Volkswagen Think Blue Game & Responsible Driving

The international CLIO Awards named Volkswagen its 2012 Global Advertiser of the Year. The next video takes a look at some of the year’s top ads, including Super Bowl spots “The Bark Side” and “The Dog Strikes Back” by Deutsch LA.

The video is published by Volkswagen US.

Volkswagen Lunch Think Blue Game

Volkswagen is lunching a World Championship bid via iPad and Facebook.

The international Think Blue World Championship is a fuel savings game heighten players awareness of more efficient driving and shows everyone can contribute to environmental protection.

There is a change to qualify for a national fuel savings competition and the  Think Blue World Championship 2012 in California.

The game can be played on VW’s Facebook page, or download for iPhone or for iPad from iTunes  store. Read more….


We Repair & Maintain Ferrari too

As I stated at above we rapier and maintain Ferrari as well.

Tony enjoys working at Techmax, European Import Car Inc. He is the best European import car technician, you will find around GTA.

Ferrari Repair

In fact he’s with us since we opened. We enjoy the challenges of working on modern cars. It’s a hobby and a passion and lifestyle in one.

Tony has been licensed for many years now. He has been on many trade competitions and brought home top awards from them. You can see the awards on our office – waiting room’s walls.



We are specializing on fine European cars. We are a member of the Automotive After-market Retailers Association of Ontario as automobile repair professionals. Continue Reading…

We are European Import Car Specialist. We well know as Mississauga’s BMW repair shop, however we repair, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Mini, VW, in Mississauga. Continue Reading...


The car is at above one of those rear Ferrari 308 GTS-I in factory yellow. It is a beautiful car. It build to drive on the no speed limit highway… but there is not so many around anymore.

It does not matter how fast and how powerful and how well build, it needs proper maintenance too.

Timing Belt Replacement – Maintenance on a S-8 Audi

S-8 Audi Repair

Tony hard at work replacing the timing belt, water pump, the rollers plus the tensioners  as a package.

This imported maintenance ensure longevity on this fine, high performance Audi S-8.



Original & After Market European Import Car Parts

Original European Import car parts, Like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Mini, Volkswagen are made to the strictest standards. Original parts are smoothing the way to your driving pleasure.

All parts are subject to the stringent tests and  are examined down to the last nut and bolt  to ensure they fit and function perfectly and that materials and surfaces are of to the highest quality.

To repair your European Import car with  original part, guaranteed top  quality and reliability for a long time to come.

Reliability and top performance are hardwired into original European Import car parts.   We tailor our support to our customer needs to ensure their car runs smooth and you as a customer satisfied with our service at every time.

Also cost effectiveness is part of this satisfaction. In many cases after market car part can be more cost effective or they can give better performance then original part. I know it sound strange…  but it is fact. Let me use two example.

At first is the Porsche  Boxster Catalyst Converter

Read more about our custom made European Import Car catalytic converters. Continue reading…

Plugged Boxster Catalyst Converter

The above on the photo is a Plugged Boxste’r Catalyst Converter. Boxster’s catalyst are very compact. This one needed to be replaced, because a malfunctioned oxygen sensor.  At first, timely service would prevent this costly problem.

At second: Catalysts are made of precious metals. They need the mixture in the engine to stay within a very narrow window or they self destruct due to overheating. Newer engine managements will try to save the catalyst by shutting down the problematic cylinder to save the  catalyst from excessive unburned fuel.

But it mean, the engine does not run smoothly.

A I said above, the Boxster’s catalyst converter are very compact, but with a little ingenuity we got around this problem, and we replaced the original one with a custom made Catalyst Converter. 

It works like a dream and the custom made replacement catalysts are higher capacity and better priced than the original converter. Therefore the original part is not always your best option.

Our custom made European Import Car catalytic converters are available at a significant discount from manufacturers suggested retail prices.

The other example is the Akebono’s brake system.

European Import Cars does not com with Akebono Brake pads installed. However Akebono’s After market brake disc pads contain the same materials, engineering, quality standards, and advanced technologies used to create their OE ceramic brake pads.

The use of Akebono ceramic brake pads ensures the best available brake performances.

Once again, Akebono brake pads is not original brake pads. It is an after market brake pad… but does much better job the the original brake pad.

Akebono ceramic brake pads provide better braking power, shorter braking  breaking distance and for extra, there is no brake dust at all.

More about Akebono ceramic brake Continue reading…



BMW Air Conditioner Service

BMW, Mercedes, Porsche & other European Import Cars  Air Conditioner Service.

Your European Import car’s A/C should  keep you cool through our hot Canadian summer,  but it does only if  you as the owner, keep it in good  working condition.

In our hot summer you need to use your car air condition aggressively, expect, if you drive a car something like the one on the next picture.

BMW Vision Connected BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept Car for 2012 Auto Show Toronto

For more BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept Car‘s photo visit our photo album at next….

Bring your BMW in to Techmax Auto Repair and we’ll  check your  car A/C to ensure you keep cool when the weather is hot outside, like today.

