Artificial intelligence built into cars

The new technologies are just cropping up suddenly almost every day. Where are we heading to with all this new technology and advanced cars? Appears to be the autonomous driving is just around the corner and we will be able to just play on our cell phones and or watch entertainment on the go.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is so cool and we will be taken over by machines so the media want you to believe, I say not so fast just yet . There seams to be a misunderstanding between reality and facts.  Yes we have some intelligence built into modern cars like lane detection and active cruise control, side detection as well.

Yes, there are some cars capable to take some control from human drivers, but make no mistake the object of proper recognition of dangerous situations and correct prevention in timely action is not here yet.

Driving is a very complicated task, the human brain is not just capable to assess or recognize dangerous driving related changes or obstacles, but it can reason or avoid dangerous situations in milliseconds. As of today no any current automobile’s artificial intelligence able to this, regardless of the multiple radars and lasers mounted on it.

We will have human drivers for decades to come. There has to be much more research and development to be done before this technologies can be handed full control of your vehicle with their occupants safely.

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