle you the driver pick the shift points, so it’s up to you when you pick the next gear. On an automatic transmission equipped vehicle the computer decides to select the next gear.

Cars in North America are forced by the government regulatory agencies like EPA and CAFE standards will prevail to choose the most economical gear possible. Therefore selecting the highest gear at the lowest speed to have the best average fuel economy.

German cars are modified to north American driving standards with automatic transmission.

When you drive those cars as they are modified to North American standards inadvertently, you will end up with multiple engine issues.

Dirty oil in a engineGerman Engine  with dirty cappuccino look like motor oil inside.  Click on the thumbnail to view bigger image.

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We see a lot of engine issues due to ultra short distance driving. It causes blow by condense water build up in the oil sump, diluting the motor oil with water and fuel. Therefore the cappuccino-like slur will cause premature engine wear, especially at the bottom end of the engine and the cylinder head.

The only cure is to drive your German car as originally intended, spirited if possible, mostly in sport mode if automatic and at least 30 to 40 minutes after starting to elevate the oil temperature. So the engine gets self clean and will perform well for many years to come.

Good Quality 100% Synthetic German Motor Oils

Plus good quality motor oil, preferable 100% synthetic, timely oil changes and good quality oil filter help to extend the lifespan of any German car‘s engine.

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BMW build for speed. Driving on the German Autobahn.

It is well know world wide,  the autobahns in Germany are not subject to speed limit, however they use suggested top speed signs at some places. They are blue signs (looks like the red bordered speed speed limit signs, just blue)  and usually showing 130. That number is not the speed limit, it is only the suggested maximum speed.

Also there are many stretches of autobahn are covered by signed speed limits, which are closely observed, monitored by the German Police. As you getting close to cities, there is speed limit at many places. For example on the next photo 100 km. Hard to see, but, do you realize the no passing with truck? Trucks speed are limited to maximum 80km, so a no passing sign is not a brainer…

driving on the autobahn

When you left the city area, the sign show speed limit is over. You can push it hard. The Germans build cars for the Autobahn for speed. You can drive fast, you can get anywhere in a short time.

The A81 Autobahn, one of the longest unrestricted highway in Germany. It is close to the Swiss border in SW Germany. A 60 year old gentlemen drove his  2012 BMW M5 around 290 – 300 km / hour.  He lost control as he braked to avoid a car that was joining the highway at the front of him. The driver did not realize the fact, the M5 coming flat out behind him.


The M5 struck the road divider, bounced off and flew across the highway, then flipped several times, then stopped in a ditch about 100 meters from the highway.

The fact is, neither the 60 year old driver and his  20 year old passenger died. The young man’s pet dog was sitting in the back seat (was wearing doggy seat belt) was not killed either.

They injured badly, but survived because the M5’s safety technology. All three was hurt, but they are alive and they will recover 100%. Take a look at to next photo and the photo at above and you will realize, German technology,  save life…

BMW-M5-wreckHave you ever been in car accident? Did you have any difficulty to get your car back to the road? We repair import cars from accident too, (not like the above M5). If you need our help, call us for more. Telephone: 905.795.0419