Summer last so far, before fall, but it can be miserable hot in the drivers seat, if your car air conditioner brake down. Our preventative “spring” A/C maintenance package designed to make sure you A/C will  not fall catastrophically during the hot summer days.

We are service vehicles with  the new and with the old air condition specification too. The new specification is designed to help reducing greenhouse gas emission.

However, you don’t need to panic if you car’s air condition is work with the older refrigerant specification. Bring your car in to our shop , and we will take a look at that A/C too.

Call us today (905.795.0419) and bring your car in for an A/C inspection. We will show you why we are your  BMW Dealership Alternative.


European Import Car Cooling System Service

The hot Canadian summer is coming. At summer time your car’s cooling system is a very important system in your vehicle. If your BMW’s cooling system is not in a perfect condition, your car most likely will overheat in a hot summer day. The colling system responsibility is to keep the car’s engine cooled so it doesn’t overheat. An overheat can cause several thousands dollar worth of damage, in some cases it might even and up in engine replacement.

Your BMW water pumps play an active role in protecting the values and condition of other component in your BMW. In not just your BMW water pumps, the above sentence can apply to Mercedes, Porsche and any other car too.

BMW water pumps are tailored to individual engines, precision engineered and rigorously tested. Original BMW water pumps are totally reliable, even at extreme temperature. Above all, original BMW ware pumps are extremely long lasting.

High quality original BMW water pumps, with regularly serviced cooling system, keep coolant circulating under all operating condition. Overheating is for drivers who did not get service their car cooling system.

What can happen, if you do not service your BMW cooling system. Continue reading….

Original BMW water pumps, keep your high quality BMW’s cooling system running smoothly and reliably.

Rebuilt water pumps are available too for request.

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Elf long life engine coolant

We recommend to use Elf Long Life Engine Coolant

Why is it important to have your cooling system flushed by a knowledgeable repair shop with all the right equipment? Continue Reading…

Elf Long-life engine coolant.

Elf Engine Coolant has been approved by: AUDI, BMW, MINI, JAGUAR, PORSCHE,  VW and many other. Continue Reading..

BC Performance Alloy Wheels

Performance Wheels For BMW, Porsche, Mercedes

We enlarged our performance alloy wheel offer with the BC performance wheel family. You can see some of them on the next photo. Those wheels fits on any high end car and on any high end sport car.

Sport BC WheelBC Wheel in close view on BMW

BC wheel on BMWFor more info call us: (1) 905.795.0419 and or visit our BC wheel related web page at next…

The New 2012 Mini Cooper Coupe

The new Mini Cooper Coupe delights and surprises those who doubt in… It is more than a mini.

2012 Mini Cooper Coupe

Why this car exist? This one a question asked by a friend who rode as a passenger in a new 2012 Mini Cooper Coupe.

It is fact, the Mini range seems to be moving further a way from its roots with each new model, but this coupe is a very different.

It is a coupe and it competes with the Audi TT which is more expensive, also it competes with several different  European  models. Those models like VW Scirocco, Peugeot RCZ. are not available here in North America.

This Mini is designed as a sport car for those looking something different, and in that respect it works, it is a very eye catching car.

The model on the photo is black with silver roof, and racing stripes. With the fancy artistic paint work it looks fantastic. The low roof is helmet like, no wonder it has nickname “Toupee”. If you sit inside, you will realize, the visibility is not great at all.

The windows are tinny and the rear view is further reduced when the driver flick the switch to activate the spoiler.

The interior is pure MINI, with a huge speedometer in the center and industrial switchgear. Build quality is second to none and  with, with everything feeling solid and high quality.

But out on the road where it matters. The two-liter 143hp diesel engine is quick and very responsive. Steering is more than entire precise. The grip is outstanding and there’s excellent feedback from the car at all speeds, even in wet and slippery condition.

This along with the fantastic economy and low emissions makes it hard to beat in its class.

Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S in our shop with new body kit. She means business with all the modifications. A little go kart on steroids.

Mini Cooper repair, modification related topics with photos in our photo album at next


Lubro Moly – Liqui Moly – Line Of Lubricants And Additives

Auto Bild, auto motor and sport and Auto Zeitung readers have selected LIQUI MOLY (used to be LUBRO Moly) to be their favorite brand of lubricant.

Auto Bild German Automotive MagazineIn 2012 the motor oil and additive expert LIQUI MOLY was again voted to be Germany’s favorite brand of lubricant. In the Auto Zeitung and auto motor and sport reader polls.

The German company  achieved first place again in the lubricant category, defending its title earned the previous year. Auto Bild polled its readers for the first time. Here as well the majority gave LIQUI MOLY first place.


LIQUI MOLY GmbH from Ulm in South Germany offers a wide range of qualitative high-quality products such as motor oils, additives, vehicle care products and service products. The range includes some 4000 items.

LIQUI MOLY develops and tests their products in their own laboratories, manufactures exclusively in Germany and markets all of their products themselves.

LIQUI MOLY was founded some 50 years ago and is now one of the leading companies in the industry. The products are sold in Germany and in 100 other countries, include Canada.

