BMW & Mercedes Benz Preventative Maintenance

Timely maintenance is ever more important today than ever before, due to highly complex vehicle architecture in today’s high tech automobiles.

There is a lot of frustration and money can be saved by performing timely proper maintenance. Being many occasion model, or engine specific before bigger issues develop as the result of disservice or neglect.

Late Model Diesel Mercedes

Most late model modern diesels should have a regular carbon cleaning. Therefore at later stage, extensive scrub and clean procedure performed to keep everything working in optimal performance. However have over two decades of proven record of keeping this cars work for long periods after purchase.

Remember it’s your investment, if you shrug it off it will cost more to correct later.

BMW 335D Diesel

Here are some photos to the point ML350 CDI with massive injector leaks and the BMW 335D diesel badly clogged up due to lack of maintenance.

Also carboned up BMW N54 engine due to lack of cleaning of the intake tracts. It is a known issue with them, now the turbochargers taken a beating as they tried to push a lot harder for a very long time.

Lack of maintenance on ML350 CDI & BMW 335D

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The McLaren 720S

Last but not least even exotic cars are not exempt. The McLaren 720S down bellow almost blew its rear tire at 22 thousand kilometers. It needed a new set of tires, alignment, brake maintenance and service.

BMW & Mercedes Preventative Maintenance

I have to note it, all of the above problems would not happen if we checked those cars (preventative maintenance).

If you do not maintain your automobile, the problems will add up eventually and the cost of repairs will increase substantially, after all it’s your car.

Remember your life is at stake, not just your money.

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