We at Techmax, Auto Repair Inc. use LIQUI MOLY‘s products too and we love them. More information….


LIQUI MOLY (German motor oil and additive specialist, well know it’s Liqui Moly synthetic motor oils line) emphasizes their additives being effective. So they asked the independent German test facility APL to run a series of tests with LIQUI MOLY additives.

APL certified that additives really help against friction and fuel consumption. They tested Cera Tec, Injection Cleaner and Super Diesel Additive – with astonishing results.

Cera Tec is a high tech oil additive containing tiny ceramic particles to protect the engine and to reduce wear. It was tested for its seizure protection properties. One gear wheel drove another one under constantly increasing load until the wheels reached a certain degree of wear. The standard oil reached level four, the same oil with Cera Tec reached level nine. This underlines the excellent wear protection Cera Tec is able to deliver: The engine enjoys enhanced lifetime, experiences a lowered risk of breakdowns and due to reduced friction also fuel consumption will be reduced.

Injection Cleaner is a petrol additive to clean the injection system and the valves. For the test, two engines ran for 60 hours, one on standard fuel and the other with standard fuel plus Injection Cleaner.

During these 60 hours the first engine collected 0.3 gram deposits in each valve. Those deposits continued to grow and to impair the proper “breathing” of the engine. The second engine with Injection Cleaner remained practically clean with only 0.03 gram deposits. At the beginning of the test, the APL engineers were rather skeptical about the product. Now they use it to clean their test engines. What does it telling you?

Visit or LIQUI MOLY line of lubricants page for more info
or give as a call too: 905.795.0419



Quality BMW Brake Repair

BMW M3 Coupe’s Brembo Brake
Brembo BrakeOriginal BMW Brakes are high precision parts, that are subject to extreme stress, therefore their quality plays a major and very important role  in the active safety of your BMW.

Every BMW model has its own geometric brake disc dimensions. Each disc is tailriolled to the aerodynamic properties of the model in question and ensure optimum heat dissipation and ventilation.

Original BMW Brakes are extremely heat and distortion resistant, have long operating lives and ensure smooth braking.

Between design and producing, all BMW brake parts goes true, rigorous material test, high precision engineering. Plus lab and driving test to ensure top quality and  reliability at every times.

The brake something that we can call sure thing.  BMW brake in working condition is a sure thing. It makes sure, you can stop, when you need to stop. However you as a  driver or as the owner of your car  – you have to make sure, your BMW’s brake is a in a good working condition. If something not 100% right, you need to get repaired.

Top quality and reliability  are essential for the perfect BMW repair, and not just when it comes to original BMW parts.

You need to know, you can rely on us with consultation and with the service what we offer.

We can service and repair your car with original BMW parts and or with “top of the line” after-market BMW parts. The choice is yours.

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Brembo Brake. Brembo is a leader in the design, development and production of Original Equipment,  racing and after market brake components and systems for the worldwide automotive industry. Brembo was established in 1961 in Bergamo, Italy. Continue Reading…

Brembo Brake for Mini


Quality Brake Parts

Techmax offers a broad line of original import, or import and domestic brake parts in the after-market.

Products include quality brake pads, brake shoes, master cylinders, disc brake calipers, drums & rotors, cross drilled performance rotors, power brake boosters, wheel cylinders, brake hoses and hardware, brake cables and brake fluids. We have brake parts for any import car. Continue Reading…


Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluids are by nature hygroscopic which means they absorb water from the air (humidity, like magnet attracts the metal shavings). Due to this property the brake fluid became corrosive.  There is an increasing awareness of the dangers of water induced corrosion in the modern brake/traction/dynamic stability control systems.

Why Your Car Does Need Brake Fluid Flush? Continue Reading…


TRW Brake Pads

TRW – Lucasone of the largest original equipment parts manufacturer for most European automobiles. The other are Lemforder, Fichtel and Sachs, Boge -Sachs, TMD Friction.

Their product range is very extensive research – development and production of ride and safety products for today’s high performance European automobiles.

Their products are, brake parts, Linkage & Suspension parts & steering parts. I will talk about brake parts at this time. Continue Reading…


Akebono Brake Sytem

To respond to diverse performance requirements of the current automobile market, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd in Japan, North America, Europe and China, develops and evaluates friction materials and brake components that meet the needs of the today’s car manufacturers and today’s drivers.

With manufacturing locations in every continent, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd   provide products as OEM suppliers to global automobile manufacturers.

They supply a wide range of global manufacturers, such as Porsche,  Mercedes Benz, GM, Ford, and others. Also currently they have approximately 40% share in the Japanese original equipment automotive disc brake pad market.

Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd  (In North America – Akebono Brake Corporation, North American subsidiary) provide sensor products, which take advantage of their brake technology and the experience the company have accumulated over the years.

Akebono Group considers safety to be the highest priority theme in their development. As brake experts, their mission is to provide safety and braking that has the right feel, no matter the circumstances.

For example Akebono’s highly advanced ceramic brake pad technology allows Akebono’s “EURO” brake pad line to provide excellent stopping power while extending rotor life and virtually eliminating brake dust. Continue Reading…